Yes, you heard me right the steam deck not to be confused with the stream deck, which is a streaming device from elgato. This is the steam deck from steam and from valve, and you can see here, it’s starting at 349 pounds and it ships in december 2021. So if you’re a pc gamer – and you want an option to play your games on the go if lots of games on steam, this might be the little monster for you. So let’s go over everything. You need to know about this thing and the thing that’s really interesting is: it actually plays the games locally on the device it’s not like streamed from the cloud or anything like that, and you might be saying money. How is it doing that? What is powering this thing? Well, it is a four core amd xen2 cpu, with eight threads and eight compute units, so hcus of our dna to gpu. You can go and google the compute units of the new amd gpus. If you want to compare what this is like, but this is not bad for a little handheld that runs at 720p. It’S got 16 gigabytes of ram on board and it comes in three different configurations and the three configurations are basically just a change in memory. One is 64 gigabytes that’s the entry model, then you’ve got 256 gigs, which is a step up and then double that 512 gigs is going to be the most expensive and the flagship out of all the devices.

The internal storage is not expandable, but every steam deck. Almost said stream deck, there will come with an sd card slot, so you can put in an sd card and expand that memory storage. If you wish, what are the price of all these? Well, you saw in the uk price there’s 349 pounds if you’re in the us. This will be ‘9 for the 64 gigabyte model. The 256 gigabyte model will set you back 529 and the 512 gigabyte model will be 600 649 there’s no difference in performance between these three devices, just the storage amount and, as i said before, it’s a seven inch screen very similar to what you see on the Nintendo switch right now, if you have one of them what about battery life? Well, it varies quite a lot here, depending on what games you’re playing and whether you’re playing them on 30 fps or higher, and it can vary from two hours to eight hours. The example they gave was, if you’re playing portal 2 for four hours on this thing. If you limit it to 30 fps, you could be playing it for five to six hours, so that’s, not too bad, sounds very similar to the nintendo switch. Yet again, this just comes with the device they are working on a dock, though so you can dock this and then play it on your big screen tv ala, the switch just like what it does with this dock is not available yet, and that will be coming Separately for you to purchase also with your purchase of the device, you get the power adapter and a carrying case to protect it.

There’S also built in microphones for multiplayer chat, which is pretty cool. All three devices are wi fi only to connect to the internet, and it looks quite uh, quite a cool little device, it’s running the new version of steam, os so it’s a linux os on there. If you’re wondering what controllers or headsets and stuff you can use here with this, anything that can be plugged in via usb will be able to go with this or, if you can, access via bluetooth like bluetooth, headset would work and there’s an onboard usbc connection. Another interesting thing that was stated was that you can actually access your epic game store account which is interesting on the steam deck. So there you go. If you’ve got lots of free games over on epic games, it looks like you’ll be able to launch them as well, because, as linux is the best they say anything you can do on a linux based pc. You should be expected to be able to do it here too, which is pretty cool, there’s, all the usual buttons you can see on the front of this device, but also there’s, four extra buttons on the back, which are programmable to whatever you want, which is pretty Cool these trigger buttons i find, are really useful for fps games. So you don’t need to take your fingers off the sticks. You can use them, for you know, jump slide, build whatever you like, also looks like we’ve got a cool little touchpad on the front there, which would be really good for like strategy games, obviously you’re not going to plug in a mouse to use this thing.

If you’re out and about on the go so that’s a nice little touch, i like that a lot. This thing does look really interesting, i must admit, but i think version two of this once they refine this. The next version of this thing is going to be incredible. I really like, where they’re going with this, and now that you’ve fallen in love with this little device, and you want to get your hands on it. You might be thinking. When do i get this well. You’Ll be able to order this tomorrow and it should be launching in december 2021.