Now, by clicking the link in the description well, lawlor, what the hell is that that was not the fudge factor. I know work, oh my god. What good go? First yeah: that was a really good gail force, well, it’s, a one for one, but obviously like i’m, just gory dude right no way no way does win. Oh, my god. He actually wins again what what i’m useless samir is respawning. She gets a penta killer. Oh no, oh yes it’s the pentakill. I predicted it huge other side of the map. Bin is being able to force ching tian out of lane. Oh yeah bin does shuriken back to the wave to oh, no he’s got a tp he’s out of there. The tp in the shroud to get himself out of there, they can’t, see the tp animation when it’s in the shroud. I don’t know why i don’t you know what’s really depressing, if you, if you follow broxah on twitter, which i do it’s really depressing, because every time he tweets after every game, winner lose so normally he tweets after every game, which is a loss and and like It’S, just like pain, great early game, we got to do better tomorrow. I made a few big. Mechanical mistakes today feels bad let’s go here. We got a big challenge in front of us. I don’t know what to say these performances straight up. Embarrassing. Yesterday was not a good day, close game which sadly doesn’t mean too much.

I knew these games were bad and i know like worse last week, improving getting better as a team as the learning process it’s just so sad dude. This is crazy. It’S, a diary it’s a depression diary. No, we are no hello. Oh, i feel like this is not not the best match up. It’S completely unplayable go next! Go next! Oh Music! You wan na you wan na you wan na, know how you know that i don’t help look at how they draft do they freeze? No, they don’t do that either. Do they randomly push turrets for no reason yeah, they do do they elaine like absolute garbage yeah. They do that too. Do they play ping pong with the waves in laning phase and mid game yeah they do that too. They do that too you’re right, you’re, right yeah. They do that too. Do they build? Do they build oblivion, orb, second versus no healing, sometimes yeah? They do that too. Yes, jesus christ. Why do you think i do anything within the team you just watch them play. You watch them draft. You watch them itemize. It is literally the opposite of me. Holy okay, same thing: if i wanted to play, an ally has been slain Laughter, it’s kind of what i meant by be careful. Don’T worry i’m, not bad dude. Where did i go? What did they use? Do you know anything? They used – oh, oh here, which for one shotting, is inferior but actually kind of like it, considering how much damage is already available on his team yeah.

Oh that’s, the flashing from faker look for it carrier doesn’t quite find the lockdown on digoro for long enough as faker goes gold and there’s. The culling faker goes down first, as cuz gets out, but does he absolutely not the double kill for gauri now, as khanna dives in looks for gary has to flash to get on top of him, but he’s definitely dead as well. Doctor flashes after him and now nongshim think it’s time for barron Music drink it. I don’t even know what’s in here. This could be. This could be some random person has come for all. I know i’m more inclined to drink it now actually yeah um. So nongshim is just playing this lucian, like an assassin, has shown us that he is very controlled limited. Oh rich he’s gon na tidy up this entire minion wave. He does have that one going for him as he doesn’t have his oldest there’s, the last q and faker picks it up now gauri looking for more goodbye cuz as it is going to be the great escape for faker, but he leaves his volleyball Music. It reveals everything it sees, everything see. No, he used an ability called uh. I think what it’s called actually jail force lp penalty for afk. Are you serious what okay, i guess i got ta play it out: huh that’s, actually ridiculous. What does the renekton player do? After having just been froze on for several minutes, let’s all think does he a slice and dice and q b instantly shove back the wave c not realize what happened or d start freezing himself well we’re in the lcs, guys, of course, he’s gon na shove.

It right back he’s a glutton for punishment, it’s like a dog, getting zapped with like one of those dog collars and then it like barks again and then it gets zapped. And then it pauses for a second like you and then it barks again. And then it gets zapped and then it pauses and it thinks i’m gon na get zapped together like what the is going on.