It feels so good to have you here if we’re meeting for the first time welcome and if you are an old friend to me and the youtube channel, then welcome back so as you can see, we’re in a different environment. Again, you guys know i moved and i’m moving, meaning that since i moved i’m, just vibing with my space and vibing with the energy of you know where i feel the most comfortable and grounded while filming and working with you guys and sharing my visions. And today i just felt so called to come outside, because everything is blooming right now, man, everything is blooming right now and the clouds are so full. I keep getting notifications that there’s a storm that’s building out there somewhere, but for right now, it’s just so lush and so spiritually lifting, and i want to share that with you guys while i’m saying that, though, as you can tell and as you know, i can’t Control, my external environment, whether i was whether if i was inside or if i was outside, i can’t control it. Neither can you so there’s going to be. Some sounds there’s going to be some movement there’s, going to be some adjustment as i’m saying that my plant literally is like waving at me. It was so cute. I wish you guys have seen it but um yeah and it sounds like there’s someone doing some work around here, which i appreciate, because they too are transforming and changing in the midst of change in their lives and then to me that’s so symbolic.

But that leads me into exactly what is that i want to talk to you guys about i’m, referring to my complete astronaut, intuitive planner for 2021, that i wrote at the very beginning of this year: it’s an ebook format and in september i’m, going to write for 2022, so if you have that ebook feel free to go ahead and follow along, i will be looking down on it just as a guide because there’s a you, know the planet’s movements and stuff and my own visions that i received at the beginning of this year. But this morning, while i was sitting on my meditation it’s so interesting, because i was revisited by the vision, the idea, the image of a bird. However, this time it felt very phoenix like it felt very um transformative. And if you guys refer to the ebook for july 12th, the week of july 12th into the 18th, i actually had a vision at the very beginning of the year of a bird changing colors like it’s feathers, just drastically and rapidly changing right in front of my Face and to me this just confirms again that we are in the midst of incredible and profound change, things that we have sensed and we’ve discerned, and we intuitively picked up on. I don’t know, if you guys have noticed, but on instagram, like the visions that i’ve been getting and the messages that i’ve been downloading are just so powerful lately that they’ve actually moved me to tears in the best way possible, and i i feel like this – is Because we’re all on the same level, we’re all on the same frequency like we’re, all in the same vibe right now, we’re all in the same space of i don’t, say out with the old and in with the new.

But we’re we’re really have been ending and releasing and cleansing and i’m getting. You know the vision of like water, just purifying water, we’re purifying our source. You know – and i feel like and what i can see, especially with pluto saturn jupiter, neptune retro retrograde, is there’s. This purging there’s, a purging of the shadow aspects within ourselves that have confined us and controlled us there’s, a purging and a release from generational curses, there’s, a purging in our structure in our government and our foundation, there’s a purging in how we visualize and how we Receive intuitive messages and and how we allow ourselves to do that, and, as we are purging that and releasing that, i just get this massive vision. This beautiful vision of cleansing water that comes in and it’s so restorative and that’s, where my emotions start to get start to step forward that’s when my emotions start to come forward because the gratitude, the immense gratitude that i feel and that spirit wants us to feel For this, for the sake of these cleansing waters, these cleansing rains that are coming into our lives. We want to open ourselves up to receive that. We don’t want to fight this, and one thing that i can tell – and one thing that i can sense is there is a bit of resistance right – and i said this years ago, but you don’t want to be stubborn in the cycle that we are in right.

Now you don’t want to be stubborn back in the day, i said you don’t want to be stubborn, with where we’re going but we’re in it. Now you don’t want to be stubborn. Why? Because you will run yourself down, you will hurt yourself accidentally, hurt yourself drain yourself, you’ll get like hit, it feels like life will just hate. You, like um circumstances, will hit you. You want to lift your feet up, and you want to stand more in a space of faith, especially with these planets, with neptune. Moving to the sign of pisces right now are our foundation and as pluto is moving through capricorn and the saturn is moving through. Aquarius and jupiter is retrograde. Moving out of pisces back into the sign of aquarius our foundation, our core foundation of what we think and deem is safety security, solid, stable, is actively crumbling beneath us. Why? Because it was a fallacy, it was never real to begin with and spirit the divine and our higher selves don’t want us to implant ourselves in a belief system that is false. That is unstable. That is not going to support you. Why? Because chances are, if you’re, watching this video right now you have a higher purpose. You have a higher destiny. You have higher um visions and and um prophecies that were spoken over your life or things that you have seen things that you have sensed that need to come to fruition and spirit wants that, for you not only just for your betterment, but for the betterment of All of us, we all need that right now: okay, so if you’re manifesting we’re all being blessed by that we’re all being given a gift by your happiness by your joy by your pleasure by your needs and your wants being met, absolutely right, so that’s, where we’re At right now you guys um looking at the the planets you know this this week i mean you, know: mercury, shrine, uh, mercury, trine, jupiter right now, even jupiter being retrograde wants to give us incredible downloads, incredible visions, but the magician card just came through it’s.

What we speak it’s, what we hear it’s what we believe it’s, what we’re manifesting all of it comes from the mind the mind is so powerful. In fact, magician card rules um is ruled by mercury. Mercury is the messenger of the planets, but it’s also the messenger of the gods. He is able to translate and speak, speak out what um, what jupiter has downloaded what jupiter intuitively naturally instinct instinctually understands. So what do you do with this? My loves: what do you do with this? Well, you you sit with yourself. I mean i feel like a broken record, but you sit with yourself in your sacred space. You make your ritual your routine um. You know your sacred time. You make that a priority. Why? Because, with that, i mean even 20 minutes a day, that’s going to change your life in the direction of your life, for the better, always it’s, always going to keep you in alignment, even with neptune retrograde right now and the sign of pisces it. Actually, as your world gets muddled, your intuition gets heightened. If you are making, if you’re taking care of the physical, emotional, um, spiritual mental bodies, we want to make sure that those bodies are being purified again out with the old and in with the pure waters. In with the cleansing waters in with the cleansing rain, that means that – and i saw this and i put it – put it on my instagram um last week.

That means a detox that means a dietary change that means hype more high vibrational foods and more high vibrational living and more hybrid hybrid high vibrational experiences. I myself have been manifesting that you guys i don’t know if you know, but i have been playing like a wild woman just out playing. How could i not you know my environment is so beautiful and i i can’t just sit in a home or in a house and just be strapped to my desk when i live in such lush, beautiful environment and it has absolutely impacted my magic, it has absolutely Impacted my creativity, it’s actually impacted my intuitive messages, and you know spirit wants me to be happy and that’s where i’ve been at. So i love that venus conjunct mars is happening july 13th at 9 32 a.m, and this is exactly what it is that i’m talking about. My loves venus is moving through the sign of leo right now. Um mars is in the sign of leo yeah mars in the sign of leo and when the two of them come together: it’s feminine energy and masculine energy that sits in a space of self worth play and creativity in abundance. My love, it feels very yellow. It feels very golden, it feels very receptive. It feels very equal equaled out. It feels very um. I just heard the word. Um negativity is neutralized, meaning bad vibes are neutralized when you play when you allow yourself to sit and absorb the abundance of this earth.

Of these planets and when venus and mars come together, it’s a very highly receptive, sensual, attractive time for all of us, but you want to not look at this. The world card. You don’t want to hold yourself back or suppress your light and suppress your energy, because you don’t want to offend other people or you you’re, afraid of what people are going to say and what they’re going to do. In fact, it’s kind of bringing me back full circle to the original vision that it was that i had with this bird. It literally caught my attention because of how quickly and drastically and vibrant its feathers were changing. It was like emerald, it was ruby, it was sapphire, it was gold. It was glittering in front of my face in a way that was not subtle and that’s. What i’m feeling and that’s what i’m sensing for all of us this week specifically, but at this moment in time, um chiron retrograde i’ve been telling you guys to keep your eyes on chiron um chiron in the sign of aries i’m, sorry, yeah and the sign of Aries, even when it’s retrograde it’s like listen, we want to revisit how you define yourself, how you um, how you understand yourself to be and how you move and how you present yourself to the world. Do you believe that you are worthy? Do you believe that you are capable do you feel strong um? What i just received just now, especially when it comes to changes and when i heard the word strength and and strong it’s, not about you being firm and stubborn and being like i’m unmoving? This is who i am, and you know just so rigid and so cold and so disconnected.

Your strength is going to come through your softness, especially with venus and mars conjoining in the sign of of leo your strength in your sun, and your light is going to come from your softness that’s, where the real change is going to come from, because you are Understanding deeply and intuitively that your strength is not by forcing your will by trying to chase or prove your worth to. Others is going to come from, knowing who you are, whether you, however, you identify whether you’re masculine more predominantly more masculine or predominantly more feminine energy. It’S going to come from you balancing, even as i’m, seeing this the world card here, it’s going to come from you balancing those aspects within yourself, acknowledging them accepting them, loving them, embracing them and shining that out that’s going to be the most miraculous change in transit Transition that’s happening here, it’s not going to impact just one area of your life it’s, going to impact all areas of your life, it’s, going to impact your work, it’s, going to impact how you eat like what you eat. Your diet, it’s, going to impact your ability to play it’s going to impact your ability to manifest it’s going to impact your relationships, your friendships, your partnerships, it’s, going to impact the environment around you. It impacts everything, your home. Everything is touched by your ability to sit and embrace this chiron retrograde. The venus conjunct mars in the sign of leo jupiter, retrograde, saturn, retrograde, pluto, retrograde, neptune retrograde.

What i don’t want you guys to do is look at your external world, your external circumstances and say: oh, this is real. This is it i um. What i see right now is the truth. The truth is that what the actual truth is, the only thing that is real is love, a higher love, a higher energy and that’s. It honestly, outside of that everything else is just a perspective, and your perspective is changing so so drastically and how you see things and how you see others and how others see you is it’s, just a reflection of how they perceive the world and their understanding of It so what you want to do my loves is, if you know that – and you understand that you want to take additional time into strengthening the source, strengthening the heart, strengthening the intuitive mind and and connecting to the root grounding yourself and let that energy move throughout Your entire being as i am saying that i just saw that the three of pentacles was the only card that was left behind in my bag. Somehow i don’t know how that happened, but the world card is also here and there is something that is being created. There is something that is being manifested there is something that is coming into alignment and collaborating with you harmonizing with your energy right now, and what i want you guys to do is i want you to sense it first. I want you to feel it first.

I want you to manifest it. I want you to be about it, i want you to receive it. That is what is real energy is real. Love is real and with that from your core, the center of your core, you can then change the outcome of your events around you. Just like that. It’S, more than manifestation my loves it’s, a hive it’s, a high vibrational feeling it’s an essence it’s an energy with that you can’t, you can do anything and with that not only can you do anything but you’ll know what to do with it. You’Ll know what to what to say: you’ll know where to go. You’Ll know what is for you you’ll know what you need to reject your discernment. Your intuition is going to be solid in everything, and what i hear is that that is what is going to be stabilized your faith in in your higher self. Your faith in a higher power is going to be stabilized, then you’re going to have a deeper sense and awareness of how perfect everything is you’re, going to have a higher sense of how perfect everything is. Nothing is a mistake. Everything is in divine order. The chaos the distant rumbling of thunder all of it makes sense because you understand that it all aligns it all aligns and with that you’re going to get such a beautiful space. As such a beautiful reminder and such a beautiful surge of joy of gratitude of compassion of kindness of sweetness of nurturing of nourishing in your spirit, all bodies are fed.

Why? Because out with the old in with the new cleansing waters, cleansing waters comes in and restores your spirit restores your energy. These planets are just so perfectly aligned you guys. There is no such thing as coincidences and everything moves. My loves with the world card here, it’s a reminder that everything comes in a cycle and nothing before it’s time and literally everything is collabing. Everything is connecting in order to harmonize you with every w with what you are, what you’re trying to vibe with and when spirit sees that you are, you are choosing things that are diminishing that are devoid or void of purpose of of plenty of plentifulness of abundance. Of lushness of life of health and vitality or love, it will work actively work to collaborate to move you to harmonize you into certain things, and sometimes your spirit, your energy i’m really feeling this you guys. Sometimes your your spirit, your energy says: weight universe, weight divine. I have to learn this lesson right now: i’m, so attracted to it i’m, so attracted to this dysfunction. I’M. So attracted to this toxicity because you have to live, you have to learn. You have to do it so that you can do better once you complete that cycle. My loves the world card here, three of theory pentacles, once you complete that cycle, once you’ve ended that collaboration or when the universe ends it for you, you then take steps forward and you have to release it.

Let it go out with the old in with the new here: comes the sweet water in comes the refreshing waters in comes the restorative energies. Don’T hold on to anything. If you sat with yourself right now, you would see you would know you would understand, and it would make it easier for you to let go the phoenix, the bird, the the visions that it is that i was having with this bird, changing its its feathers it’s. Not diminishing its shine, in fact everything that has happened up until this point has brought you to this moment right here, where you belong and that’s. That change is so drastic it’s, so radical it’s, so life changing it’s, beautiful and instead of you holding back your light. Your love, you become softer, you become more abundant, you become more life, giving more life sustaining and everything balances so that you are also being restored, as you give as you give as you pour you’re being poured into that’s where you’re at right.