I think nintendo knew something 7 inch. Touchscreen on this thing check this out. This is potentially the switch oled killer. This is almost like the switch pro i mean it’s gon na be playing probably all of the third party games and more it just won’t run nintendo games no breath of the wild sequel. On this i mean, unless you you mod it out, but check it out, see what this is all about. You’Ve got, the thumb sticks, you’ve got, i mean the layout is very similar. You’Ve got the track pad, so you actually have two track pads on this thing. Um and you know it’s gon na be built into steam, and so but look at the price point on this thing, because this is very curious. Okay, i think let me know what you think, but i think nintendo knew about this. I think that’s why we got a random switch oled in october. I think they were getting ahead of this thing, although they weren’t really ahead of it, but look at the price point too: 400 for a 64 gigabyte internal storage, so it’s only 50 bucks more now. I know nintendo fans aren’t going to be running to this thing right. You can’t get mario on this on this system, so that is the big benefit to nintendo, but you know those people that do get switch so that they can play the skyrim, the witcher, the borderlands. What have you uh portable that’s? Always you know the thing that tips someone over the edge to get the switch version is always like: hey i’ll pay a little bit more i’ll take the downgrade, because now i can play it, i can play it portable that’s not going to be as much of A thing anymore, and so this really at 400.

This is really taking a little bit of that spotlight away from nintendo where nintendo they don’t usually compete right with high power, nintendo doesn’t care about high power. What they compete with are their good quality games, their ecosystem and their low price point. Well, at 350 bucks you know it’s only 50 bucks more to get this steam deck okay, and so it becomes a little bit. I. What i think is what i hope for is. I think this is going to put a little bit of pressure on nintendo. Let me know what you all think, but i think this means we’re getting a switch pro a little faster than we may have thought now. I could be wrong on that. Of course, there may not even be a switch pro, but if there is something like a switch that’s better, i hope and think this will put a little bit of pressure on nintendo because for the first time in oh, i think forever. Nintendo is actually getting third party support in a big way right now with switch. I think this might hurt that i think if a company companies making a really nice game that needs some decent specs and they and they and if this thing the steam deck, has a decent user base. Well, i mean they’re going to be putting they’re going to be favoring the steam deck versus the switch where they have to actually do a whole new development process to get the game to run a whole different version on switch, like developers have been doing for forever.

Uh, basically, ever since the n64, at least to my knowledge having to make different versions of games that are a little lower spec. Look at this look at the specs on this thing: okay, gpu right there um look at your ram. I mean you’ve got 1280 by 800 1610 aspect ratio um now they’ve got lcd, it’s, not oled, but it’s seven inches, just like the switch is now. You can also right here check this out. You can, if you do, want to pay a ridiculous amount of money. You can and people will uh 530 bucks for a 256 gigabyte, that’s ssd storage, so that’s going to be a little bit faster and then you can pay 650 for a 500 gig um with anti glare etched glass screen now here’s uh. The thing here you can use an sd card, so you can expand the storage, so i think really, if you’re, i think most people can be getting one of these, because you can expand that storage but yeah. This also makes you wonder, you know when nintendo does make a pro, are they going to have different gigabytes, different storage? You know: how much will this influence nintendo to go ahead and make the pro and you know, will they make different storage sizes like this? Now i know they don’t, like i said they don’t really compete, usually with the pc kind of vibes, but nintendo is going to be wanting to retain that market share that they have really expanded to by having the third party support that they have had.

You can see here on the screenshots they’ve got doom eternal they’ve got control. Uh it’s gon na have a lot of games that you can actually get on switch and so that’s, where it makes it a little bit weird because i mean if you’ve got a choice. If you’re playing these third party games, i mean you’re gon na go for you’re gon na go for the stream huh. I keep wan na call it stream deck that’s by elgato. Now you’re gon na wan na go for the steam deck. The owner’s entire steam library will be available when they log on and there’s even a dock, which is sold separately so that’s, something that you do need to consider there. That will be an extra charge and the controllers are not detachable, like the joy con. So there are some differences here, some uh some things where nintendo still will be a benefit at that price. Point reservations, open up on friday july 16th, here’s something interesting too. This is kind of a pro and a con, but it really is more of a pro way. More of a pro look at this, an actual so to to reserve it. You need to pay valve five dollars to reserve a spot in line, and they say the reason is essentially to ensure an orderly and fair ordering process, so they’re actually trying to help combat against scalpers to an extent and it’s very, very important these days, especially if You look at the oled switch um pre orders, which were you know up for just a split second, at a lot of places and just disappeared.

This is uh. This is an awesome thing that they’re doing to help try and combat that just a little bit so anyways. Let me know what your thoughts are about this. If you got any questions about it, are you gon na pick? One of these up? Are you picking up an oled switch? Are you picking up a steam deck? Let me know what you think i will be getting an oled switch and unboxing it on my channel, definitely but yeah. This is very interesting.