Today i have some very exciting news, which will also give you the chance to win 589 x rp. I would like to give my sincere appreciation to the sparkles nft platform for giving me such an opportunity. So let me explain, for those of you who may not already know sparkles is the very first nft platform to announce that they are building on top of the flair network Music. The majority of nft activity currently happens on the ethereum network, with market places such as wearable and open c dominating the space. But with that comes a problem, it’s often very expensive to mint, sell or trade nfts on the ethereum network and alternative solutions are becoming increasingly popular as each day passes, sparkles so what’s new well in celebration of the world emoji day on the 17th of july. Sparkles are introducing a competition, giving you a chance to win some xrp 589 xrp to be exact. Now let me run you through the details. There will be three different categories: fleur xrp and sparkles, each with their own judges; i’m, absolutely honored to be chosen as the judge for the flare emoji. We have the queen of xrp crypto eddy as the judge for the xrp emoji. And finally, we have the sparkles team, who will be the judge for the sparkles emoji. There will be three winners, one from each category, each winning 589 xrp. So how do you enter well? It’S, very simple. First of all, you need to create your artwork once you have your artwork, you need to compose a tweet and wait for the results now it’s important to mention that the tweet has to be formatted in a specific way and include a specific hashtag.

The hashtag is mandatory to allow the various judges to view entrance Music. The tweet must include the artwork, obviously, the category which you are entering, for example, fleur, xrp or sparkles, a description of the artwork and why you feel it represents the category and finally, the hashtag hashtag sparkles emoji contest. The artwork can either be a still image or an animation, so let your creative juices run wild. The competition officially starts now, and winners will be selected on the 17th of july. So if you are a budding artist, be sure to get your artwork in before then, please note that, in order to qualify as a winner, you will have to verify that you are indeed the originator of the artwork. If you wish to get more involved in the sparkles platform as a whole and create or collect nfts on the flare network, a great place to visit would be the sparkles discord. I’Ve left a link in the description for all those who are interested. So if you are new here, please feel free to subscribe for more daily videos surrounding the flare network and with that being said, i wish you all the best of luck in the competition. I will be monitoring the hashtag very closely and will look forward to all your entries take care everyone and until next time, i’m out Music for mission control.