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The waiter came up to our table and asked us what we would like to drink. So i replied, diet, pepsi, of course, and he went off to get our drinks when he was gone. I pulled up my phone and started checking, i don’t know twitter or something when he returned with the drinks. I put my phone face down on the table because you know when someone walks up to you and you want to give them your attention. You do that to be respectful. Now i was looking this way up at him and he was looking this way down at us and the table. He saw my phone case sitting there, which is a little mock up of the sheikah slate and just out of the blue, says man. It sucks that we had to wait two years for some useless gameplay shots, i being the intellectual that i am didn’t realize that he had seen my phone case laying on the table. So i automatically was thinking. Did they announce some sort of chicken wing mmo that i didn’t know about, but then of course i realized that he had seen my phone case sitting on the table and it clicked kind of see. I realized that he was talking about the breath of the wild 2 trailer that we just got last month at e3, but i didn’t understand what apparently sucked about it. So i just kind of chuckled it off and said. I know right or whatever people say when they don’t actually know what’s being talked about, but they don’t want to leave an awkward situation, and that was it.

The meal went normally after that, but because zelda is extremely important to me. What he said kind of stuck with me, in fact it stuck with me for hours until much later on into the evening. I asked my brother about what the waiter had said now. My brother thinks zelda is fine and all, and he understands zelda’s impact on gaming as a whole, etc, etc, but it is far from his favorite franchise, meaning he sees the franchise and news about the franchise. From a neutral point of view, when i told him what the waiter had said about the new trailer, he immediately agreed with the waiter. He said something like well yeah. It was disappointing. I mean the first trailer was dark and mysterious, and there were all these interesting theories about it. This new trailer feels like it dropped all of that and that’s when something started, to make a strange kind of sense in the dark, confused, mostly empty corners of my mind, see there are ways of telling whether a new subject or new video game is making an Impact on the internet, you can kind of feel a buzz on social media. There will be lots of posts and threads and memes made about it and with all the amazing fan, art that we’ve been getting on twitter and instagram and stuff like that, i just assumed that yeah people were loving the new trailer but see we as content creators On youtube have an additional way to tell whether or not something has had an impact on the internet and it’s called clicks or views.

If a subject has made an impact in the heart of your fan base, you could say that subject is trending and 100 of the time new videos about said trending subject will perform better as more people are more likely to click and view said new videos. However, this was not the case with the new trailer i looked around at my own videos and the videos of some of my zelda content, creating peers and saw that the views aren’t really there, at least when you compare it to the first trailer of two years Ago the buzz isn’t as buzzy as i thought it was going to be kind of like what happened when hyrule warriors age of calamity was released and please don’t take this the wrong way. I’M. Not trying to complain about this i’m just trying to explain it mostly to myself, especially since i personally was so happy with the new trailer i mean i had no problems with it after thinking for a while about what these two individuals said about the new trailer And about the lack of buzz that i’ve been feeling on youtube, i decided to take it one step further. I decided to see if there was any actual analytical way to see if this was actually happening on the internet. Besides just word of mouth from a waiter and my brother, so i got online and went to trends.google.com and sure enough it’s exactly what i was worried about: searches for the term breath of the wild, which would include both the original game and the breath of the Wild sequel or breath of the wild 2 rose 323 in two days on youtube after the recent trailer dropped last month, as opposed to searches for breath of the wild rising 625.

In two days, when the first trailer dropped in 2019., the numbers don’t lie. The first trailer had nearly twice as much impact on the internet as the second trailer did, and not only did searches only rise 323 last month. But the new momentum of these searches was completely killed and returned to normal after about 12 days had passed, in contrast, after the first trailer in 2019 searches, didn’t return to normal levels until an entire 30 days passed. So, to put this data that i’m talking about into understandable percentages according to google’s own search data for the term breath of the wild on youtube, the first trailer inspired 193 percent, more searches than the second and its momentum lasted for 250. More days split the difference between these two percentages and we have a grand total of the first trailer having 222 percent more impact overall than the second or in other words we have a grand total of the second trailer having a 55 smaller impact than the first. So, all of a sudden, this lack of a buzz that i was hearing about and feeling in the dark, confused corners of my mind, wasn’t just me being crazy for once it was actually factually accurate now right about now, you’re, probably wondering what the point of all This impact data is and honestly what the point of this video is well hold your horses i’m getting there. The point is why why was the second trailer’s impact so much lower than the first one? I mean isn’t this literally.

The only thing we’ve really been looking forward to for over two years now, and we finally got it well, i have a hypothesis and it ties back to what the waiter and my brother said. Apparently people were disappointed by the new trailer. Actually, no joke unironically. While i was scripting this part of the video and looking at nintendo’s trailers on youtube, this video popped up in my search, so i decided to watch it and guess what this fellow creator named 247. Mr nice guy said exactly the same thing as my brother and that waiter said to use some of the terms he used, while the first trailer in 2019 was great at setting this darker tone for breath of the wild 2. The second trailer was underwhelming. It was a letdown and by the way please don’t, go over to mr nice guy’s video and leave a dislike or bad comment, or anything like that. I just brought his video up to prove my point that people were disappointed with the new trailer and he has just as much right as anybody else to have an opinion on this. The ultimate question to me now is: why are people disappointed with the trailer? What gives i mean personally, i was freaking out over the new trailer i loved every second of it i mean just watch my reaction, video on youtube sure it was a little vague, but there were a lot of definite things that we got too.

We definitely know we’re going back to hyrule. We definitely know there are new lands coming above hyrule. I thought it was just vague enough to be charming and i also really liked the music. So with me, coming from this understanding, it was very confusing to me to realize that not everybody felt the same way, but honestly, do you know why people get disappointed in things anything realistically, there’s, only one reason people get disappointed when expectations are not met. I talked a little bit about this in my impromptu video i made earlier this week about the new switch oled model and the same concept applies here to breath of the wild 2.. There are probably several things to blame for this being the case such as you know, kovid delaying development last year for essentially the entire year and that leading to people being left to their own imaginations to run wild with. But, to be honest with you, i think that people like me, the theorists, are also partially to blame for the underwhelming nature of the trailer i mean we are the ones who made the trailer out to be honestly, probably a lot darker and potentially even a lot Deeper than it actually was as fans watching these theories, sometimes we can get so caught up in what could be that we forget what actually is – and in this case what actually is isn’t much. Actually, i guess my point with all of this is that we as an entire fan base, need to get better at gauging our expectations appropriately and fairly, and specifically, we as theorists and fans who love to theorize need to become more careful with our speculations.

Knowing that we are setting up and influencing other people’s expectations, now this isn’t a call to stop theorizing or stop talking about the game or to stop watching theories. That’S, dumb it’s just a call to be a bit more careful with knowing what is proven and what has not been proven. Yet. I think we all want breath of the wild 2 to be honestly the biggest zelda game yet. But if people are already showing signs of disappointment and momentum is already beginning to go the way of age of calamity, it may have a bigger impact on the fan base than you think it’s. What happened when age of calamity released, because everybody was expecting it to be the actual backstory to the breath of the wild game that we played and when that expectation was not met? People like me were disappointed and therefore it didn’t do as well. If we’re, not careful, the same thing could happen to breath of the wild too. Of course everyone has the right to have their own opinions on things. So if you watching this were legitimately disappointed in the trailer, there is nothing wrong with that. I would just ask you to ask yourself why you were disappointed and really try to verify whether or not those reasons are valid, but ultimately, of course, this is all just what i think, speaking of which, what did you guys think about the new trailer i’m. Really curious: now, did you love it? Did you hate it? Did you watch it and go meh? Let me know in the comments below also thank you so much for watching this video essay theoretical discussion, slash warning of mine.

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