Today we are exciting we’re back we’re back, thank goodness and we’re gon na do something that we’ve been thinking about for a really long time, which is trick shots. The trickiest of the shots: let the trickery begin: Music you’ve got me camped out by this tree for mysterious reasons. What do you need me to do so? Your task is to shield surf down this cliff and then, if you get to that little like edge of that cliff, look down again see there’s like a little kind of like a little part yeah. You can do your oh, my gosh, you can’t don’t slide. All the way down – oh no it’s, already not going away, got my climbing gear. You can um use your paraglider and then let’s see how many apples you can shoot down. This is like a trick and a half geez starship at the hardest. One wow, you can do it, you have three i’ve, never had a shield surf. Do you not i’m? Not sure i do. Oh gosh, you better practice that really quick! Oh boy! Oh! Oh here we go here. We go here. We go here. We go paraglider. What? Okay, that’s your first now i see the apples there’s tons, millions of apples. How many apples can i shoot down? That’S that’s that’s the trick? Oh, look. An apple fell that doesn’t count natural causes. No that counts right, get back up there. How did you ever think this up? I was able to shoot five apples when i tested this out.

Is there big you have video proof of this? I can i don’t i’m, not true for you. What if i just paraglide from the beginning, that’s, not really the point? Oh my gosh, i can’t really see the apples you’re too hot i’m, just shooting now all right, i’m gon na glide a little bit more. Oh, oh there’s, an apple right! There, that’s good! I don’t know i ran out. How many did you do well, probably zero. You got one out: oh there’s, one yeah there’s, the one there’s one there’s, three there’s one that was already there i’m just going to take these, so i don’t forget. We don’t count them again right: okay, but now there’s fewer apples, i’m gon na say we just move on to the next one. Oh it’s, pouring rain that’s not gon na bode well, for you, yeah there’s, a mountain there that you, you need you’ll, need to climb up Applause, you’re, gon na paraglide down and try to shoot the fish in the water. How how high up do i need to go okay, that’s, not that smart, it’s clever! You really downgraded me from smart to clever all right location, the second whoo it’s, just it was a journey just to get here. So so we’ve got this. This lake there’s fish in the lake yeah paraglide down and shoot them. How many then he’s one as many as you can, as many as you can? Is this easier or harder than the last one? I think it was it’s easier.

I should have started you here, but i didn’t really care. So. Oh what’s that oh that’s, a korak i don’t know seeing a fish. Oh no, the fish are going splash is that when we fish there all right, try two try. Two uh. The rain has stopped. The rain has stopped better visibility. I did this multiple times to try it out multiple multiple times yet again, oh, is that a fish is that a fish? Is it oh, seeing things fish fish, fish, fish fish, oh what’s, that you can shoot that everything not a fish, not a fish, but something oh there’s, this right there yeah. What is that was that a duck that’s a duck? There was fish, though also right, all right, uh incomplete, i guess incomplete boy, spotty track record for your trick. Shots here, i feel like i had great great ideas, but they were poorly executed by you. Well, all right tables have turned yes we’re here taking me once again, yes to the akala region. Now i have three challenges. I have an easy and medium and a hard. This is easy. All right! You see that doorway over there. Yes, all right, we’re gon na try and get the shot through the door, but you need to back up three tries. Can you do it think i just did on the first? Try it went way over it. Did it? Yes, okay, all right. How can you tell i’m watching it? I can’t see that what do you mean now that hit it? I hit it yeah you’re, using a very powerful bow.

I know you maybe uh want to downgrade your no, i don’t. Oh, my goodness, don’t tell me what to do. Oh boy, no, i think it hit the door. Your stubbornness led to a failure on the easy one great let’s move on. Oh for one, you know what that gets, you f, minus or worse. This is the medium one. This is the medium. How did you do the easy one? I did all of these? No, how dare you oh no it’s pouring out right here – are you kidding me, i think, come on. Please you need that climbing gear there’s another 20 minutes of this. Oh, you made it all right, medium challenge. You are on the great plateau you see off in the distance there’s a window. Can you shoot the arrow through that window? I will say this is one where you having that big high powered bow is going to be good for you. Would you like a hint tell me a hint i’m, not going to give you a hint now that you made a stink face, go ahead, you got to learn the hard way. I was going to say, give me the hint after i try it once all right. Fine, what kind of trick is this huh, yet again the rain whoa all right, so the hint you had to learn the hard way, apparently was that you cannot hit it from here. You you’re gon na need to head in that direction, but do not touch the ground it’s over there trick.

Shots are a mental game we’re finding out i’m, like you’re, just hiding you’re crumbling before you’re, hiding right now, okay, so it’s it’s over there. Do you want to wait out this rain? No, oh my gosh, oh god, oh it’s, a triple shot. Did i get it? No. Are you sure, you’re gon na need to get quite a bit closer than that, especially with that, though, even if it’s your last shot? This is my last shot, so yeah in so many ways, although, like that one is three arrows, so that kind of helps too it’s a small window. Oh everything is against me. Oh that’s, right, i can’t go that way. I’M gon na give you a hint before you can give me again a stink eye jump from this statue to get some extra distance all right here. We go and try and go as far as you can ready, ready, i’m ready. Here we go there. We go and jump, oh did i make it at least your bow didn’t explode on you. Oh my gosh right, Music, oh see, it’s deceiving because you need a lot. You need to get really close. No well, anyhow fail f, minus! Yet again, oh wow, are we o for four? No, i got some apples, you got them apples. I didn’t get it. You didn’t, get no all right! Last one i’m gon na guess, you’re not going to be able to do this in three tries.

I was able to do this, but it took a fair number of shots. Okay, i can’t even see the screen forgot the glasses today, bad eyesight. It can’t be a trick shooter without any, without a good eyesight. Do you see that sort of skull cave? Yes, not that one that can you shoot an arrow into the eye hole okay of the skull cave all right, i’m, going to need to do a little arctic arc with this paragliding physics, physics, no, you you have to stay here. Well, i have to stay. You have to stay from here. You have to you, have to hit it that’s not going to make it Music what’s! Oh bow broke. The arrow did not even get close even close back to the lino bowl bow extra extra arrows for no oh, oh it’s falling. So short that one did not have a lot of power. I don’t think it’s gon na make it last shot. You better get what get your best bow out, shivering away up there. I know. Oh, no, oh it looked like it was gon na make it for a split second, but it didn’t. Well, those are all the challenges. It was hard. I did some of it. You did. Unfortunately, you didn’t, i did not do anything. No, that was fun, though it was very fun. Okay, do you guys think you could do this? I think i think our viewers definitely could better than we could.

I think you guys could definitely do it too. Try try and then tell us in the comments. If you can make any of these trick shots or if you’ve got some other ones, we could try out. Yes, other ones, i’ve seen a lot of people that are able to shoot like ancient arrows and kill guardians in one shot. Those are pretty cool shots. We can maybe try that next yeah yeah, okay, we’re gon na wrap it for today and remember nintendo minute is never a minute.