I can’t watch this gameplay it’s like a gold player. No that’s, not true don’t, say that about tyler1, hey guys, fudge and max welder. Here today, we’re doing cloud9 coaching presented by atnt. Today we are coaching tyler1 on ergot in the top lane in his game to reach challenger. I cannot wait Music, oh my god, tyler on stats. Oh, my goodness, yeah see he absolutely controls the ladder he’s running the server on all of these champions. Ergot cho’gath and ivorn let’s uh let’s open this up, heimerdinger as well. Tyler1, absolutely just owns north america let’s see his uh cs per minute here, um yeah. This seems to be a bit rough. There seems to be a problem with the csv per minute: we’re gon na we’re gon na check this out on the replay. Why uh he’s struggling in these uh 20 and 30 minute games to break 200 cs yeah? That i mean something he could definitely work on from watching his streams, yeah a 27 minute game where he gets 118 cs there’s a that is it’s he’s. Looking like the imposter from among us in these games, it’s, not very good. My expectation he’s, going to stomp his lane i’ve played against him a couple times in solo queue. He was 1v9. I couldn’t do anything against him. It’S like i, was playing against the next coming of faker, so i expect a lot from him yeah. I expect he’s going to crash third wave recall by the coal, get the freeze get into the solo kill with the gank and then he’s going to totally take over the game with the freeze in the top lane.

We’Re going to see some roams after that and we’re going to see him absolutely control everything from the perspective of top lane let’s get into it Music, so basically we’re playing ergo wukong. Here i think um he leashed level, one so his level one’s so much weaker than normal. I mean he just can’t face check. Now he started w, which is terrible in this lane, in my opinion, because he definitely loses if wukong ease him here. He’S playing for jungle with this leash and yeah – this is gon na, be really bad. Now, whoa, he can’t farm, a minion, so so he’s going to try to get exp wow wukong should definitely have turned around but gave him exp for everything. This is fine. Okay, wukong doesn’t know that he started e, i guess, or they started w, definitely knows because ogre literally used the w in his face. I would hope so um yeah the concrete of the item, all the xp, i think uh ergo definitely could have not leashed this game because we do not play for jungle, especially when our jungler has ignite on viego he’s, a griefer uh. He can definitely get dove on. He can definitely get that cs. He should definitely have one minion right now, with the way wukong is playing. I mean he wants to conserve hp, so he doesn’t get dove, so yeah it’s, fair enough, which means he should have already used the last potion.

He should have already drank the last potion to be at the highest ep possible, because, with this way of crashing, you think that noon it could be top to gank you now you see new bot and now you feel safe, sir. Please go walk up and last hit the minions yeah two cs three minutes into the game. So, with new new bot we stood behind our turret, letting that minion die. It could have been better. It could be optimized a little bit that’s. Why we’re here mike’s got the cannon at least okay yo? This is a bit rough wow. Oh we didn’t w on time. Okay, we got that one as well. Let’S see these casters. Oh okay, it’s good, good, nice, nice, nice, it’s, good we’ve, definitely got the cash remaining though we definitely could have many more cs whoa another minion. Oh my lord, who comes keeping pawn please don’t tp! Well, you should not match this tp just crash the wave and replay we need to watch this. We need to watch this okay. Should he match the tv let’s see. I really think the answer is no, but let’s watch the bot lane to get the full context. Okay, so ezreal c9 zven on ezreal here yeah walking up to get this last hit karma, has e there’s, no reason to tp just push top man. Yes, there is no way that ezreal’s actually dead here, you’re only tping bot to help ezreal push the wave in.

But honestly, i think, but now your wave top is doomed. I think it’s more important, that urgot crashes his wave because he’s way more than ezreal is anyway uh we have ruby crystal by. I don’t need the scoreboard anymore. He rewards for the enemy jungler yeah he wards, but the ward is actually denying him exp. So i think he should have just walked up hit the wave and then warded i mean the wave is already in such a terrible position: okay, it’s. Okay. He walks with the wave to crash it. It’S good, um, okay, successful crash here, let’s check out the uh. The difference here and it’s actually kind of even but the items uh it’s, actually fine right now, because wuhan doesn’t have a potion, so he can actually stand in lane against wukong, which is ruby crystal right. Now sure mukong’s, not i mean he’s pretty far ahead. There is an exp difference um, but i don’t think tyler1 is dead any time soon. Do you think mufon can dive or, yes, he can if he walks up. Oh whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, oh nine he’s like trying to lose the game. I think, but this way that was actually good, it was like it was actually good. Now, wukong can’t divert okay, but if wu it wasn’t good. No, but if wukong just eat use e, yes and then wait yes and then walks away. Don’T worry yeah! You just don’t all and then you just dive on the way, but it’s fine, but now wukong has prevented himself, but he actually knew that wukong would wait now wukong’s trying to die.

Yes, is he actually there, but wukong cannot die virgo now, so uruguay is totally safe. I think hulk smash 1337 just knew that wukong would all yes, he baited him. He did an afk bait, he’s, just actually he’s many steps ahead of me. I wouldn’t. I would never have done that actually years ago, in like season five and season six, i used to do like afk dukes, where i try to get people to use skill shots on me when i was just staying. I would just s key yeah that’s, why your diamond one yeah when in season five anyway, we’re not here to hear your life story anyway, um so urgot’s about to hit level six and wukong is an old, so he actually can win right now. But i guess he’s head of drama let’s just play from his his perspective. I guess yep scared of the enemy jungler has absolutely no clue where he is the bot lane. It’S dark, but it’s. Okay, because c9’s van is absolutely wreaking havoc in the bottom. Wow beautiful wave, pushing towards zen and and all tyler has to do is survive, but yeah we could have just eat instead of flash, we can just eat the stun well, okay, so first of all, okay, so he’s like walking up to this minion that’s, fine cue. It it’s good okay, so you see this e just just e the stun, because he has no ulti on wukong, is ulti.

I think it’s good to flash but yeah. I don’t think it’s good to flash, though wukong could flash w e q r? U, if he’d had everything up, do you think this is better than like bramble vest and just running straight to lane? Yes, he should buy bramble vest and run straight to lane, because his only job right now is to survive, because c9’s ben will carry the whole game. It’S. True, so he’s, just by bramble, vest and one killing buying pickaxe actually does nothing for you, because you just need to survive under your turret. When they try to die of you yeah, i would recommend going defensive options when you’re behind, especially when your teammates are carrying you whoa. Okay, so now wukong’s, not ew, so you can actually fight yeah. Now we can farm minions. I don’t know why ergot is not walking to crowds. Okay. Now we have viego here so tyler one is back in it totally safe, oh that’s, pink. We have to match again totally sacrificing himself. Tyler1 is he’s and wukong walks away from his top laner, giving away his entire life savings there’s a there’s, a story in the bible um about. I don’t want to hit it. Sorry, please move on anyway uh. So, oh god is two levels down completely useless in this game. We might as well just be scion it’s. Fine though we literally like wow wukong kills jaeger wukong is so far ahead.

It is crazy. Um tyler1 has cs. Oh the solo kill, wait. We need to slow this one down, yeah yeah, slow it down to one fourth speed. We can see all tyler one’s inputs, break it down piece by piece. So, okay, you have ulti. He has no alternatives disrespectfully. Why did he know we did not alt if we old wukong is just dead? Okay, so as, oh god, any urgot players out there, especially tyler1, apparently uh when you land the e and you have the damage that is confirmed. That is confirmed on the r. He cannot get out of it, no matter what he does yeah we need. Maybe another one thousand games we’ve got here to understand how a champion works. Um, moving on Music we’re, not down three levels on the enemy top laner he’s. Looking, oh, my god wait is what is this going for the rome going through mid, we’re running to dragon? How long till dragons go up uh hit i and then objective timers here, okay, dragon spawning in 25 seconds. This is a very good run here from title. One he could be going bot for the dive. Oh he’s running ball aim. This is actually a very yes it’s it’s, looking good he’s in the green. Here we go for the bot tower to dive. We’Re trading sides just used to stop you. He doesn’t have w. Now that’s, not his w that says e actually e and w okay fudge cool cool they’re, just giving the turret the w is like a one second cooldown but yup sure.

So i would love to know why bard ultimate was used on the tower um. He is an n, a player, it makes sense uh, oh god, should definitely base a good base from urgot. Red team is definitely hoping it that it’s an ocean top, and it is amazing – and i think the base is actually late. I think riot wants tyler one to succeed, wants him to get challenged off this game? Oh yes, definitely matching it with c9’s ben and champ select. I think orion definitely wants tyler one to win this game. He can even go 70 cs down and three levels down against wukong win the game. So i think ryan is definitely on the side here. Okay, so ergot looking mid, never mind, he’s, not looking at taking his journalist krugs. He has to punish his jungle for dying in the mid lane here, so he has to take his crux pretty good here. Yes, now it is very important that you’re able to crash this top wave, but he has 50 cs yeah. I don’t think tyler was confident that he can do it in time before strange poke comes back to the top lane. Wow yeah, i think there’s a problem with the cs number yeah. I think it’s a visual bug. Actually, i think tyler1 has more cs than wukong in reality, but i don’t think riot’s counting it wow. I can’t watch this gameplay it’s, like a gold player. No that’s, not true don’t, say that about tyler1 don’t say that about tyler1.

Oh no man. If i was title one, i would have probably pushed this a bit slower, maybe even held away. I think you should hold the weight. Yes, he should hold the weight because there’s nothing herald’s up, but you’re not going to fight it. You just experience this like really bad 30 seconds, where you push this wave and then went to golems. Did them really slowly and then had nothing to do while your way was in the center of top lane, and you were just losing minions so now, when the wave goes back to your tier two turret, you want to do the same exact thing. Instead of holding the wave at your turret so that the waves pile up in front of your turret – and you can consistently see us yes so now ergot is basing oh yeah we’re going to put it. I guess i assume if we can pan over to a top lane here, we can see that uh. If we speed this up, we’re going to see all the minions, that tyler1 is losing he’s going to lose all the minions in this wave actually, and if this wukong is good, he doesn’t push this one yeah, maybe wukong shouldn’t shove that wave this fast actually i’m. Not sure what wukong is so excited to actually do uh in this lane here, i think he’s just going to kill this next wave anyway, which he could have just waited on the wave before to kill this wave and he actually can’t kill the casters because he’s Afraid of karma and viego roaming, so wukong actually denied himself a couple minutes.

Tyler1 shouldn’t kill this minion. Okay, tyler one very important fact here for all the players who aren’t challenger like tyler when he’s grouping for every dragon, even though he’s behind he’s having an impact on these uh, these dragon fights, you see his impact right now. Definitely packing the fight. Just just you wait he’s trying his best to lose just you wait, he’ll unpack the fight in a second okay. So what he should do is just go bot lane let’s go and just ulti them. If they woke up. I guess: can we look at the fight? Please control the camera: okay, okay, so uh! All you can do is ulti yeah. That is not the person looking. So all we can do is ulti it’s not useful to be standing in the front here: you’re standing so close to them, but like or like nunu isn’t flashing away, because the air got’s walking at him uh ninja’s flashing away because there’s no way for him to Get out yeah that’s just wrong, he could have taken bad portal, but yeah sure go ahead. Yeah we’re, going to take. Oh, we could have taken part. I don’t think he realized. He had a ball on his team. Yes, he did not realize that he could just walk over here, but, yes, it doesn’t matter. If her, god is here or god is not changing the variables here so or that should just be bot farming, the wave and our old is long enough.

Where, if there is somebody told he’ll be enraged, i mean that’s, actually good, you shouldn’t farm waves. At this point, like your cs, number’s already too bad, you might as well actually just not farm anymore, so that your cs number’s so low that people assume you’re a support. Just gold is irrelevant now or just yeah. People will assume your support so that you can kill them. No they’ll just assume your support on your opd, so um let’s just watch this event. Actually, i don’t really want to walk yeah. We can watch the men. Instead, we can see some really good game players watching zven. Actually, no, we won’t watch that, of course, wow there’s like nothing. Okay, there’s something happening, let’s, see because right now, he’s just waiting around for a team fight defending his teammates defending the characters. So tell me what tell me what what’s what’s happening here? Can you please control the mouse so that we can see something not just not his screen? Yeah? Okay, so this van is spacing them here. Zoning them and wukong is trying to get a flank, but viego and ergot are preventing it. The karma’s totally out of position she flashes away uh and his event is keeping keeping space away from ergot tyler1 ease in to prevent oh getting. The old gets the alts off, doesn’t have flash, i mean it was good, though he actually did what he should have. Yes, yes, he prevented wukong from getting on zven by eating him and then got the old proc on him.

The fear beyond death, so he’s good he’s meant he’s over the wall, kills one and carries the game. He got him one more, but it was a solid play from tyler1 tyler one doing uh about all that he could in a team, fight and validating wukong. As much as he could yeah that’s totally cool nice, absolutely what’s. Yes, this is the best csc i’ve seen all day very nice wow impressive he’s, improving though it was a warm up, so let’s see who would be more impactful. Well, you know the only orianna is strong and ezreal is strong, but the player differences here is what we’re really looking for and tyler won so far, and team fights specifically has shown a massive edge over strange 12, a better understanding of what his role is in The team fight, so i think, that’s, a big reason why red team is actually winning in his team fights here, he’s, really showing his understanding right now, that’s, not ideal he’s not supposed to die quickly. You got him yeah, yeah, so uh, okay, so indeed to the right: okay, he’s straight breaking to the right yeah. No, he eaten to the right as well. He did both it’s uh it’s, very unfortunate yeah yeah, make sure you stride break it to the right, then eat away, but it might be wrong. Okay, you know you’re right, he eats to the right, yeah, really coach. I would be asking your mom: why did you do that it’s, actually pretty good for yeah victor’s doing a lot of damage here? Ezreal is uh israel’s in a good position to deal damage as well.

It looks like they’re going to get ocean soul at this point, but tyler what another one looking for an opportunity. We altered nothing, but we zoned them actually mentally yeah. I don’t know if we actually zoned them, but they definitely ran away from forgot. Oh there we go ocean soul. Wow top lane is five levels down: it’s, four, actually, no less yeah, but that’s going because from kong ran out of levels to get kong might be six levels up right now, who knows all right? It can be split, pushing right. Now, taking off just click on spend one i don’t want to watch. Okay, so zen uses wq nice cute, but he had a lot of damage onto uh. What is the minion shoot? E okay gets bottled. He might hopefully his teammates defend him on this position. The ocean soul’s procking broken is too broken. Oh my god, he’s too good at league okay, let’s see let’s, look at what tyler one could have done here. Click on tyler, okay, tyler one wants to dispen here, good yep good evening, there’s, not much more tyler. One. Could actually have done yeah other than use his flashlight? We could have used flash, but to use it in a way where we can kill wukong uh, i don’t totally see i just stayed where he could survive uh but yeah. It is unfortunate that we can yeah there’s just absolutely nothing. He could have done how now you think you could save the game.

I think i think he could have like one on ori with the flash. Maybe he could have gone on oreo he could. Maybe he could have prevented order from using shockwave there. Let’S just put our eyes on his bending side: okay, no worry on old, but it’s wukong’s in but it’s, not on his bench, so he’s been feeling really comfortable in this fight. I think his man’s going to take it over is actually just elder dragon, but it’s like yeah it’s, actually really bad with alden. Yes, it does it doesn’t synergize at all, until you’re dragging me. We should not pick, oh god, if, because we’re going to go to 40 minutes yeah, we should not be sure that we’re going to not pick ergot if we’re going 40 minutes, that’s very true, yep, it’s, bad, actually yeah, yeah destruction by tyler1 in this game performance By him, how could tyler1 improve whoa? That is not i’m, not able to have a short one? We have to think about cs more, so this is going to be. I mean in a very like simplified if we’re going to boil it down, make it really reductionist. We have to put a lot more focus on how we cs and where we stand to get minions in terms of like italian ones, level, one, for example, this game. This is something that you can put a lot of focus on because he leashed any leash with w start, which put him in a really bad position against wukong.

So we could play more for ourselves in a lot of solo queue games, because the jungler is not going to be able to utilize the extra three or four seconds that you get from the leash very often compared to what you’re in control with. If you start e, for example, and start in lane, so tyler one could be playing as level one more selfishly playing for himself and put a lot more focus on how he’s able to get minions under turret and minions when wukong is spacing against him. Yeah that i really care a lot about that uh tyler1 you suck, please go back to draven that’s that’s, my that’s, my thoughts, um yeah, but honestly with this csc, i don’t know if you can go back to draven. Thank you guys for watching this episode of cloud9 coaching presented by atnt stay tuned for more content.