While it was happening that this was really fulfilling a lifelong dream for him to all you, kids down there, i was once a child with a dream. Looking up to the stars now i’m, an adult in a spaceship with lots of other wonderful adults. Looking down to our beautiful beautiful earth for the next generation of dreamers, if we can do this, just imagine what you can do Music. Well, you know and in addition, the sort of cool factor, what better ad could there be for commercial tourism and space flight than the woman next to him, just having an absolute blast bouncing around in low gravity there, our dan halley has been watching all of this. As well, um and dan, what is this? What are sort of the bigger implications of the success of this flight? Well, we’ve already seen that some of the pre market action for virgin galactic is up so obviously that’s having an impact on the stock, but i think uh overall, it shows that the idea that space tourism is something that’s coming uh is a reality. Uh we’ve seen now uh richard branson go into space uh though that’s debatable i’ll get to that in a second and have passengers with him so uh. You know this is something that’s going to continue. This is it’s still one of the test flights. They want to make sure that the interior was nice uh for the people that are paying. You know hundreds of thousands of dollars to get in these uh ships uh.

He took off obviously from spaceport america in new mexico, on the vms eve, that’s uh, the big ship uh that takes up the rocket itself and then they fly uh on the unity and that uh is dropped and then rocketed up to uh sub orbital space. Now, uh, prior to his launch, jeff bezos’s blue origin, actually tweeted out uh. This kind of i don’t want to say uh sassy response, but you know a negative response. Almost uh essentially saying that what base uh, what uh branson was doing wasn’t really going into space. Uh because he wasn’t passing uh what’s called the uh carmona line, uh and that’s, where it’s kind of an internationally recognized boundary uh between the earth’s atmosphere and space. The unity doesn’t go past that, but bezos blue origin does and obviously bezos is going up on july 20th. But then afterwards after the flight, bezos and blue origin had tweeted out congratulations to branson, so there’s a little bickering back and forth. Obviously, spacex is in there as well they’re going to be offering tourist flights uh. So i think you know one of the questions becomes. You know what is an astronaut now. Is it someone that is just a rich person who gets to fly on a spaceship or is it a scientist uh someone who’s actually doing work for the betterment of humanity uh. I think that’s going to be something we’re going to have to figure out now going forward.

Now, harley on the um, quite interminable debate about what constituted space, i had read that nasa classifies anyone who goes above 262 000 feet in the air. As you know, anything above that makes you an astronaut and that this flight was at 282 000 feet in the air, but i think to that final point, we can sort of agree that the definition of astronaut is now going to be. You know fine tuned to if you go to space and do you know science experiments in space, you spend multiple days, you know on the iss that’s a that’s, an astronaut and everybody else is a tourist. Just i mean it’s kind of the same thing with like a pilot. We can’t call everyone who gets on a plane and goes to 40 000 feet of pilot. Just if the pilot definition was anyone who gets on a plane. He goes to 40 000 feet right. Yeah, i think that’s something we’re gon na have uh. You know going back and forth uh for a while, at least until, like you said this, this definition is now sorted out. Uh, because you know look rich people going to space is cool and all but i’d. Rather, have someone that’s doing something you know again for the betterment of humanity, uh and advancing uh the human race, rather than you know, just taking pictures for instagram, yeah and there’s? Also, you know the other thing that you know we get very caught up with.

Obviously, the excitement of people traveling to space, but we know dan from some of the recent companies that have come public through specs from stocks we’ve been watching that the sort of space, business and investable opportunity is probably elsewhere, at least for now, satellites, gps. Other types of stuff that has to do with space and that’s that’s, exactly what virgin galactic has they actually have their own satellite uh operation that they’re working on and that’s, something that i think is gon na, be uh more important to virgin than uh the actual Galactic uh tourism activity – uh, you know, spacex – is doing that as well. They’Ve launched several uh satellites up there, uh for various companies, uh ferrying uh for things like facebook or their own starlink uh, internet capabilities for space uh, and you can imagine blue origin – will be doing the exact same thing. So you know it really is. I think going to be about uh people renting these rockets for their own payloads, rather than the tourists that are going to kind of bolster the bottom lines, as well as any kind of government contracts. They can get and it’s worth noting. That virgin galactic will have some test italian astronauts who will be going aboard one of their ships in the future. So there will be. You know, legitimate astronauts on these things in addition to tourists yeah. I i think that um the opportunity for space – i don’t know i think, it’s.

Clearly, you know, look at all the stacked valuations like that’s, all a little overheated. I will say this: you know like i don’t have the kind of expendable disposable disposable income that would allow me to get on one of these planes or rockets. Whatever you want to call it, i will say if i did, though it seems like not a terrible use of 250 000 like it seems pretty cool. You hear it in branson’s voice it’s, like it’s, really freaking cool to be, even if it’s, not technically in space. That high up, and especially the more flights that go off safely, the more appetite there will be for that. I think the space tourism opportunity is decent. Just obviously, we can do the math on how many people have that amount of money, and so you know there’s there’s, your your finite tan exactly and i think that that’s going to be one of the things that uh you know we talk about going forward. Is you know, when will the pricing go down uh to maybe below 250 000 um? How expensive will it be uh to go to the international space station that’s going to be? You know in probably in the millions for for most people uh, we have had tourists go up, uh close on russian rockets uh before so uh. We could see more uh going forward. You know, obviously elon musk said that he wants to send taurus up there.

Um and you know if it does, the the money does go into funding uh those kinds of uh scientific experiments, uh things along those lines. That would be great um, i’m personally, not getting on a rocket anytime soon, whether it had the money or not. I don’t even like flying on planes that much so uh or even going on cruise ships, so let’s stay on the ground in a car.