Instead, so we’re gon na start heading over there now to go, get his real axolotl in real life. While we go steal his one in in the game itself so max, and i are going to go ahead and do that now. Okay, so obviously, if we are going to want to take jack’s axolotl, we need to get near his house and he is right there. Okay, so we’re going to try to get a little bit closer i’m, pretty sure donnie’s online right now as well. Yes, okay, he’s right there right in front of the house because he was helping jack get started, but this may work out in our favor to where we can blame it on donnie. On all of this, i even just got a text from the people that we’re going to see the axolotl that they’re good to we’re good to go, see the axolotls, so we got ta be kind of quick with this, and uh right here should be his amazing Axolotl boom it’s bob, he, oh, no, no, no i’m stuck i’m stuck up stuck i’m stuck; no, no! No. He loves this axolotl to death like he loves this thing more than anything i’ve like than anything else jack’s not here, but his axolotl is right here. So we’re gon na have to try to figure out a way to to get get this axolotl hidden from jack, obviously uh he’s over there right now. Okay, so we need to.

I think we just make a little area right down here to where we can move him away and we’re gon na try to convince him somehow that uh that donnie killed his ex a lot. Okay, so we’re gon na have to be really really quiet. We are gon na break around here and we’re gon na have to go grab some water as well. Obviously we cannot kill this axolotl because he’s, so incredibly, cute and jack loves him to death. Why even have water already? Okay, so we got ta make sure that jack is not nearby. Oh he’s right there. Oh! No! I see him if you guys can see his name. Tag is right. Next to donny he’s inside right now, oh he’s, right above us, he’s gon na bother us okay, we’re, fine we’re! Fine! All we have to do is literally oh. Is he naming bob right now? No way, i think he just named bob as well so uh. All we have to do is just oh. Did he just kill him? Please leave jack, oh no we’re right below his house and we still have to go see the axolotl in real life, everything they have it at a store and he’s. So cute it’s, just a little list of tiny babies of all time, so it jack is gon na be so excited to see him. Luckily, though, we’re not actually going to kill his his real life or his in game axolotl, i should say because obviously he would be devastated, but we need to give him a reason to follow and come along uh for to go.

Look at the axolotls in real life, so if he can leave just for a second jack, come on please he’s sticking around for so long! Hey! We got ta extend this a little bit. He is building his house a little bit more, so we’re, just gon na. Try to break a block. Ah, we got ta move him away. We cannot he’s gon na start building under. He literally is trying to build a basement as well. So we got to move this away if we get caught. Now, though, it’s going to ruin this whole video and it won’t work because then he’ll know i’m trying to steal his axolotl and there’ll be no reason to actually go see the real one in real life. Oh, oh donnie’s still afk, which is good if donnie comes back, it also ruins it there’s. So many things that could go wrong: that just can’t okay let’s try to break a little bit he’s far away nice he’s still far away. We’Re gon na try to break a couple more. Oh he’s, close okay, we’re gon na stop for a second he’s, somewhat close, hey there we go it should we should be outside of the house. Yes, okay, we’re, just gon na make sure that he doesn’t know what’s going on by saying hi um. Okay. So do i have any food on me? No, i do not okay i’m gon na ask for food. Then let’s see if he’s suspicious, i said yo.

He said hi, i said: do you have any food, please jack? Please please, please! Please i’m hungry um, it’s funny, because he’s gon na feed me and then i’m gon na steal his axolotl it’s gon na, be so sad, hello bob. Is he pretending to be dead? Wait, why is he pretending to be dead? Did he hit him? I think he accidentally hit bob. Oh that’s, not very nice. He said i don’t know, maybe maybe it’s the best that we get bob out of here. Maybe it’s it’s, not a very nice relationship that they have. I said: did you hit him? He said oh man that’s, so funny, okay, well, uh, bye! Thanks little does he know i’m actually like building something under his house. He has no idea. He said thanks, but i figured it out. Okay, cool nice, jack and donny is still right here. I’M gon na make him suspicious as well by saying why is donnie creeping outside so that hopefully that’ll put it in the back of his mind like? Why is donnie outside of my house? You know what i mean so once his uh axolotl disappears. Maybe this this troll, this absolute troll, will uh have something to do with it. You know what i mean i can. I can blame him immediately, plus he has no idea what’s going on because i don’t even think he’s online right now. Jack said i don’t know to be honest: okay, yeah, yeah, okay, good now his focus should be someone on donny um being weird outside his house.

For absolutely no reason, i’m gon na get some more water, real, quick just in case, because uh we need to make sure that this axolotl does not die if he dies it’s. Actually, every like it’s gon na be so bad. I apparently just have a ton of tropical fish. I’Ll go give one to jack, so i could gain his trust. Hopefully, we’ll gain his trust a little bit more by doing this uh jack. Do you want this tropical fish right here? Okay, it should be given to bob and he killed him. Okay, bob is a a crazy psycho. Oh here take it. I didn’t mean to take that he’s mad, that i took it from him. Come back jack feed it to bob. He loves this thing so much jack just took my bucket. I tried to make friends with him, but doesn’t. Look like that’s gon na happen, so uh that’s, okay, he can have that one bucket well it’ll, be one less bucket that i get to use for his axolotl, so uh let’s let’s get inside of the little area down here that just hurt pretty bad. Okay, we’re gon na have to wait for him to leave again and uh we’re gon na try to get bob into this area. If we could do this, it’s it’ll be amazing. It’Ll be i’m, actually a masterpiece. If all, if we pull all of this off yeah, literally ocean’s, 11 type, vibe, um, okay, so once jack leaves we break this open.

He comes in here. We got ta block this off just so that jack does not see it did he leave. He did okay, we’re gon na add water to each corner. Real quick! Is he gone, i think so. Okay let’s do it. Okay, okay, we’re, gon na add water right there, water right! There then we’re going to open this up come inside come come, come okay! Can we get him come here, bob bob? Yes, yes, oh oh cobblestone, cobblestone, nice, okay, bob is inside very nice. Okay. So now all we have to do is just cover all of this up. Here we go nice, okay, we’re, gon na, add water right there, water right there and then we’re gon na cover the rest of this up there. We go perfect. Okay, so now bob is inside of here safe and sound. Yes, okay, oh wait! We got ta, get out, oh breathe, okay, we’re fine, almost died, oh, they get an axolotl in a little area. So now all we have to do is just convince donny or convince jack that donny stole jack’s axolotl to get it to fully get away with this, and then we can go see the axolotls in real life, but jack doesn’t know that jack doesn’t know we’re gon Na go see him. I have to come up with something else to convince him that so then he believes it just a little bit and what i’m gon na do to make sure that we don’t lose.

This spot is i’m gon na get three different sunflowers there. We go and uh we’re gon na put them right here. So this is where his axolotl is right. Under the sunflowers, where uh we won’t tell him that he’s still alive until after we see his in real life, axolotl little baby, one it’s so cute, you guys are i’m, so excited for you guys to see him he’s, so adorable, okay, so now we’re, just gon Na try to convince him that donnie killed him. Okay, so we’re gon na kick donny bobes, okay, donny just left the game. There we go. It says: donnie left the game. Oh say: bruh, donny, just disconnected in your house. Hopefully he takes the bait. Why did he leave no donnie, just disconnected in your house that’s? Why jack come on? He said he disconnected inside, i said yeah. He moved in whenever he, whenever you left, i said yeah, i don’t know what happened i’m at my house he’s coming back right now: okay, we’re gon na go inside together with him, okay, so he’s going inside! Oh wait! We got ta make sure that it looks okay, okay, let’s, follow behind him and pretend like we just found out as well. We have no idea what just happened. Oh no, what happened? What did he take? Oh bob’s gone. Okay, he’s not gon na notice; he’s, not gon na notice; okay, good, he didn’t take anything. Oh yeah yeah.

He didn’t take anything okay, yeah, i’m gon na say. Ah okay, oh you noticed he noticed i said bro, i don’t know he said bob. I told you he loves this thing, so much it’s, fine, it’s, fine bob is still alive, he’s right over there, but jack doesn’t know that and he’s gon na be so mad. I don’t know if it’s gon na i hopefully the little guy will like did you. Take him i said no, i was gon na say i promise, but i can’t promise that because then it’ll ruin promises, i said. Probably maybe he was recording jack, put a sad face. Oh no it’s! So sad, oh, no, okay! Well, it’s, fine uh! Why did he disconnect? I don’t know bro, oh no jack’s, so sad, it’s, fine, it’s, fine, we’re gon na make it up to him it’s still alive and we’ll. Surprise him at the end, with everything we’ll make it all up to him. I’M i’ll be a good big brother, but we got ta start it off with something spicy. You know what i mean we got. Ta start it off with something crazy to make it interesting. Now i got ta. Do is just come up with something random to make him get into the car with me to follow all the way to see his real axolotl in real life. But while you guys see past linux, steal, jack’s, axolotl, obviously, it’s already happened and max is gon na.

Go grab jack and tell him that we’re gon na go get some coffee, because we do that normally like we go, get coffee all the time. So hopefully he won’t think too much of it and it’s going to be like a surprise in a way for him to get coffee, hey jack, you know austin’s going to surprise you with some coffee. Let’S let’s go get some real quick, but what he doesn’t know is we’re, going to start heading towards the axolotl place right now, because i just called them and they have them all in stock and ready for us max. If you want to go ahead and get jack now, that’d be nice because um he is inside. Hopefully this works out. We’Re fine, we’re gon na go get some coffee real, quick, we’re chilling. What are you guys going to get? I swear chocolate, milk. Why are you recording huh? Why are you recording, because we’re going okay, so it’s, like it’s, somewhat of a video where we go to starbucks and we’re gon na, do like a drinking potions type of video? So i called them prior and they said that they could make up, like literally random drinks, it’s, not even actual starbucks drinks, they’re just putting random stuff together and we have to drink them. As you know, potions itself, so uh it should be pretty fun. I mean they said that they can make us literally whatever we want so it’s pretty far away, though the starbucks is nearby um.

They they weren’t able to do it for us, so um we’re gon na just try to go to the closest one possible max. Did you put this here, why? Why is that there no point: okay, jack, close your eyes, just close your eyes max, make sure he has them closed and everything all right, close your eyes right now make sure they’re closed, don’t, open them up seriously. I’M being serious right now: okay, um i’ll tell you when, even if we get into a car accident, you’re keeping your eyes closed, okay, okay, eyes, still closed, yep, okay, good make sure his eyes are covered when we park max, take him out of the car, but Make sure his eyes are still closed, get him out of the car, get him out of the freaking car. Here i got you. Okay cover your eyes. Don’T, look! Stop! Stop fighting, stop punching each other they’re, so annoying. So we just got to the pet shop. Jack doesn’t know this yet, but um we’re. He has an axolotl here i’d, just like to say to everyone: do not go out and buy an axolotl. I didn’t say this enough in my last video, but do not go out and buy one we’re gon na buy one of the pet axolotls at the shop that they keep like forever. So we’re gon na own him we’ll be able to rename him and we’ll be able to see him whenever we want basically spoil one to death today, so uh yeah let’s go do that now.

Okay, keep his eyes closed, guide him don’t! Let him trip because that would be very, very bad jack. Do you know where we’re at good yeah we’re going to starbucks right now, that’s what we’re doing hello, okay, jack, ready and look? What is it look it’s like book it’s, so tiny that one in the back right that one’s yours, that little guy over there wait that one, no the little one in the back right there mom that’s isn’t, he so cute, your name and bob bob bruh. They are so cute. Look at him he’s! Looking up you get a little video of him. You can. You can hardly see him.