When it comes to brand new next gen restocks happening, it’s gon na apply pertain both to the playstation 5, as well as the xbox series x and it’s, always really good news. We kind of basically have back to back restocking big like info bombs and brand new information, especially because we’ve had a pretty dry and pretty kind of past, like two weeks or so so. Whenever we have things that are pretty much confirmed, like 99 confirmed or just really good drops as well as you guys, also saw our video earlier on today too as well. We also have some pretty good news for the ps direct too so check out that video. If you guys would like, but it’s always nice to go and get to see this so we’re gon na go talk about this. We have a lot of rumors a lot of speculations, a lot of all that good stuff as well. We also have a little bit of a sponsor on our video too, as well. So i’ll give you guys a reminder in that like a few seconds but it’s always cool, because if you guys know whenever i do have a chance to do any sponsors on the channel. Basically it lets me go and do things like our brand new playstation. 5. Giveaway, so it always means the world to me. If you guys want to go and support up our sponsors on our channel so i’m going to go and roll into the actual sponsor itself, please give them some love.

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I can go give you guys the quick little run through over here. If you guys are curious on all of this, but basically they have like you know, get for your birthday certificates, monthly reward certificates to get extra trading stuff and as well. One of the bigger things is that if you guys try to go and get your console early, they do actually have early access now for their drops throughout the past. Like you know a few weeks or so so the reason why we bring this on up or while we’re talking about this is we’ve actually seen number one a bajillion emails floating around. We saw a lot of people in the community a lot of people even talking to me as well as also just a lot of things we saw talking about the game, stop restock that’s going on so we saw. Let me go show you guys all these things over here to kind of support it it’s not 100 confirmed, not one zillion percent confirmed but is very, very likely, like 95 confirmed more so because they sent out the emails. The tweets are kind of like we could see them flying around a little bit, but basically, as of earlier on today, we did have a you know: power up, rewards pro members, get lots of great benefits, including once again always make a note when they say this Early access to online console drops just something to think about sign up to become a pro or upgrade now so we’re.

Talking about this, we saw we saw a few of these rumors floating around and a few little things talk about. I talked about it earlier on. In today’s video, but we actually now are seeing once again them mentioning hey. You know got some consoles boys, though the one thing i do want to make a quick side note on it too, as well. It has been also a very very long time since the last playstation, 5 and xbox series x, restocks, have happened at gamestop it’s been over two weeks now and even though they usually have had their drop days on wednesday. I didn’t even mention on our earlier video today. We have seen them go and do them on other various days, such as thursdays and fridays. So i do think the rest of this week, looking very very, very likely should be some good times for uh best buy. Not best buy, we had. We are the best, our gamestop of restocks, for all these bundles. So a few little side, things too as well to know we have seen them mostly do bundles. We have not seen them do any playstation 5 singular drops like pure consoles kind of how best, if i did it earlier on today, same thing with xbox. We have not seen them do a pure, normal xbox restock in quite some time. They did go. Do that weird all access thing, and once again, they did promote this as well from the all access stuff.

So there is always that very, very small chance. We could be a little bit disappointed like if they can maybe work in some weird, like xbox series s bundle and you know online console. You know next gen console and maybe a lot of us would be a little bit disappointed. There is always that chance. You know get your expectations set, but, as i’ve mentioned, they usually do like a two to three ish week cycle when it comes to their console drops. They have not done a lot of these next gen drops in quite some time and overall we didn’t even see that playstation girat from news from earlier on today, and also we’ve seen actually like a back to back to back and online playstation, 5 restock and best Buy doing both their ps5 disk and ps5 digital stock, so just based on the overall. You know movement and stuff like that from all these console places it does look pretty pretty likely in terms of a drop throughout thursday and friday, so i’d be on the lookout, especially for tomorrow and on friday, rough times would probably be around 10 to 11 range. We have been seeing gamestop do slightly earlier, drops as well as also maybe that they’re more normal time around, like 2 p.m, or so, just in case we do go and see that that’s. Why we want to give you guys a quick reminder too. I saw stuff at cams as well so i’m just going to get for the pictures.

We also did go and see the emails and that’s. Why i’m, like that’s? Why? My likelihood of this is like like 95? If, for some odd reason it doesn’t happen, you guys can go and blame me, i get it, i totally get. I don’t i don’t like getting people’s hopes up, but i do like talking about this stuff when it happens, but we basically do have all the stating pro members get early exclusive early online access to consoles sign up for upgrade this week to become a power up. Rewards pro member and receive 10 000 bonus points, and once again this i don’t think we actually saw the emails before just saw. Maybe a few like social media comments on it and early access to consoles. It does kind of throw me off, though, because they’re number one not saying gpus, which is fine supply that can be a gpu drop this week when it comes to gamestop, it’s, okay. But i don’t like the idea that they’re just saying consoles though it would be not like it’d, be like it’d, be cool if they’re, like hey, playstation and xbox consoles, you know i just i don’t want them to do like an xbox, all access drop and we’re. All sitting here like expecting more like expecting better but hopefully like i said they are overdue for the playstations and we’ve been seeing a lot of playstations floating around and just in general as well. I also want to have you guys – probably do it by the end of tonight on wednesday basically says power forward.

Pro membership must be signed up and activated before 11 59 pm cst wednesday, 7 14.. I do think this is probably the biggest signifier. That, probably tomorrow, is going to have a restock, so just letting you guys know that today just be on the lookout like, especially if they have the time stamp being done for today in the next few hours probably have like five hours or so by the end Of this email, but uh just letting you guys know, this is looking very, very likely very, very good and looks very, very spicy and some other emails too as well just so, you guys all know, sign up or upgrade to power up rewards pro today to ensure You’Ve got access same thing for the early access to consoles, look for an email heads up and follow us slash turn on twitter notifications for event timing, and they usually once again go and give out emails before i have been a little bit busy in the early Morning so just in case i miss it, i’ll, let you guys know, but what like there’s a reason: why game staff’s been like hey guys, sign up by tonight and also hey guys, heads up by tomorrow and also look on your email and twitter for events and Also sign up for the gopro now log into your new power up, rewards pro account, get ready for the event to start, and once again, you guys can see the same.

Email date is basically by the end of today. So let’s give you guys the quick heads up it’s, looking extremely extremely likely that there is going to be a game, stop drop all throughout the next two days, maybe even tomorrow or on friday. We have something to do drops on both those days as well check on the video earlier on today too, as well for the ps direct stuff. We also have some pretty good stuff. We’Ll probably give you guys more reminders tomorrow morning as well in the middle of the day, just you guys all know but be on the lookout for all that stuff. This is extremely good news. We’Ve had a little bit of a dry past two weeks or so so i do i at least like seeing stuff as well. If you guys do want to like it says for windows, keys, get the discounts, game keys, believe in playstation stuff, make sure you guys do, go and check out our sponsor and all the leaked comments down below in the description as well as also in the pin Message as well, and thank you so much your citykeys.com for sponsoring up this video again and sponsor this video and make sure you guys give them some love because of awesome sponsors like them. We get to go and do cool things like the playstation 5 giveaway, which you guys should all be subscribed for with the notifications on as well make sure you guys follow the twitter and twitch stream.