The next seven days is going to be filled with some amazing aspects, plus some harder aspects that are going to be going on. Mercury and venus are going to be prominent again this week, so we have a lot of stuff going on with our communication and our thought processes and our relationships. Our love lives, career, job, stuff finances and chiron is going retrograde. So this is going to put us in a position to heal some of the areas of our life that we might have been struggling with, or we just haven’t been able to start the process in terms of healing or moving forward and looking at the vibes on This graph, we have a lot of romantic energy going on there’s a lot of love life stuff going on, and the funny thing is with this too it’s mixed baggy, but we’ve got some great stuff going on with relationships and romance as well. Here we’ve got some powerful stuff going on when it comes down to just your love life, any committed relationships, if you’re single that should be going decent depending on the circumstances. Of course, we do have harder transits. Of course there is some stuff, but for the most part there are some decent ones. There are some good ones going on which i’m happy to see those because a lot of the times when i’m. Looking at some of these relationship transits, they can be a bit harsh, and you know at least there’s some sweet spots and hopefully it’s mitigating situations.

That might be difficult within your relationships as long as it’s a stable relationship, because a lot of the time when this stuff comes up it’s, mostly dealing with relationships that have ran their course or are toxic and, of course, with the mercury stuff going on we’ve got A lot of mental energy going on in the beginning of the week here so there’s going to be a lot of just what your next steps are, and also too just moments of just clarity. Strokes of genius, even though there’s a little bit of foggy aspects that are going on through this week with mercury there’s still these moments in these sweet spots, where you’re having a lot of aha moments just going on through this week here so at least there’s, that There’S, a bit of psychic energy that’s in the air as well so don’t, it i’ll be surprised if you’re having some dreams that seem prophetic or maybe prophetic or you’re. Just getting these psychic hits or you’re getting these intuitive downloads. Your intuition may be on fire this week, there’s a slight bit of confusion through this week too there’s this and by that there’s, always some things going on with neptune, so there could be moments where you’re feeling drained or you’re feeling foggy or you’re feeling scattered. So some of that goes on. As i said, this is a pretty decent week, it’s mixed baggy, but it has its things and it has its sweet spots.

So let’s look at the next bunch of days and see what we can expect on the 12th mercury’s making a trine with jupiter, and this is one of those aspects. That’S, just lovely we’ve got a lovely bunch of days with some of these aspects here and with mercury, making the trend with jupiter. It does bring in some additional opportunities for yourself. It does bring in a bit of luck. It also puts you in a position where you gain things because you’re looking at all the possibilities and you’re looking at all the opportunities that are ahead of you and even with it being a trying and it being jupiter involved in the situation. There is some action. That’S taken a lot of times with trines trines are very easy energies and sometimes it’s easy to not take action with this there’s a little bit of action that’s in the air, with some of the other alignments that are going on. So hopefully it propels you to take whatever opportunities are in front of you and whatever situations that might be to your benefit. Hopefully you guys are actually capitalizing on this energy itself. It does bring in big ideas too, and so, even if you’re not taking action. Now you may have an idea in mind of something that you want to create there’s a lot of inspiration in there there’s a lot of strokes of genius in the air right now, so you could be inspired to create something that ends up paying off later on.

For you and turns into something that may be lucrative or an opportunity for a big move, because we deal with mercury in jupiter, we deal with travel, so it could be an opportunity like that, but it’s a good feeling, sort of energy. It makes you sociable if you’ve been just wanting to just communicate with people on a higher level that is intelligent. This is one of those types of aspects where you are more high minded than normal and you’re focused on high minded things and conversations. So this energy should carry us through the next couple of days in a good way and with the 13th coming up and venus making that conjunction with mars. This is going to really emphasize that feel good energy, that we can definitely use within our relationships and mostly romantic relationships with this, but it does bring about some relationship harmony, and this is great because you’ve got the mercury jupiter situation – you have this and it could Really help soften some things that might have went on last week with some of the heavier relationship aspects that were going on. It can help diffuse a little bit of drama and within your relationships with this venus conjunct mars. This is one of those things where it helps you take action in your relationships in a good way. It helps you take action in terms of just initiating things going out on dates, sparking up the romance, bringing the passion back within your relationships.

It brings in an intense amount of attraction um in your relationships, if you’re already connected with someone, if you’re single – and this is aspecting you – this could be one of your lucky days where you’re meeting someone that you have a strong connection with it’s lovely for that. This is one of those transits where, over the top displays of affection happen and in a good way, not in a mushy way. I mean it can get mushy with this transit, but this is mostly excitable and fun and it’s also about bringing your relationship to the next level. So hopefully you guys are benefiting from this, also with money, career job stuff. This helps you take actionable steps when it comes to those things, so you could be taking action in a good way that leads to the job or the career you want, or some sort of financial win with this energy, so it’s lovely. We deserve this. We need this i’m just so happy to see some of these good transits in the beginning of the week, because it’s really needed, and on top of that, a couple of days later on the 15th, the sun’s making a try with neptune. Now the 15th is an interesting day because we have chiron going retrograde that day and we’ve got stuff going on with mercury, that’s uncomfortable, but hopefully with the sun, making a trine with neptune. This brings in some easy energy because it’s a very easy energy, it’s spiritual, is all hell, it’s good at boosting your spiritual confidence and your high minded confidence.

It helps you get in touch with your higher frequencies. So if you’ve been wanting to connect with your higher self more than this is the perfect aspect for it. If you’ve been wanting to go deep with your spiritual practices, this is amazing for that just studying any esoteric topics, astrology anything to do with just psychic abilities. This could be a day where you’re feeling more psychic than normal, with this energy too. So it could be something where you’re wanting to strengthen your psychic abilities or you’re, wanting to go out and learn: tarot it’s, overall, an amazing energy for just going after your spiritual goals. People do have spiritual goals. You know it’s not always about like money, it’s, not always about just a job career relationship, romantic relationships, a lot of times. People want to enhance their spiritual abilities, and this is the perfect aspect for doing so, and it brings a cheerful tone to the air as well. So hopefully, this helps mitigate some of the stuff that’s going to be going on a little bit later through that day. Here, because mercury’s making a semi square with mars and when mercury and mars are in a harder aspect, one of the things that i always say with this is it’s to our benefit to speak up it’s. Just you have to be careful when it comes down to speaking up. There are times in life where we need to assert ourselves, there are times in life and we need to speak up for those who don’t have a voice, but there are times where you know that can go wrong and in this aspect that could definitely go a Little a wire that may not go in your favor, because people may not be receptive to what you’re trying to say, and it could be something simple it doesn’t have to be anything polarizing.

You could just be having a text communication with someone and it just goes wrong or you’re, saying the wrong thing and offends someone. Sometimes we can say things and come from a good place and be harmless about the whole thing, and somebody can take it the wrong way. You never know what someone’s sensitivity is, so this could make people extra triggery and extra sensitive. This could make people lash out a bit. This can make people just be mouthy at times so it’s, something you want to be careful with with this energy. I mean definitely speak your mind. If this is one of those situations where you are called to assert yourself, you may have to assert yourself on this day or you may be the person that’s speaking up for someone who just can’t speak up for themselves. So a lot of that does come up when you’re having mercury, mars heart aspects and such so do your best. If you can to let things roll off your back, because there are some sensitivities that are coming up through this week here – and this is the start of that and also we’ve got chiron that’s going into retrograde that same day. So chiron is another one of those slow moving celestial bodies that when it does go retrograde we feel it collectively. However, you feel it more when it goes over one of your natal planets. So if you have placements within the cardinal signs, you’re going to be feeling this retrograde the most and those cardinal signs would be aries, libra cancer and capricorn.

I would say those of you within 6 to 18 degrees of aries or capricorn cancer or libra are going to feel this retrograde over their natal placements the most, and this could be any cardinal placements in your chart. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your sun sign and again we can still feel this on a collective level, but chiron went into shadow on the 21st of march, so think back to what you were trying to heal within your life with regards to aries themes, because Chiron is in aries, and so in this retrograde we’re going to be dealing with a lot of aries themes here, and a lot of that could have something to do with your identity. A lot of that could have to do with physicality and by that it could have a lot to do when it comes down to your workout regimen, your physical body, and things like that. It can have a lot to do with your ambition. Your drive, your courage, your bravery, your ability to assert yourself, your ability to be within yourself hood, and what i mean by selfhood is your ability to be an individual and to have freedom and autonomy as an individual, really just be able to do your own thing And to answer to no one and also not being afraid to go after whatever it is, you want, because in aries energy that’s, the positive sides of aries energy, and so with this, you could be healing areas like that, a lot of times, people don’t think about Those things, but some of those things in our lives need to be reckoned with.

Some of those things in our lives need to be resolved, and you know it’s a time to recover from areas where you might be stuck. You know a lot of times. People get stuck in ruts and aren’t able to either assert themselves or they feel like they have no drive, they feel like. They have no ambition, they don’t feel motivated. They don’t know how to stand up for themselves or they find themselves trapped in situations where they’ve lost their identity within a relationship or other situations. It could be friend groups, it could be family, it could be a measurement within family, so it could be things like that that you could be dealing with within this chiron energy, that you’re you’ve been trying to resolve and you’ve been trying to resolve for a long Time but you started, you started to notice that around march is when you started slowly, trying to find some sort of action that you can take. So a lot of that could be coming up for you, guys that are being aspected like this and on a collective level, you cannotice a clearing out of things that are no longer working. You could notice that more people are taking responsibility to help themselves or to help others or just overall coming up with some sort of resolution here. Chiron retrogrades are about setting boundaries too here, so you could find yourself in your life setting some sort of boundaries. You could find yourself healing anything again coming up with codependency issues facing repressed issues from earlier in your life when chiron retrogrades come up and also helping other people here, a lot of the times with these chiron retrogrades.

How we get aspect in this is it’s, not necessarily about ourself but it’s, about helping others based on our own trauma and our own wounds that we have here. So you could be finding yourself in situations where you’re helping people, because you’ve experienced something similar and because you know how to navigate through those traumas, you’re able to help other people get out of their situations. You’Re able to give people answers to. You know how to take actionable steps to move forward or to heal what’s going on with them. So this is definitely one of those retrogrades that’s. You know helpful, i mean all retrogrades are helpful, but this one in particular is really cathartic and so it’s going to be all about that it’s going to be all about healing what’s been holding you back and you know possibly helping other people that have been held Back by their own fears and trauma so so use this retrograde to start patching yourself up as well as others. Chiron will go direct on december 19th, it’s, a long retrograde, it’s, a slow moving planet dwarf, planet it’s, slow moving, and it will be out of shadow by april 11th of 2022. So again, this is a slow moving process here, it’s transformational, and so you could be noticing that some of that’s happening around that point in time in your life by the time you get to december you’re, coming out on the other side transformed from some of this.

So, from the 15th to the 19th, we have a yacht that’s forming on venus and mars from neptune in a sextile with pluto, and i always bring up the odds when i see them, because it’s definitely pointing towards something transformational within your life, something that has extra Pressure on it that needs to be resolved, something that is calling you to action and with this we’re dealing with relationship stuff we’re dealing with our love life when we’re dealing with mars and venus we’re, also dealing with finances as well, we’re, also dealing with career stuff. As well so this could be putting some extra pressure on those things, especially with some of the neptune stuff that’s, going to be going on with venus and mars. Having some involvement in this, this is definitely going to definitely going to put you in a position where you’re going to have to get real about certain things within relationships and with the pluto stuff. It may be a time where you’re letting go of the things that no longer serve you or releasing yourself from a situation: that’s, overbearing, dominant and there’s power struggles, but looking at some of these individually with venus making that clinton comes to neptune, this is going to Be one of those situations where you’re going to have to get real about relationships and real about situations that are no longer working understanding that it’s time to see the truth of a situation within a relationship.

This could be something where you’re refusing to see what’s real. This could be a situation where you’re refusing to look at the facts within a relationship that’s wasting your time or a place where you’re over sacrificing within a relationship for the sake of love or for the sake of attention, and things like that. So something that you want to be aware of in this energy is very tricky and with this quincunx and it being combined in a yacht to venus, this is going to be extra uncomfortable because it really is going to call to your attention the things that absolutely Need to be fixed and you may feel energized. You may feel, as though your hand is being forced in certain situations, within your love, life and career, and with it making that aspect of pluto that quinn comes to pluto. This is going to bring up situations where there are power struggles in your relationships. It is going to bring up jealousy, it is going to bring a paranoia, is going to bring up some accusations within your relationships as well, and it can put you in a position where you’re needing to break free from controlling situations and or you’re just needing to Make some sort of game plan when it comes down to getting out of those types of situations, because i always say when you see some of these hard aspects. It doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s the day that you’re going to get out of that relationship or out of that situation, but it’s calling to your attention that something needs to be done.

So that way you can start moving forward. Then, on the 17th, the sun’s gon na be making an opposition to pluto, and this is where i say the end of the week gets a bit tricky because there are some harder transits and, with this we’ve got more transformational energy. This is going to emphasize a lot of power struggles within relationships or situations where you may be overly dominant or somebody else is being dominant towards you in a relationship it’s, a type of transit where you’re kind of having to face things that you may not have Wanted to face, you may not have wanted to deal with within situations. It doesn’t have to be romantic relationships. It could be your personal life, it could be career, it could be other situations where you’re refusing to make changes, and this is the type of transit that can be a bit of an upheaval sort of vibe because it does force your hand in certain situations. If there’s behavioral issues that need to change or addictions to things, this is the type of transit that’s, going to kind of force, those things and force your hand a lot of the times. What this transit is. We have to accept the things that are beyond our control and relinquish a hold that we have on something that is of that’s, holding us back or is a lost cause within our lives and something that we need to transform it’s one of those things where it’s Hard to make those changes, but you know a lot of times, it’s better to make the changes yourself than to have your hand force, and this is the type of transit that can do that and it brings up jealousy.

It brings up more control issues. It brings up people trying to control the narrative as well here so it’s, an uncomfortable energy for sure, and then you know on the 18th we have a couple of more transits that are uncomfortable and we have this going with mercury, making us quincunx to saturn with Mercury making this quincunx to saturn this one here can be a bit much because it has the judgy tone to it in terms of dealing with people who are overly critical, dealing with people who are overly judgy dealing with people who want to have more authority than They do and they overstep your boundaries in this energy. It also has a lot to do with feeling overly responsible for other people and being bombarded by their problems and being overwhelmed by being that person that everyone goes to being that rock. So this is an uncomfortable energy for sure it definitely brings up some toxic inner dialogue as well and some harsh words and some ruthlessness too. So it can be quite awkward and then you have mars making a quincunx to neptune, and this is part of that. Yad situation, on the one hand, it’s not the worst and it’s, not the worst energy on the planet, but it does bring in some discomfort when you’re using this energy the proper way. This energy is great for spiritual work. This energy is great for rolling up your sleeve and helping your fellow man.

However, there is a bit of carelessness in this energy and it could lead to a bit of escapism, and that may be something you have to look out for. You have to look out for impulsivity with this energy and just over indulging in alcohol and stimulants within this energy, and also it can be an undermining energy with neptune and mars, a lot of times with mars, neptune stuff. We deal with vitality issues, and this could be one of those things where your energy feels zapped. You can feel tired and drain be careful of what you’re taking into your body, because it can make you feel lethargic or just or just not with it. So you really want to be careful with this, and you just want to make sure you’re not taking action on decisions that aren’t concrete, because a lot of the time with this type of energy, too people act on impulse and it’s for something that’s, not even based In reality, and it could cause you problems down the line, so something that you want to be aware of with this other than that this is a mixed bag week. Hopefully, you guys are being carried through by some of those lovely aspects. In the beginning of the week, because the rest of this is definitely calling for transformation, definitely calling for change, definitely calling for action to be taken in situations that need to be resolved in your life.