The two tone design the curved side panels and the size of the system, all of which was discussed online and i feel like now. Most of us have just accepted the ps5 for how it looks, probably because, once it came out of the box, we put it under our entertainment center or next the entertainment center, because it wouldn’t fit in the entertainment center and just kind of went about things right And that that was it, but something strange keeps happening with the playstation 5 that’s sony. This happened a couple times now and it appears to have to do with the overall design of the system, because sony keeps putting the ps5 upside down guys. If you enjoy these videos, make sure that, like button helps out a ton, if new here to the spawn wave plus channel, make sure you subscribe down below so what happened here is there was an advertisement that went up on twitter and it was just it was Right ahead of that state of play, it looked pretty standard as you’re going through there showing off the different things. The ps5 can do people playing games, and there was this one scene where the camera pans past the ps5 and it was upside down. Take a look here. This was over on kataku, who appeared to notice it and put up an article going over it saying sony pulls ad featuring upside down, ps5, more proof that some people find the ps5’s orientation confusing, and i mean we can see the image here of the ps5 yeah.

Indeed, it’s upside down, i mean it’s on its side, and i guess i mean if you have it on its side and you look at it. One part is flat. The other part is curved. Most people probably look at that and if you’re unaware of how the ps5 is supposed to sit on its side, remember, sony did a whole thing where they explained it to us. With that stand, yeah, you might say all right i’m just going to go ahead and set it on its side here. Just like this, on the flat side and hey look, the disk drive is at the top. That makes sense, because if it’s flipped around you technically, you look down at it. You can’t see where the disk drive is. I remember the ps5, like the first day came out. People were putting the disc in the wrong way, they’re putting it upside down, because even that way with the design, it was such a such an out there and strange abstract design that it didn’t even really tell you, or at least in your mind, line up with How the disk is supposed to go in, and i guess the question for a lot of people is: how did that happen? How like? How did it get into an advertisement upside down? Well, if you’re staging the the advertising you’re setting stuff up, someone may have just been like all right. I think this is how it goes. People who like are doing these things with marketing agencies and saying that they don’t necessarily like even play the ps5 right.

Their job is okay. We have to show this device that sony wants to try to market and sell in a setting where someone’s playing god of war go ahead and set that ps5 up and they set it up like this, and the strange thing is, it would have gone through approval Process by sony, at least you figure, but that that’s the funny thing even like head of playstation worldwide studios did the same thing. Do you remember this? This was from december, so, a month after the ps5 came out, playstation studios had deletes tweet depicting upside down ps5. So it’s not just like, like the the people staging the commercial and setting it up, it’s head of playstation worldwide studios, herman holst doing the same thing. A month after the ps5 came out, the the tweet was deleted, but people managed to screencap it, and you can see like the the cat is kind of on the tv here. It was fun, but down here, look yeah the ps5 it’s upside down and again, i think, it’s, just the design of the ps5, where it’s curved on the bottom. Our instinct is yeah, okay and that probably just sits on top there. But you get the stand out and you know you flip it. On top of that, it’s supposed to look like it it’s floating and, like i said, the design is certainly abstract and it’s so different that it doesn’t even line up with the way that we’re used to kind of setting up our consoles.

I mean you have to think about this. It was the point where he had it set up: he’s, playing bug, snacks right, and i mean he plugged it in set it down. Just like that, and was sitting back and even that’s how herman holt thought the ps5 uh in his mind, made sense to set up. So i i guess now sony will be a bit more careful with the staging of their playstation five. I mean, maybe maybe the disc wasn’t reading correctly and they had to go back to what we did with the ps. We would turn the ps1 upside down if the disk just stopped reading it was. It was odd, but i guess just the wobble from turning it upside down and the laser would make it read a bit anyway. The ps5, though the way it looks i i guess that’s just where we are, and you might see upside down ps5 from now on, i’ve, never tried this by the way. So let me know if you’ve accidentally put your ps5 upside down. You know what would be fun is seeing if someone who’s never really set up a ps5, if i just hand it to them, and i give them the standard i’m like go ahead and set this up. I wonder if most people would think to set it up. Like this, anyway, guys, let me know what you think about this one down below and what’s your best guess around why this happened and why herman holst had his upside, maybe there’s something sony isn’t telling us thanks guys for watching and i’ll see you next time.