I will i’ll do my best and i was once a kid with a dream: uh. Looking up to the stars and now i’m an adult in a spaceship, looking back to our beautiful earth to the next generation of dreamers, if we can do this, just imagine what you can do. You know, as you go into space, um it’s, just the views are breathtaking. I mean there’s no question we. We are so lucky to have this planet that we that we we all live on and that’s what virgin orbit our other space company that had a tremendous success last week and virgin galactic, you know, we’ve we’ve got to all be doing everything we can to help This uh incredible planet we live on um. I will devote the rest of my life doing that and and um, and i think other people who go to space with us will devote the rest of their lives doing that um yeah. It is it’s just i’m. Never going to be able to do it, justice, it’s, indescribably, beautiful and and yeah anyway. I know you’ve been very clear that this was not a race, but you have one. How does that feel now to have come first and what words do you have for your competitors and friends in the space tourism industry um? I i don’t know how i’ve said this so many times it really wasn’t a race uh. You know, but um we’re, just delighted that everything went so fantastically well um we wished uh jeff uh, the absolute best um and and his the people are going up with him during his flight and uh.

You know it was great um this morning to yeah to find elon in my in my kitchen at three o’clock and um and um uh to come to wishes wishes the best um i’d been to i’d already been to bed and – and he was still haven’t gone To bed um he’s, an old he’s, an all, nighter and and and i’m up to i, i might well our time. Clocks are completely different, but i’m, so nice it’s, so nice of him to come all this way to wish us well um and had a lovely goodwill message from jeff as well, and first off you’ve conquered land you’ve, conquered sea you’ve, conquered air and now you’ve conquered Space, what next, as i said earlier, i think um i’m, an optimist. The next 30 years of my life um will be devoted to uh to doing to an extent what i’ve been doing the last 20 years, and that is um. We have a foundation that does great great things for uh oceans, and you know rainforests and the climate change anyway, a whole variety of things and that’s what what what i’ll mainly be devoting my time to whether i’ll be doing whether i will do another adventure? I’M, not sure it’ll be fair to put put my family through another one they’ve, whether it’s, i think i’ve got the record for being pulled out of the c5 times by helicopters, so i think maybe maybe i’ll definitely give it a rest.

For the time being, i brought pictures of my kids when they were a little bit littler in front of a giant ufo, which i actually you kids, are like this. On april fool’s day, we flew this ufo over london and caused absolute panic in in britain, and they had the police, the army uh everybody out and surrounded the ufo when it landed, and then we had uh a little et figure that uh walked out of the Ufo, when an english bobby came up with a trench and this english bobby ran for his life it’s the great pictures of my mom and dad um uh, who um uh my mum is the spaceship sorry. The mothership is called eve, so that’s in her memory and i know she’d – be proud picture of the whole family you’re gon na you asked the question. Um there was a lovely lady who i wanted to um. I wanted to go to space and sadly is no more and she her family asked. If i would, if i would um bring up this picture, which i was delighted to do uh. Oh, i tell you what um yeah somebody else asked me if i could bring up a picture of them um it was a bit heavy. So i just i brought up. I brought up his head.