No, they have a j. They have lulu it’s a winner. This is a dodge if i’ve ever seen, one no, no it’s a dog it’s, a dodge it’s, a dodge it’s, a dodge, dude yeah. I mean you, Applause, it’s, really broad! This game. You can’t play there’s. No, you can’t play you can’t play it. No! You can’t! You can’t do it just dodge dude dude enemy was that was draft nirvana. What are you playing against gwyneth paltrow lethality graves, okay, gg. What we need the best gamer i went long sword. Oh, i always go d blade, but you can probably well. Can you cheat around gwen? I don’t know, oh my god what’s going on here. Why didn’t you eat i’m, not gon na eat i’m. Just gon na run out what i’m waiting for my carly to do. Something it’s, fine, but boots, are nice versus going nothing. Yeah boots are good burst. One yeah what’s, my bill’s lethality eclipse, i would just ward leeson, seems like a psycho yeah good. Oh nice whoa. He bullies her. I didn’t think that q would hit oh graves bullies are i mean look at this we’re finding answers to gwen live on stream. Okay, that queue is not good. I would have just gone for cheater here yeah, but i can’t look at the wave yeah. I know you messed up Music. I would. I would take some i’d take smokescreen. Oh okay, i took it like way before you sewed it yeah yeah.

Oh, you had to eat there, hot pot pot; okay, oh not bad, not bad! You got the ricochet that’s, actually good, dude e versus her, oh, my god, no uh yeah where’s. Can oh! Oh lee you’re dead yeah! Oh oh where’s, my queen, though, what i don’t know she’s, showing me dudes that was that dude. If kindred’s there it the game’s over it’s, not like what is she even doing what the is wrong with her? I don’t know so about oh it’s, fine, oh geez, uh. I would. I would have insta shoved and reset for dirk yeah yeah. We messed up yeah. We should we should. No, i just i just shopped too now yeah. Now you just shrub too yeah it’s, not as good as it’s, not as good of a recall, though yeah it’s, fine, that’s, fine smokescreen, yeah. She can’t find lethal she’s an idiot yeah, just auto wii yeah, auto, auto all right cool yeah. This isn’t as good of a reset but it’s fine, where’s glenn. The solace is a donkey. Oh, my lord. Oh your jungler’s, galaxy search dude. This guy is terrible, that’s surprising what he’s stopping he’s, not toppling dude graves actually seems good into her. You can bully the out of her. If you add a human jungler and she can’t do anything cause he i would just r i i i kill it kill an assist. You should just start ice. I should have yeah yeah.

I feel like i feel like he would quit i’m, not even kidding. I got the feeling he would quit. Oh because he’s ill yeah yeah, because he’s pinging me at the back as well. Did you notice this get the mark did kindred, not get? The mark did kendra just skip the mark. I don’t know there’s just three: she probably didn’t, but wouldn’t it already just okay. She didn’t okay, thank god, dude. This is pretty good cue. Now, yep, nice dude it’s good. The thing is, the thing is what she can’t touch her. No, no, no, listen this in my top yeah. I know that. But what i’m saying is if this was competitive, she can’t do. Oh, this is good. Let me message fudge dude. I love. I love the eclipse curve on on lethality graves mid, because once you get the vamp scepter you’re so hard to move, but you always threaten lethal. This is so good. But what is this she’s done? You can’t you can’t, do anything there. You can’t do anything. You know what is this no, but the sky says something else. I don’t know jungler, not both in the middle nice. I think the game’s fine, though, like their players, seem bad silas, really low hp is so much easier to play. Who stops a little failures? That is true. That is true. Music. You hit like a truck yeah. She has no armor, and if she did, i mean you’re just thinking what do you mean hold on wait? Gwen has no armor she’s, 85 dude and you’re still hitting like a truck.

I might get linking yeah, i guess gwen’s – about to show top yeah lovers: duo dude, oh my god. Yeah kendall’s got a root at me, though yeah it’s fine. This is work, uh, that’s. What we think uh, maybe just yumu, just in an auto that sucks. That was also kaiser, never art or what oh, okay, i guess, gwen just doesn’t beat graves like what r. Oh, no look. I can’t no kali Music seen our purifiers yeah. That was really close. That was really close yeah. What you are, like i mean affilios – is almost dead or silas is on Music. What are they doing? Yeah? Okay, we blundered all right, it’s, fine, it’s, fine, it’s, fine, it’s, fine. We get infernal. We get in front of you, infernal, spamping, it’s pumping it. They want to stop basis. I think yeah, yeah yeah hercules are w to stop. No don’t start the baron. No, oh, my god, you have to go. You have to go i’m, not going. I don’t care. I will die. I don’t. I lose the game over it. I don’t give a toxic they’re above the kindred mark right now, they’re going to go Applause, take notes like oh, my god, i’m running, you need pickaxe right for you, yeah yeah, any pickaxe yo, what the no oh, my god, just r, just our just our affiliates! Just our affiliates, no, what the oh silas blocked the whole thing. What no? No! Oh! Oh! Okay, wait! What wait! What is the felio’s doing? Wouldn’T you him up? What is he thinking? What oh yeah you messed up? Yeah yeah, yeah, dude twitch chat! No, you don’t know how hard lethality graves hits and is this bob graves no it’s? Not.

This is not even buff griefs. This isn’t even buff graves yeah. He gets buffed next patch, again, i’m tipping yeah, Music, i’m. Pretty sure, like i i swear to god by the way, i know that you probably haven’t played them in a while. If you land eqr, our felios has popped not yet this thing is good. I don’t think i have to. I think seven gets better. Yeah savings. Better, okay, okay, yeah get ready, get drake yeah! I i think backline will save, is good, maybe that’s. Why i don’t like okay? Well i mean i do i just want to get them as low as possible. So akali is more like you know what i mean, because what i’m thinking is like, if you make them low, akali won’t be a oh. She wants a mark that’s, so smart, dude, that’s, so smart is she gon na get it she’s trying to get it dude, that’s, so smart? Oh, she got the chicken thumbs up dude. Where am i i didn’t dash? Apparently popper popper. Let me see it. Oh, my god, holy graves is damaged, that’s, crazy it’s, so i don’t have absolute focus on right. Now, though, yeah two infernal scrapes, i mean this is listen is coming though he seems to beat the out of gwen at all stages by the way. Oh, this is sick fudge factor are you here or what yeah all right, you’re hitting the nexus for six six six.

This is. This is not what the church likes. Four foot, four, what oh? What? Okay? Yes, that was good! That was good.