While you go in, i wonder, though, if you could take it places don’t you need like a steam link or someone see pc. I wonder if they’ve uh got around that, i wonder how it works when you go toddling on your little travels, that’ll be interesting to see but yeah. So our favorite, though let’s check it out, come on today valve announced the steam deck a handheld gaming, pc and we’re at valve. Right now – and here it is – we got a chance to play this thing ourselves. We’Ve got a ton of coverage, including a hands on preview and faq, with the creators like the switch. But right now here are the facts about this brand new device. Oh let’s hear it come up, come on jeffrey, the steam deck is a full gaming pc in the form factor of a little bigger than a switch. It’S got a 1280 by 800 lcd screen a custom amd apu 16 gigabytes of ram and is capable of running modern games at incredibly respectable settings. We saw it running things like jedi fall in order on high, for example, so it’s, nothing to sneeze at by any means steam duck, runs a new version of steam os and is basically just a different sort of version of steam itself. So your entire library is available in this handheld form, but those who want to go outside of that environment. It also does have a linux based desktop where you can access a browser.

You can install third party programs games, not necessarily whatever you want through that as well, so it is a full gaming, pc it’s, not just this handheld gaming console or anything like that. It is much wider than that for those who want to go wider than that at launch. There will be three models of the steam deck available, although, crucially, all three of them will have the exact same performance power available. The only thing that differs is their storage capacity, so there’s a ‘9 version with 64 gigabytes of storage, a 529 version with 256 gigabytes of storage and a 649 version with 500. What the hell did he just save 400 for 64 gig yeah right. I was gon na buy that and then you have to pay loads more, but what is it hold on let’s go back. I forgot what i said: 529 version with 256 gigabytes of storage and a 649 version with 512 gigabytes of storage 649 with 512 gigabyte. When you fill that up, really you say, oh my word, or what we’re getting one of these in a rush, the latter, two of which have an nvme drive for a little bit faster load times. That sort of thing, but again all of them performance wise, will be basically the exact same thing because they’re the same hardware. Otherwise, additionally, if you’re looking to expand storage, it does have a slot for a micro sd card where you can install games directly onto that and then play them off of the sd.

So that adds a little bit of convenience for those looking to expand. The storage. Further, the steam deck will be available, this holiday with a reservation system rolling out in the near future, and of course, you can find even more about it on ign.com, where we’ll be talking about it all month, long getting into the nitty gritty of its os. The hardware and, of course you can read or watch our hands on impressions right it’s, not for me uh yeah. I know you can get like up to 5 12, but then there’s any point you might as well just get the 400 quid one and then just put an sd card in like a i don’t, know 5 12 or a terabyte in there, and do it that Way and save yourself a little bit of cash, but then again, how much are these micro sd cards at a terabyte? I bet they’re quite a lot of money, so yeah thinking about it. When you put it on there, you could buy a five tall, but then you’re still getting an extra 500. On top of that i don’t know, but hey uh. It looks alright. To be honest, i don’t like the idea. I’Ll, probably get one, maybe when they come down in price because obviously i’m, not mr moneybags, you know i mean, but let me know if you guys are excited you’re gon na be getting this on release. Let me know in the comments below always interesting, to read some comments and i always reply as well, but nobody comments.