I think you should buy for february, so just as a disclaimer i’m, not a financial analyst. I just like investing and researching about stocks, and this is just my research on these stocks. So do this information, what you will so the first stock that i want to recommend is sun power. Currently sunpower. Today, on january 24th is 47.21. Its 52 week low was 2.64 cents and then its 52 week high was 47.22 it’s one year stock trend. It has gone up by 441 441.4 percent. It has a market cap of 8.03 billion. Its earnings per share is minus four cents. It doesn’t pay dividends. So why i’m recommending this stock? Is that, obviously, with biden being president and with us having a blue house and senate clean energy and green energy and anything in the renewable energy, space is going to be huge? So biden has pledged two trillion dollars to clean energy innovation, uh partially through sustainable infrastructure and subsidiaries for green tech. So pretty much any green energy stock is something that you want to buy. So sun power is a company that sells solar panels, but the reason why i’m recommending to buy sun power versus in phase or maybe plug or any of the other clean energy stocks is because i think it is priced very well for 47. I feel like it has a lot of room to run and green energy is just going to become bigger and bigger as the years go on.

So from my research i saw that analysts were saying that sunpower is actually extremely underestimated, so they think it has a lot of room for them. So, like i said anything, green energy, anything solar, anything, renewable energy is going to be huge in the next decade. Honestly, so this is just really a great long term stock to buy right now and then let it run so. The next stock that i want to talk about is digital turbine and its ticker symbol is apps and in full transparency i do actually own this stock. Currently apps is trading. At 67.93, its 52 week low was 3.73 and its 52 week high was 67.98 its one year. Stock trend is 867.66, its market cap is 6.03 billion. Its earnings per share is 15 cents. It does not pay any dividends. Apps slash digital turbine was actually the stock that my mom told me to buy and she did a lot of research on it, and then i did my own research on it too, a little bit here and there and i’m going to be completely honest. I still have trouble figuring out exactly what they do, but what i do know is that they are partnered with other companies, so other companies have to rely on them from my research. Just to give you a little bit of background from what i read about it. I’M, going to read what robin hood says, as well as from the website itself, so from robin hood.

It says that engages in the innovation of media and mobile communications, which helps to deliver end to end platform, solutions for mobile operators, application developers, device original equipment manufacturers and other third parties. So if you understood that great and then from the website itself, it says that it makes it easier than ever before for people to discover new apps and content for operators and oems to boost their revenue and for advertisers to reach users at scale. Maybe this is just like way beyond me, but really from what i got from it. Is that it’s, the crux between 5g and advertising, which, as we all know 5g, is going to be huge in the 2020s 5g, is what is going to define the 2020. So any sort of stock that is related to 5g, you want to buy it. Analysts are extremely bullish on this stock, as well as the technical indicators actually indicate that it is a buy stock and, as i said, its model of being the sort of like crux between 5g ecommerce advertising is completely unique. I haven’t really seen any competitors to it, but i think it is a great stock to have in your portfolio right now. So the next stock that i want to talk about is called mohawk holding group. So this is under the ticker symbol mwk. So, on friday, it closed at 26.2 cents its 52 week. Low is 1.61 cents it’s 52 week high it’s 26.

30 it’s one year stock trend is 368.83, its market cap is 507.47 million. Its earnings per share is 0.24. It doesn’t pay any dividends, so this company is actually pretty unique because it uses data and ai to find product opportunities and bring those products to market. So this is the crux between machine learning and e commerce, so mohawk holding group actually developed its own technology called amy, which stands for ai mohawk e commerce engine. So this is mohawk holding group’s e commerce platform that synthesizes data to predict market trends. It uses nlp and then also identifies opportunities in the e commerce space. So obviously, e commerce has been up since the lockdowns we’ve all seen it, and a lot of analysts are still really bullish on these e commerce stocks, because they believe that a lot of people are still going to be shopping online when the world goes back to Normal so, like i said, if you really want to get in that e commerce space, this is a fantastic stock to hold just because amy that ai platform is truly what sets it apart, and that is something that i look for when i’m purchasing a stock. I try and see what about this stock sets it apart from the other stocks. So the next stock that i want to talk about is called avid technologies and it trades under the ticker symbol, avid so on friday. It closed at and 35 cents its 52 week low was 4.

92 cents its 52 week. High is 18.43 its one year. Stock trend has been 104.57. Its market cap is 811.22 million dollars. Its earnings per share is 27 cents. It does not pay dividends, so ava technologies is actually a hardware and a software company for video and audio creators. But what sets it apart and why i’m even mentioning it, is that in its last earnings call, it actually said that it’s really focusing on its sas cloud solution, so they really want to focus on adding more subscribers to their platform. So, in full transparency, this stock has had somewhat of a problematic past, so just be worried about that. But i do think that, since it is focusing on that sas solution, it is going to make a big difference in how it performs this year. So an industry that i’m actually following pretty closely is cloud computing, so anything that’s, kind of doing any sort of solution in paz or sas i’m very interested in and then the final stock that i want to talk about is called insigo, which trades under the ticker Symbol insg, so this stock last closed at 19.35 and its 52 week low was four dollars and 12 cents its 52 week high was 19 and 45 cents it’s one year stock trend is that it’s been up 105.85. Its market cap is 1.91 billion. Its earnings per share is one cent it doesn’t pay dividends, so this company actually designs wireless solutions, uh as well as iot internet of things and um.

It designs cloud systems for really large clients. So once again, this is another company that has really big companies that are relying on them and some of those customers are actually pretty much all of the big telecommunication companies, so you can think about verizon at t sprint. Any of those are actually clients of insego. So i’m not going to sound like a broken record but, as i said before, i truly think that 5g in iot is going to really define the decade as well as cloud computing. So i think getting into any stocks at the beginning of this new decade – or i guess actually last year, was but getting into any of those cloud computing stocks right now is a really great idea, any of those 5g stocks and any of those iot stocks. So hopefully you guys enjoyed finding out about what stocks. I think you should purchase. As i said before, and i cannot stress this enough – i am not a financial analyst. I just like stocks and researching them on my own. If you guys are interested, i actually use robinhood to trade on my apps. I might get started with weeble, so i’ll probably have affiliate links to both of those down below, but you can get a free stock um through robinhood with my referral code as well as with weeble. I believe you get two free stocks, so if you guys are new here hi, my name is debby c.

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