This is very exciting. What’S up everyone welcome back to another gta online video. My name is saints fan and today rockstar dropped an absolute bombshell of a newswire regarding the upcoming dlc and spoiler alert. It comes out in five days. We got a release date, we got a trailer, we got tons of screenshots and tons of information and in this video, we’re gon na be taking a look at all of it. Now i won’t actually play the actual trailer it’s like a 30 second long, trailer. 25. Second long trailer i’ll leave a link to it in the description i don’t want rockstar like copyright, video or whatever, but uh the trailer. Actually i mean it shows some cool stuff. It doesn’t show a whole bunch. The only thing from the trailer which i do want to point out is like the opening scene, and that is, of course, of the location i shared with you guys a couple of days ago. We have this building over here uh and then we also have the cars outside and they do go in through this garage. So that’s, probably the the way we enter, but the one thing i wanted to point out was actually outside. We have like a racing strip here and it does look like this. Whole area is shut down and it looks like maybe they’re like drag racing, or you know racing around the block here. So this could be another pretty cool thing added to this dlc, but regardless of that let’s go back to the actual newswire.

This honestly sounds incredible. I haven’t read through all of it so i’m kind of just going to give you guys my first impressions as we read through this, but july 20th, like we said before this is when the tuners dlc is releasing so that’s next tuesday. So, five days from today, they say on july 20th, the underground tuner scene, in los santos roars to life, with the launch of los santos tuners, in addition to a ton of action, packed tuner based missions and races. This update introduces the ls car meet a gigantic shared social space where you and your cherished personal vehicles can mingle freely, with fellow car fans to race, show off your customized vehicles and even link up with shady contacts looking for skilled drivers and a chance at easy Money – and we get our first screenshot here – look at this beauty. This looks incredible and i’m really i’m, really really hoping all of these animations that all these characters are doing i’m, really hoping we can do that, like i’m hoping we can start leaning on stuff. Now i mean this: guy’s got ta can’t. Well, actually that’s that looks like an npc, so i don’t think we can put pull out a camera and start shooting, but uh they actually do have a bunch of npcs like you have a mechanic here. This is, of course, the the dj. I think it’s moody man, but uh. I do hope we can do some of these cooler animations that we see throughout these screenshots, but apart from the animations, this is the underground car meet area and ignoring the fact that these are, i think, all brand new cars.

I mean it just looks awesome. We have like it looks like four or five rows potentially of spots, so i’m hoping everyone will be able to fit in there. If you have a full like 32 player lobby, we have some decent lighting. It does look like that was one of the things that, like you know, you kind of hate with some of the new garages, the lighting kind of sucks, but it does look like the lighting is pretty solid in here. Nothing looks too dark, which is nice and, of course, the biggest thing: it’s underground, no oppressor mark twos. Now the ls car meet says to get started. You need to visit a non descript graffiti warehouse on the edge of town in cyprus. Flats, listen close in the sound of engines, revving might give it away or look for the makeshift finish line on the road outside so that’s. What we saw in the trailer inside the ls car meet has a good vibes only policy, making it a great place to skip the attention of the law and any small time chumps looking to terrorize the citizens of greater los santos, okay, that’s good park, your attitude And your weaponized vehicles at the door and share your love of car culture with some like minded personalities here, you’ll find countless ways to immerse yourself in the beating heart of the scene, showing off prized personal vehicles from your collection or checking out everyone, else’s and what’s.

Awesome and we’ll see this more as we read this screenshot here is actually inside of this car arena like this is underground too so we’re gon na be able to actually drive our vehicles underground. Now, of course, this is where rockstar they take our money, so there’s gon na be a membership to, i guess, unlock everything they say to start. You’Ll unlock a new reputation progression with new benefits, unlocking after each level sounds like it’s going to be similar to the arc or the uh arena sort of reputation system, hopefully it’s not as tedious, but uh does sound like they’re doing something like that. They say plus you’ll get access to the test track and this is actually what’s really cool. A large underground space inside the karmi warehouse where you and your friends can drive drift and race vehicles freely without interference from pesky pedestrians on the law. You can also sample new test rides in the test track, so you can get your chance to get behind or it’s your chance to get behind the veal, the wheel of a rotating selection of vehicles and push their limits. So if you report you don’t want to spend all this money, you have an option to actually drive some of these vehicles, that’s pretty cool, but they mentioned drift here that better means like there’s gon na be drift mechanics. That would be amazing if we could do that. We’Ll have to wait and see, though, because nothing was actually stated.

Apart from that, they say, members will get to compete in rotating prize ride, challenges for the opportunity to win a special prize ride and get access to a range of special shops and features, including the merch shop, the tattoo shop and the modding area. Where you can show off your customization prowess to other players in real time as you work on your stanced build higher level. Members can also create a private takeover, complete with customizable lighting and banner colors, to decorate the car mate speech to your the car mate space. To your taste, that’s actually kind of cool, so you get to customize this. If you, i guess, are a high enough level now we i don’t know if they mentioned how we level up. I think it’s, just maybe i don’t know maybe there’s missions and stuff, but uh it does over. Here you have to drop fifty thousand dollars to become a member, so it’s not too expensive, but yeah. This actually sounds really cool and we have another screenshot again of the interior. Uh van looks like pretty cool again, though the animation like she’s sitting down in it. I really hope we can do stuff like that here we have another screenshot of the outside i’m. Guessing these are part of the new missions. We have, of course, the cops chasing us more new vehicles, awesome stuff, you guys know i’m, not like a hardcore card guy car guy so i’m, not entirely sure what these new vehicles are called, but uh.

That is very exciting, i’m guessing. That is part of the new races they say here so los. Santos tuners introduces new races inside and outside the car meet each with their own leaderboards. On the test track, you can engage in friendly competitions like head to head where speed and precision will give you the necessary advantage to your best opponent in a short format. Race, there’s also scramble where up to four players collects 20 checkpoints and we have time trials which, of course, we all know about around the test track to give you the chance to put your vehicles through their paces and score. Your own personal record, up to 30 players, will share the track space with you, but contact will be disabled while competing so that’s. Definitely, of course, a good thing and members will also go into private test track solo, so that’s kind of interesting, that’s, cool off the test track and throughout the city there are new race series or series for members, the street race series and the pursuit series. So maybe the pursuit one is the uh, the cop one well let’s see so they say the street race series delivers exactly what it says: bruising competition on creative tracks, built on the streets of some of los santos’s, most scenic neighborhoods, complete with shortcuts. That are much about risk as they are reward. Then we have the pursuit series which offers a more open ended. Experience with checkpoints placed sparsely through the map to encourage creative roads after all, you’ll be competing against your fellow racers, as well as having the los santos police hot on your heels.

Meanwhile, sprint, which is another mode, offers a point to point challenge in free mode, with up to three drivers in a breakneck race from the car meets to various locations like lsia and back so these actually sound kind of cool, definitely very great additions to this whole Dlc and of course, you saw the pictures, we have more new vehicles, new pipster. We also have a new vehicle here. I believe that could actually be an old one, the dominator. Now we have another screenshot going back inside and again it looks awesome and look at the animations like this guy’s, just leaning on his car. I really hope we can do that this guy’s, looking in pretty cool stuff. All of these new vehicles look we’re going to be probably doing a break. A couple of breakdowns on this over the next couple of days so make sure you’re subscribed if you were not already and definitely be on the lookout for those because there’s just entirely too much stuff to break down in this video we’re. Just going to read through the rest of this newswire and uh and get through that so earning rep all right well, here they go telling us how we earn rep in the underground world of car. Meet reputation is a valuable commodity earner up by participating in and winning races, daily login bonuses, putting time on the test track and even just hanging out in the car meet alright. So it seems like there’s a decent amount of ways to earn rap, hopefully it’s not again too tedious earning rep gets you an assortment of rewards to elevate your status in the scene.

These include unlocking access to all sorts of fashionable gear, flashy new car customization options like new wheels, okay, that’s kind of cool and new deliveries, as well as trade prices on certain vehicles. You also get access to new race modes and even the ability to hold your own private car me that’s awesome. They say over here in the underground world. Custom car enthusiasts reputation and street cred are valuable commodities, so this is gon na, be the grind and again hopefully, it’s not too grindy. Another new screenshot awesome stuff dude. This is this. We have a bmw back here. Finally, for us bmw fans, we have an actual looking bmw. I also believe this is a new comet over here on the far right, but again we’ll be breaking all this stuff down later, then we get into the new vehicles and there are so many, so we actually get names. We of course, have seen this one. The calico gtf, then we have the futo gtx. Then we have the anus euros. We have the vapid, dominator gtt, the zr350. We have the dinka rt3000, we have the warner hkr. We have the obe tailgater s, we have the jester. Rr looks awesome. The anus remus and then back to the calico, so they state that naturally, this update will inject a whole new ensemble of fresh vehicle inventory across los santos dealerships raging from imported tuner cars and, more to straight up vapid muscle. That americans have come to know and love.

There will be 17 new cars okay, so we got confirmation. 17 new cars in total over the summer with 10 dropping on launch so that’s. Actually quite a bit that launch live stream is going to be awesome. The amount of things we’re going to be buying is going to be crazy amount of money. We’Re going to be spending is insane, they say, plus when gt online launches. On the ps5 and xbox series x later this year, select vehicles will be upgradable with all new speed improvements and more. These special upgrades will be available only on the ps5 and xbox series. X versions of gta 5 stay tuned for more details, so that actually sounds kind of cool. So i wonder that is that our first hint or tease as to what’s, coming with the expanded and enhanced edition here, we have another screenshot of the interior of the car. Meet again, looking great, maybe some new clothing options here and then. Finally, the los santos community meetup playing gta line from now until the launch of the update so playing the next five days, will give you the opportunity to earn some special rewards just meet up by playing gt online, and you get the los santos custom t shirts That’S, what she’s wearing here and if you participate in any impromptu race, then you’ll receive the los santos tour jacket, so that’s kind of cool play and earn special rewards so stealing and successfully selling a vehicle to los santos, customs and free mode will also earn you.

The los santos customs coveralls, so i mean literally just go on the street – get a vehicle and sell it in a custom shop and uh. You can claim your rewards by playing the tuners dlc on or after july 20th. Your items will be in your account and your wardrobe by july 23rd and then they say and more stay tuned for more details at the newswire next week. Specifically, a look at contracts for new robberies, where you’ll put your driving skills to the ultimate test. Alongside a familiar face from the music locker, so that was a ton so much information, so many cool things i’m excited, like i said, there’s even more that we’re gon na be breaking down. I didn’t want this video to be freaking 30 minutes long or an hour. Long so be on the lookout for the breakdown over the next couple of days. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. The the family dlc is back though this is. This is literally the fast and furious dlc that we’ve always wanted. It seems – and this is awesome so anyway, thank you guys for watching.