It’S, like i promise just think of cooking these games. Okay, let’s let’s, uh, let’s watch piercing. Why why why’d you queue in melee range to blast, hit a melee like what what’s your thought process here, that’s? What i’m trying to figure out like if fizz, auto, w autos you you’re, half half your health is gone and you took the late game page right, so you have no sustain in lane, like your. Your pots are not enough to like actually trade with him it’s like a it’s, a backup if you take one bad trade, the lane’s over. So you need to be so much more careful you’re, just staying in like you’re staying in melee range of a fist. Of course, you’re gon na it’s gon na punish you just q form you have sudden impact and so no taste of blood and you don’t have scorch like you’re gathering storm absolute focus. Your goal is to scale so you can’t fight him you’re, trying to fight him for no reason right here. If fiz knows what he’s doing now, you don’t get to play the lane. Ever again, you missed so much reform. You can’t throw a w here, because if you throw w it’s, not enough damage to one shot, the wave, which means you have to go into melee, which gives fizz a chance to plot to hit you also you’re, still not potting, look still not potty. Your lane state is pushing to them and there’s a cannon, so fizz fizz on you right there.

If his buys armor, oh he bought boots. Why’D he buy boots. You could’ve bought cloth armor that would’ve been so good. Here you see the kha’zix, but then you w aggressively. You should be dead here. Okay, fizz is a monkey. Man also place your ward here instead, so you can cover this entrance in this entrance place. Your word here. I guess you didn’t see him well. That just goes that just goes because of your word placement. This doesn’t see anything if kha’zix wants. He could just literally do what he did walk here. This is you can’t even see this. This is a bug you can walk through this if fizz eat on to eat forward and queue onto you, you’re dead or cute a minion and then jump to you like there’s, so many ways you die there stop stop missing free form. Imagine you’re a range champ because if you, if you go into melee like that and try to fight a fizz, if you do that to like other champs too, like set you’re, just gon na lose every melee matchup, okay back off, recall you’re late already, you got Ta recall you have to recall here, because you have no pots in your eighty percent health. This can tap fizz. Can one auto attack from fizz? Is gon na ruin your game? You don’t, you can’t, help a dragon, you you’re lame and you’re taking autos. You don’t help dragon there. You you needed to reset, because you had no pots and the longer you take the reset, the more exp you’ll lose and in an assassin mashup like it’s, just so valuable.

Like you didn’t w see what i mean you’re gon na you’re. You fall behind, you fell behind an xp and then fizz just press the buttons on you and you’re dead. I mean fizz is bad. Like you had a chance to w and dodge result. You didn’t that’s. Just mechanics, though, like in terms of like macro it’s because of your dragon, hey stay back you’re too close. You can’t, you can’t w. You should just save w for defensive defensively w away if he queues on to you. If because his fizz could play ahead of the wave now because of how far ahead he is, he could walk in front of the wave and you can’t touch him like you have queue up right. Why don’t you just sit back and cue that minion like in your head, you’re, probably thinking damn look at that trade. I beat him but like you’re, not realizing if he plays the match up anywhere near, like even half assed he’s, just eating your cues every time and that that’s going to happen. Okay, we’ll start with the first thing this is porter held. He walked out. You need to shove this out. You should be hitting your spells aoe on the whole, all six minions pushing this way. You should be hard shoving, then you see him right here. He doesn’t have any parts. So if you waq here right, put your shadow here triple k or double key combo one shot these back lines by the time this arrives, and this meets tower it’ll probably be around here, but you’ve only got four minions and two of them are low.

So fizz last hits these two. Then he can’t freeze it because you need at least four minions to freeze. So you this was your base. Timing like this is where i would have recalled, but then so you missed your combo. I think you were actually trying to hit the wave if you missed and then swap in but it’s but it’s fizz you go into this q range it’s gon na punish you. You could have actually killed him there because fizz played it really badly. But the idea of swapping in there is completely wrong: oh my god, this guy’s so bad this warwick! Ah, why are you throwing combo out randomly? I always think about. We. Q is a really long, cooldown so always think like what’s. The best way to use it. You think you should take a nullifying orb nah, i mean if he goes eclipse with the late game runes. I think i actually prefer that, like this is probably the setup i would have taken for real, but he just doesn’t know how to play the match up back off back off i’d. Look to realm i’d shove this out and go talk, yeah shove! It go talk. Yeah this is so good for you. If you run talk right now, go go, go, go, go there’s! No plates mid. Why are you mid there’s? No more plates anymore? Okay, normally i say don’t follow realms, but in this situation the tower is like basically full hp and there’s no plates you’re, not getting anything out of staying here.

You can’t get the tower. That means you should have gone top because there’s something to get there are kills for you to get taught which are really important of this rank. So fish should be on his way back mid let’s, see if you hold your w okay he’s holding it. He knows. Okay, yep, you got ta alt. First again, you don’t know how to play the matchup, ah it’s crazy, it’s, crazy. How bad fizz is how you’re not punished for that. I don’t i don’t know what to say like you should. This should have just killed you right. There i’m, not flaming him. He’S got ta, learn. Okay, i just want. I just want why’d, you swap. You need to wait for q. You can’t you can’t, swap in there without you, that’s. Okay, then, right here, your q needs to come up before you go in because kha’zix can cue auto you you need, but you can cue auto ehim before he can do that if you’re fast enough, if he did that he would have died, okay, farm mid then, And look for some punish old all right, so right here, right here, watch what happens so you threw the combo he eat. Okay, then he queues. This is your moment to ultim. He’S got no mobility left no flash, no q! No e fizz is now a sitting duck you alt this, you dodge the damage and then, as you land you triple q, swap him and then you alt back and auto em.

Then he’s dead, like the way you played. It gave him a way to outplay like it gave him a chance and think about your energy, like you could do what i said, but you got. You got a q first like you alt, then q, you, when the cues land you’ll get energy back. Then you can all back and eat like he’s, not doing bad, but his problem is that he doesn’t know what to do like he kept getting punished the same way and didn’t learn like he couldn’t tell. Oh fizz is winning the matchup because i keep walking into his q and that’s, literally so far that’s the biggest problem, this game, okay, alt. First! Well, you missed your cube. That’S. Okay, go for the karma. Okay run bottom now run bot now you’re full hp. How much money do you have you can’t even get much just go bottom. I would have just gone bottom or top here and caught the wave at this point now go top because it’s crashing Music yeah, you all do shut this out. All the way should have shoved it. You should go for tier two nasa’s bottom, two bro, you should have gone for two. You should have pushed this wave anyway before rotating if you were gon na rotate, but you should have gone for tier two when you saw kha’zix. This is a 600 gold tower that would have put you so far ahead like this dragon is pointless seriously.

I guess this freak goes for you, no oh you’re, swapping from masses. What are you building serpents for karma? You already have collector, though fizz’s armor, this guy’s armor, you could have gone ldr here and you would have had 40 crit and a way more damage. You kill their bot lane anyway, regardless of shields or not like you’re, really fed. Oh baron, you don’t help out that’s the opposite of what you should do. If you go bot, they get very bruised. Also, don’t go for the steel. You can’t, you can’t, go for the steel, because kha’zix can kill smite that’s never going to happen, but you have dust blade like if you walked up. Actually, you could walk up right here, w eq, auto kha’zix he’s dead. Now they have no smite and your invis from duskblood, or you could combo him and then alt ezreal right after you kill. You kill kha’zix because you’re being rooted anyway. So i would oh might even kill him almost yeah bro. You would have killed all three of them. If you just went for kills one got one killed the uh kha’zix that altered the ezreal. You would have killed two and i don’t think i don’t think karma could finish you off. So like dude, just wwr, yeah r, auto e secure the kill like her e is going to come back up. You have to secure the kill, that’s that’s pain. Ah, and then they end right so macro, okay, microwise you’re, all right, your your fighting, mechanics aren’t too bad.

You definitely have to work on like knowing when to go in and knowing when to play safe, because you you just walk up for no reason constantly or you throw spells out for no reason constantly. On the macro side, you well there’s things like you trying to go bottom, while you’re, while the enemy team’s on baron and they’re, trying to like 1v2 somebody like that’s you’re, going to lose baron every time and that’s like really bad um, and then there was like Other times where you should have been pushing top and going for the 600 gold towers instead of going mid like you, you want to take and there’s another time where you auto mid tower. Instead of roaming top for the double kill, like you, don’t take the guaranteed gold. Most of the time. Take the you, take the high risk gold you go for, like high risk plays when, if you just played safe and took the smart, plays you’d be a lot further ahead. You have way more chances to carry that gg.