Only if we can b1 lee sin, i think, is pretty losing in general um. He can’t really be flexed into jungle, anymore uh, because he has issues with the stats. So when you flex him into the jungle, he has lower base levels and then also when he’s inside of the jungle he gets. He gets no points in e um, but having one point on e mean that he’s missing significantly uh he’s he’s missing a significant amount of damage so having him in jungle is just way worse. Pretty much. All around okay tsm are going full synduin with renekton and rumble now this isn’t really a response to what clg is doing uh. I find this to be very strange, also, i’m very i’m, very uh i’m. Very confused that ziggs isn’t being hovered or picked okay, uh lucian gets picked up. Lucian is winning into lane lee sin. Well, yeah lucian lucian’s, winning into pretty much everything. So okay. So we have varus and lucian leona’s a really bad pick: uh it’s, just a random like blind aggro pick. It gives over a lot of power to the enemy team, because now enemy team has uh. You know blind counter pick bot, um enemy team’s, not going to really think too deeply uh they’re just going to go kaiser alistar for no reason: oh okay, maybe maybe maybe pantheon’s getting picked here. Obviously kaise is a really dog champion. I don’t think she has any business being picked at all, so, okay, it’s gon na be kaisa alistar for tsm.

I think tsm’s draft is really in the gutter. I think clg could maybe actually let’s see what i mean. Okay. So now you know that lee sin is solo lane. I guess you just choose uh set, spend away. I guess you just choose. Um i mean gp is probably fine in in a spot like this um, but i i’m not sure if finn will actually find it. Mundo is not super okay, so here’s the thing about mundo. I think mundo’s potency. So you guys have heard me and nemesis really say that mundo is really bad um. The fact that, like mundo is being picked as much as he is. He is one of those champions that like if he loses he’s, not gon na all right. So god, how do i describe this if you lose the game with mundo? It’S not going to look like it’s mundo’s fault? If you win the game, mundo is going to seem untouchable, because if your whole team is ahead, then they can’t worry about mundo. Mundo’S not going to do anything mundo, however, himself will not win you a losing game. Oh yeah, i said i said pro view. Only okay let’s go into pro view here. Okay, pobelter is uh. I don’t know okay all right. Well, he gets the uh. He gets to press the attack. Pobelter should have moved in once lee throws the q pobelter should move in there’s no reason for him to be as far back as he is right now, yeah, he stays standing really far back doesn’t make any sense.

Okay, uh he’s gon na get level two. He should stop autoing right now: okay, all right, that’s, really good by him power of evil. So the the boring thing about this lane is that there’s there’s not a whole lot for lee to do it’s a little bit easier for him to play in mid, but that’s pretty much it um he’s gon na miss that minion, which is a little bit sad Uh, but not the end of the world, okay pobelter is gon na. Do the the crash to do nothing, he is gon na find rumble um in doing so yeah. He is gon na find rumble, and you can see that poe comes back with uh. My lower audio okay, he comes back with w all right. Cool belter, not really doing a great job, but does have lee at about half pobelter should stand on top of the cannon right now. I don’t know why he’s so far back, he should stand on top of the cannon yeah. He would be able to space into him or lee wouldn’t be able to do this. There’S, no reason, there’s no reason for pobelter to be so far back. He should be standing on top of the cannon he’s not doing it um just playing very, very, very afraid, there’s no way for rumble to be here right now. Um, okay, pobelter’s wasting a lot of time. Q’S. One minion uh! You should have just crashed this wave.

You could have identified this as one and this would have been two. He could have looked for a free reset um. What he’s, probably gon na do now is he’s gon na try to go for some chip damage onto the plate. This isn’t really that impactful, because you know that rumble at this point is on the left hand, side. So you’re, probably gon na, be end uh, ending up playing right, pocket uh as a means just to stay safe, because we know that paul belter’s jungler’s on the right hand, side um, so okay, he’s gon na actually he’s gon na he’s gon. Na put a second point in e, so one of the things that you can do on lee sin right now is you can go two points into e and then i believe from there. You put you put three points into w in order to have lane sustain against the lucian um or just you know any bully in general, and then i believe that you start maxing uh q. So i think that it’s just two points in e is the magic number um now and and now now after this, you start uh. Now you start maxing w um for for lane sustain against dilution, so we’ll see if this ends up happening, pobelter’s playing his lane. Really poorly um again there’s, not a lot of thought process, he’s just going like super. Even now, one of the things that is happening is he’s just trying to accrue a cs advantage: uh that’s literally it but there’s a there’s.

A lot of other larger advantages that you can you can get if you just do really good lane manipulation relative to minion waves that get spawned out of the nexus um. You know when factoring in your recall, timer and then how long it takes you so, for instance, like pobelter. What is he going to achieve here? He’S going to do the same thing again: he’s going to play really reserved in center power of evil, we’re sitting we’re totally fine. This is really fine for us and pobelter. I mean he’s full mana, all the time um. This really reminds me of uh jensen’s janna. Pro view from last week, so there’s uh, okay, now now he’s gon na look for a random reset, and so the the end sequence is 33 to 40.. Now had pobelter done an intelligent recall, he probably could have locked lee sin into the lane um and then he could have came back with something maybe like a call um or he could have came back with like two long swords. He would have had a lot more combat power and then, by staying in the lane longer than this, like, maybe playing until like 70 or something cs um, then then you would be able to have a much better recall over your opponent, whereas now um, because of Lee sin’s wave, clear speed, what’s gon na actually end up happening here. Uh is they’re having roughly the same amount of gold when you factor in the in game, timer uh.

So when you factor in the in game, timer lee sin resets it roughly the same amount of gold as lucian and then as a byproduct of getting to reset it roughly the same amount of gold as lucian lee sin is actually in a better uh. Well, at least since in an even position against lucian um, but an even position against lucian means that and inherently lee sin is winning gleason’s also managed to recall without needing to teleport and now lucian has tp’ed so that’s uh that’s, a nice uh kill by huni, Gets a uh gets a solo bolo onto the mundo, but we can see that speaker was moving up there. That was uh. That was definitely uh yeah i don’t i don’t know that was really weird. Yeah lee somehow has an advantage. It’S it’s actually it’s just unholy how how poorly po belter’s playing pobelter’s playing like he knows that he’s getting paid six figures a year, um and he you know he just doesn’t – want to look bad in the game. I i honestly, i don’t know it’s it’s, really it’s, really bizarre. If you’re gon na play, if you’re gon na, if you, if you’re gon na select, lucian and champ select, you should probably not play it. Okay, uh power of evil can freeze yep, okay. This is really good by him, and so the thing is is that it it’s actually probably a lot better to watch the lane through the lens of pobelter than it is to watch the power of evil.

Unfortunately, we just click power of evil um. The reason that i say that isn’t it it has nothing to do uh with power of evil like as a person or as a player, but um lee sin. Just has no autonomy um in the in the match up right, it’s, all about lucian. What lucian wants to do now? Lee sin does sort of have a tipping point, because his base damages are really high, so you can see what power of evil’s doing um he’s hovering left pocket. This is basically his safest area and then he’s just trying to apply a little bit of spacing pressure. I guess against pobelter now pobelter kind of does have to respect it, because you can see that rumble is in fog of war. Rumble is level six so and any like really fast gap. Close lee sin kick anything anything along. Those lines is just obviously going to be good, so it’s pretty good. This is probably one of the weakest laning phase, lucio solutions, i’ve ever seen and and trust me i’ve seen autofilled uh support mains. You know um in korea play lucian, so this is um. This is definitely a sight to behold all right. Well, okay, so an ally has been slain uh again so right now, clg actually has the advantage. Now. The thing here is that you see the way that tsm drafted right. We see the camera control. We see everything that they’re looking for they’re doing, uh they’re doing a rotation here to herald now early on tsm’s champions are base wise stronger than the opponents rumble is way stronger than diana he’s cracked.

Out of his mind as a champion, lee sin is much stronger than lucian at this current point. In the game, leona, i would argue, is stronger than nautilus um, but varus uh, you know, varus is better than kaiser. Knock up goes on to smoothie smoothie can’t, make up his mind, somehow misses all of his abilities on the leona. Broxah is gon na die. There goes for the ultimate on power of evil, doesn’t, actually matter, at least in a little bit too tanky, and this is just an example of a clg not really knowing what they want to do, or what they’re even attempting to do. It’S, just very random, not totally sure um now finn is getting a lot of plates down in bottom. So if you see what finn was getting down in bottom, the question that you have to ask yourself is: why are you trying to go for the herald um? Because, basically uh you look at the exp and um the gold that harold ends up, giving you factor in the gold that it comes back over to you and whatnot. And then you just calculate what finn’s getting down in bot lane and you would reach the conclusion that uh it doesn’t make any sense to go for the herald. So um you can see that no timers actually are being timed here, which is very. This is very interesting right. You notice that there there’s nothing that’s actually being timed by tsm.

It doesn’t really matter uh. Well, i mean it’s something that you can point out, um as being absent. Is this corporate mundo it’s? Looking like sam? Oh, my lord all right lee should freeze all right. I don’t know what he’s doing he should have just froze there’s, no reason to shove out unless he’s looking for another recall. But if he was looking for another recall, then what he would have done is. He would have walked up, he would award it. This brush stood here, uh and then went to cs the wave. If mundo comes out of this brush, then you w backwards. You run away um, so that would be the way to play that you can see the way that he’s doing it right now, but the only reason he’s doing this right now is because he has backup coming uh from right behind him um. So it actually seems like he doesn’t want to get a recall before the dragon, but i’m pretty sure there’s a way to get a recall off before the dragon um and then fight it anyway. Um, if you just do everything a lot faster now, it looks like power of evil is gon na go back over to the wave. No he’s gon na come back over to the dragon, it’s, not bad, to come over to the dragon and and get this. This is definitely not bad um. He can. You know he can just get a little bit of a little bit of juice here.

A little bit of exp is gon na clear out the board. Now it looks like he’s going to rotate into mid lane all right. Here we go okay, so lucian actually gets a kill onto alistar. Now the thing is is yet again. This is really akin to watching speakers pro view. If you guys remember um, i i liken that to uh being you know, put into a casket and then buried alive um, while the oxygen runs out and we’re sort of feeling it from tsm’s perspective. Here too, you look at a lot of their champions. Power of evils on lee sin um time is sort of like moving pretty slowly uh in terms of this game. Now they do have the dragon, which is really good for them. They do have that mountain drake um, but the the the entirety of the team composition. Just kind of feels really bad um anathema’s chains are completed on mundo. Um clg does out scale tsm, so it is still a pretty scary thing for the goal for the gold to be as even as it is, is kind of good for tsm. At this point in the game, because it would, it should have been assumed that clg would have been ahead of tsm um from the early game, but unfortunately uh you know they don’t actually have illusion uh, so that’s not really happening, but um yeah. I mean we’ll we’ll, see how the remainder of this game is actually just gon na play out.

Okay, so the dragon is actually coming up. Is it cl uh? Is it cloud, oh it’s cloud? I can see the okay, i can see the thing okay, so actually, what clg is doing is pretty bad here they shouldn’t rotate for the cloud dragon. They should um. They should have opted into ensuring that they got all of their jungle camps. Maybe got the rift herald and then continue to freeze up in top lane if tsm were gon na opt into just getting um and rotating everyone over to the cloud uh. However, varus does steal it. So you know you win some. You lose some lee sin. Looking for an engage here, renekton goes in as well lee sin is gon na get deleted right away, and it does seem like tsm’s sin to win. Team composition is getting completely pulverized because it requires it being ahead of the opposing team comp, but they have no ways to actually do so due to the nature of all of the lanes. So you know, maybe uh, maybe bjergsen’s able to see this one in hindsight who knows but anyways clg now uh winning the dragon does also grant them five more minutes of uh security inside of the game, five more minutes of guaranteed scaling, um and yeah. It just looks, like i mean mundo’s literally done all nothing, this entire game and clg are in a fantastic spot, so it is actually looking like. Clg are probably gon na win this game.

We do have a pause they’re, probably wondering why they drafted the way that they did given that they had zero winning lanes and their entire team comp was uh. You know contingent on getting ahead of the opponents, so unfortunately there um – you know we do. We do have a little bit of a pause right now, how’s the ping pong match today. Well, honestly, the ping pong match is doing exquisite, okay, what uh? What am i seeing from this challenger? No, no okay, so he could ward hop over the wall. He could just w over take the blast cone back back down, but it looks like they want to rotate now see. He needs to recall here before the dragon he he needed to re, so he needed to either recall overdoing that or he needed to recall right now and just use his tp, because 1600 gold in the bank for the dragon. This is not good. This is absolutely not good and you can tell that they’re probably getting lost in the moments. I wonder if their comms are really messy. Oh there’s, a teleport coming in from behind renekton, is on to the back line, and that was a great equalizer by spika. That is an awful culling. That is a super terrible calling, but renekton’s still unable to really do anything. But finn is in there on spika, and this is what i was talking about when mundo is just able to be totally even and clg are just getting completely fisted because their team composition sucks and who could have said that from the draft select, certainly not us.

So there’s a lot of things i wish i could like contextualize better this game, such as, like the desperation from tsm that’s, evident, i think, on like a subconscious level by how often they’re trying to group and make plays um on sidelanes. I think that’s a really difficult thing to like put into phrasing for like a tweet or even like a post game thread, and i think it’s not something that’s like super readily apparent um. I think it gives a lot of insight into actually how the players are thinking inside of the game, because they’re they’re opting for such desperate tactics so early on in the game, which should actually give you a lot of insight to how bad the team composition is. Yeah, i did a tweet, i said. Even though jonah was in mid lane and nothing happened, um it still didn’t matter, tsm wasn’t wasn’t able to win. So why am i still pro viewing? Because i just thought i would do uh pure pro view today. I wanted people to join me um in the masochism you know this is this is what i wanted. I wanted us to feel what it’s like to be. You know, like specifically in this game we’re like we’re, actually um, we’re, we’re, buried alive like this, is terrible. Can you imagine how it feels to be lee sin in this game like look at just choke me? Oh my god. Just choke me! Oh, my lord okay! Well, actually, that was really good by power people, but i think he’s still gon na die yeah okay, but he does get pobelter.

Okay, wait. This is actually hold on hold on hold on. Clg are ending: oh they’re inting they’re ending, oh my god. I told you. Oh, my lord, i told you if you, if you just choke, if you just choke each other, you went oh, that was really close. That was really really really really close, wow that was um, so spika’s really low, but i think they can do it right. They can do it because we’re committed yeah. This is actually insane dude pobelter, just literally turbo into. Can they actually wait? Can they do it? I mean smite’s almost up this might have some stuff. They can do it, they can do it. Okay. This is a good tweet guys. I think i think i did curse them guys. I do think that i cursed them. Maybe this is a. This is a thing. Oh i’m gon na get a drink, brb um! So, okay – maybe if i maybe if i keep talking like you know like this – maybe maybe there’s a chance. Oh cooldown is more valuable. Okay, well, that’s, scary, all right power people, oh he’s, looking for a kick, but you can’t kick mundo but hold on smoothie. Apparently the tangus champion in the game on the leona misses the solar flare. Can they get onto huni? Huni goes into the guardian angel looks like power people looking for something to save him five seconds on the flash not gon na, be able to get there, but uni does get tagged, not gon na get tagged by the arrow that’s, not legolas, but they are running Towards their demise, power of evil is lo.

Oh, my lord, oh wait. What wait i think well hold on hold on hold on dude. They are turbo out fighting. They are literally turbo out fighting. They are turbo out. Fighting clg no die to jonna. No! Ah, oh smoothie smoothie is dead; okay, okay, oh okay! Oh oh god! Oh my lord, oh but boris! Oh, my god and dust played, oh my god and oh my god, no dude dude. The team gap here is actually so gross. This is such a gross discrepancy in player skill. It is so large man, oh my lord, oh mundo hit him. No speaker kill no dude, no speaker, oh my god, ah baron’s gone, the exp must be so brutal. I mean everyone’s almost 18, though so it’s. Not. Oh, but they got speak up, oh that sucks, okay, that really sucks that really really sucks uh ziggs versus varus uh. Eventually ziggs takes over varus um. So varus has some potency against him like early on, but eventually gets taken over. So um chris only beat ziggs in lane, which is not actually beating him because he doesn’t have to win lane in order to be valuable because he’s, just turbo broken yeah xerath, finally is becoming popular, which is really good. Yeah um ezreal ezreal is okay ezreal’s like one of your options, but i would argue that ziggs has a lot more artillery. Oh it’s, a massive draft issue yeah i i would i would. I would go over this vod with literally any pro player, and i would i would.

I would be really surprised if anyone would ever say that this is not like a huge draft gap, because this draft difference is just so gigantic yeah. We can’t really do anything. Well, that was nice, tsm, typed gg in all chat that was very mannered by them. That was good. That was good.