I mean yeah, okay, all right tomorrow, yeah tomorrow, all right! Look you could you could you could get, you could get access to the event you could here. Look at this look twitch let’s finish the draft phase ourselves ready. Look. You get draven on r3. Okay, you got draven on on r3 nasa’s on r4 unironically because look at these champions that get completely gimped by him, okay, gnosis on r4, and then you get counter pick jungle. You know ap whatever you need amazing. Absolutely amazing, crafting’s, really hard drafting is really hard when team liquid literally hang themselves in uh in in draft, but we’re gon na instead we’re gon na have oh, you know. We’Re gon na have a tristana we’re gon na maybe get a nautilus here. No might get a nautilus, okay, it’s, a broom or maybe rumble rumble’s gon na come in. Yes, why draven um, because draven built shield bow um so because you build shield bone, he has the active. It makes him even harder to take down, but he also uh thematically counters uh kalista, and then he pulverizes her in lane and he’s very good with gnosis. If you have an intent to pick gnosis on r4, even if you don’t have intent to pignosus on r4. If they ban nasus or something you probably pick jungler on r4 and then pick support just to guarantee that you still win lane. Oh here we have, we have six but it’s going midland that’s.

The funny part immortal is the only team that plays six and it goes midland, not even botlane rough one uh. Okay, what about truth? That’S really bad, but there’s no reason to do it because the wave’s already just coming into it, there’s a spacing failure: yeah, okay he’s already. He already has the wrong mindset. When he plays yeah, yeah he’s, just wrong mine. He wants to construct traits yeah he’s playing to kill in her ass. Yeah should never be possible, and especially not with nocturne jungle. Oh jensen plays on windowed, apparently, what is he doing, and also he took w rough one guys rough, one. Okay, he’s gon na get off; no, no, you got ta, he uh a cookie and he’s like pretty hard he’s that he’s solo. Now guys i just want to let you all know that insanity is a multi month. Uh twitch primer also sanchovi’s needs a gift yeah in chat where’s, the hoodie yeah where’s, the hoodie for sanch he’s, really cold out here guys. I can’t believe that you would let him freeze to death like this. Oh my god. Oh my. You want to go to insanity, oh sure, yeah, all right now that he’s winning yeah winners queue. So they see tristana. Okay. This is fine. Wait! Oh nocturne doesn’t have six okay, tristana’s, actually doing really bad in cs she’s down to worry, yeah. Okay, all right let’s see, i mean he should just throw the ball out.

I don’t know why it doesn’t throw the ball out. Can’T get dumped on. Okay, you should freeze, you should freeze, should freeze the two minions, totally: okay, yeah, all right, justana’s mia, but doesn’t matter now we should pile two waves before shoving yeah, so he’ll pile two twitch shot. The reason that you do this is because, if you just shove this wave, then what ends up happening is the cannon goes into the turret, but then tristana gets there and then then tristana has the ability to pile on you. But if you pile too, then you have options with what you want to do following the pile he doesn’t see the cs, why not use just the queue i don’t know just to make sure yeah, yeah it’s, so low cost and yeah okay? What is he doing now trusted freeze or she should try, because it’s so many spellcasters, the melees will die. They’Ll die only one or two yeah. Did she see guys look it’s off to face, though yeah it’s not going to be possible? Yeah i mean the lane. Is still okay? Why is jenkins bidding like that yeah? Okay? Now he should freeze. He should pull the ball back and e e e e e. Oh my god, we’re we’re dragging the camera. He got it, he got it. He got it calm down, calm down, calm down, dude, calm down holy moly. Why do they? Why do they? Never freeze i’ll uh tell us what this is true.

Okay, here we go here we go harold fight. This is the climax. Well, there’s, no fight! Luckily we’re. Just gon na give it to the blue side team nice push uh, yeah that’s the play, isn’t it or no it’s put it’s insta shove, mid, recall blue now he would have had to have done it faster right. The best, if it’s the kind of room all right well, i like i’m, always ocd tilted. When i get blue like can i have this much gold, you know what i mean because then then, if it’s a column base, you should have pushed reset yeah yeah. This is bad yeah. Okay, although nokia would probably not want to stay that long right, right, it’s kind of his body – well, no he’s recalling anyway, and he has doesn’t. He have harold his herald, recall true. I guess i hate this. They should insta shove, just insta, shove and reset – i guess, uh. Okay, almost okay, cue, nice reset! Okay, i mean he doesn’t have a choice. I mean this just really sucks twitch shot. It really really really really sucks wonder what he buys says: cookie by shopping cell cookie lost chapter uh, wait what uh swords blasting there’s, no way it’s good blue’s gon na fade, blue’s gon na fade there’s no way. It’S good blue is halfway down. He’S gon na use steepie, though, to reset you know, that’s terrible, resent to what okay blue blue fades in 40 seconds, and he is five waves away from lost chapter he’s, five waves off lost chapter.

What is he says? I mean there’s a no buy recall, but he did it to himself with the way that he he purchased his items. Yeah he could have just got seekers uh. I get well skill skill. Oh, oh, my god. Wait! No dude! If that’s gumiyushi on trist or he’s dead too okay, what is going on like what oh, okay, oh darkness, so can? Can anyone tell me why immortals are doing this by the way? I honestly thought of every single angle and i can’t come up with one okay, so i’m. Very sorry, but i feel like in this aspect, i’m useless, don’t. Those look like honeycombs. You ever had honeycombs. No, oh, my god, it’s delicious. If tl lose this one fight, they could lose the game if they lose this one fight. If they don’t lose this one fight, they win the game. Isn’T that amazing how that works. What is going on? Okay, knocking about it, i mean game’s over yes, sir Music. All right that mountains, soul, they’re just going to get barren there’s, not really a whole lot to comment on this game. This is just a pub stomp. Nothing to really do nothing to really talk about the thing 14 Music. Oh, my god did you have to steal the baron? Did you have to steal what what Music fulfill on hello? Damn it dude yeah kind of late, all right, all right! That was it’s time here we go time to go boom time to go in camera control.

Yeah it’s, actually it’s, so visibly noticeable much more it’s, so it’s so like push that this is actually. This is right. It but it’s it’s, still a night and day difference like how much more jensen is able to see and then factor in to his decision making with his camera it’s such a night and day difference. Oh, oh, my god. Okay, they get it. They get it! Oh the minion diagram – oh my god: okay, okay, boom it’s over there. Oh these onions. That was really good, yeah. Okay, i mean he played a lot of the fights pretty fine and then his camera was way better than most people in lcs, so that’s good laning is still rough. Yep, wonderful twitch chat, wonderful, what a great yeah instead of lcs can we talk about chovi? What? What does that even mean hi kesha, i’m positive tl will rinse korea, china, teams and worlds after seeing this clean sweep.