That also came out today. How many of you clicked that one first and then came to this one for you leave a comment down below. I want to know i bet most of you did it’s flashier, i get it, but if we look at the numerous things that i’ve got to release today, my bet is the thing that’s going to end up sitting on most streamers desks is not the webcam it’s. This elgato has figured out how to take the power and the variety of xlr mics and combine it with the simplicity and the control of their wave usb mic let’s get into it. Music, hey raise your hand if you use the same password for most of your internet accounts what’s the matter with you. Don’T raise your hand don’t, give yourself away like that and, most importantly, stop. It stop doing that, because it’s it’s 20 21. get a password manager. Did you know there are roughly 7 million passwords hacked every single year? No wait, that’s a lie: uh every single day, according to a 2018 study, 2.5 billion passwords were hacked that year alone. So do yourself and your data a favor and sign up for nordpass nordpass stores, all your passwords in one place and locks in a secure vault that you can easily access with a master password. That way, you can use crazy, secure passwords on your online accounts without the trouble of remembering what they are or like writing them on sticky notes and putting them on your computer.

You don’t do that either. Nordpass can even generate those impossible to guess passwords for you and store them automatically and it lets you know if it discovers a breach of any of your online info or even your credit card information, also it’s, 50 off right now, plus a free month when you Sign up so you know, go go! Do that go to alphagaming, which i put in the description for you or use code alphagaming at checkout, which, by the way, when you click the link in the description, it does actually support the channel. So thank you for those who clicked on it back to the regular video one of the biggest complaints. I see about the elgato wave isn’t that it’s not good enough, because it’s awesome in fact it’s so good that people want to use the elgato wavelength software with whatever mic they choose, because that’s really. What makes the wave so good like don’t, get me wrong. It’S it’s a good mic it’s, just nothing special, but multi track audio and sub mixes, packed into really easy to use software that’s huge and by the way, if you’re looking for like a thorough video on how to control all those things, we did a video on This mic, i think, a little bit over a year ago now and check that out i’ll link to it down below. Can i just say that elgato released this mic over a year ago now with that software, and still nobody has come out with a competing one like what what’s that about seriously until now, the only way to get those mic features are to go with an xlr Mic and combine it with like a full, fledged audio interface, something like the go xlr or the new avermedia nexus or like a traditional studio mixer.

The problem with those is they’re, either really expensive or they’re. Just a pain to use. Those have been your two options: nothing else until this video here we have the wave xlr. It is an interface that you plug your xlr microphone into, and it quite literally turns your xlr mic into a wave three like for real. The dial on the front is exactly the same. You press the dial to switch between the same three controls. It feeds into the wavelink software the exact same way as the wave mic did. They both have capacitive mute buttons on top it’s, even the exact same price. As the wave 3. just now, you’re getting higher end audio because you can choose whatever xlr microphone your little heart desires, but also you get that separation between the microphone and the electronics inside the interface. But before you run out and buy it let’s consider three things: what was that, whatever three things, how does it sound? How strong is it meaning? Can it power the obvious question: can it power an sm7b and three? What is it missing because spoiler, there is something missing test number one: how does it sound? I performed a test with this thing today, up against an industry, standard, audio interface called the apogee quartet, a 1400 audio interface. I plugged an sm7b into both of them and recorded let’s. Take a blind test. Can you tell which one is which this is a test of the sm7b going into the first audio device? This is the test of the sm7b going into the second device.

I’Ll give you another listen. Can you tell which one is which they’re a tiny bit different, but i bet you’re having a hard time telling the difference test, one two one two, if you can tell which one is which leave it in the comments? This might answer your question device number one is the apogee quartet. Have you listened to the new stream beats drop? We did in collaboration with hunter thieves, it’s pretty dang good. This device is the elgato wave xlr, which i’ve used to listen to the new hype. Tracks drop links down below. If you listen to this with studio headphones like i did, you might be able to hear a little bit more clarity in the low and high ends, it’s very subtle, but i did want to point it out and realistically by the time your voice gets compressed through Your live streaming, platform and game sounds and music sounds are added on top of it, and then your audience is watching it on their phone speakers or their laptop speakers. This thing sounds good is what i’m trying to say what about power, because i’ve been very critical of devices like the avermedia nexus that only provides 42 decibels of gain when microphones like this hog, the sm7b require 60.. Fortunately, the wave xlr provides 75 db of gain. 52 of those being from the hardware preamp, while the other 23 db, being software gains just as an example, the go xlr also has 75 db of gain with 50 db of that being from the preamp and we’ve seen a million times go, xlr has no problem.

Powering the sm7b, in fact, right now, i’ve only got the gain set to 47 db on this thing and it’s running it just fine. We could crank this thing and it could hear me from all the way back here, as i talk really quietly i’m very far away from the mic. I think i actually only went up to like 67 db there you’re getting my point right. This thing has plenty of power for any mic that you want to choose, but what’s it missing. Like let’s, say you’re debating going between a wave, xlr or a go xlr. What functionality are you gaining and losing with each one? If you were to ask me, i would say the three main advantages of the wave xlr would be price, submixes and form factor and by form factor i mean like how small it is just how well this is going to fit on your desk versus that beefy. Go xlr, and i guess also we could say, like the customizable face plate is kind of dope if you’re into that kind of thing check out our designs that we’re getting on ours. I think that’s a beautiful audio interface, but the three main advantages that the go xlr still has over this little guy r1 hardware faders let’s, face it. Faders are always going to be better than buttons when controlling audio two is the i o, combined with the routing table, making it an incredible device for two pc, setups it’s, going to be a little bit more complicated on this thing, and probably the biggest thing it’s Missing are vst things like noise, gate, eq and compression built right into the software elgato.

Why is this not a thing? You know what hold that thought. I would like to be the very first youtuber to announce that elgato is working on vsts. This is a real dm by the way elgato is actually working on them and they gave me permission to share it with you guys so fingers crossed soon. They didn’t tell me how long it would take so don’t hold your breath, but at least there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a good way to add good eq and compression to your microphone for free inside of obs, we did a whole video on that i’ll link to that down below i’m gon na be honest, i’m very excited about this. I think it’s a great device that makes it easier and cheaper for streamers to get into professional audio. You love to see it by the time you’re done watching this. I will be live on my personal channel make sure you subscribe link down below i’m gon na be using this for my audio and the elgato face cam for my camera. Just to see what a fully elgatoed stream now that we actually can do that, what does a fully elgatoed stream look like and sound? So if you want to see it in action, feel free to pop over there right now.