This is the main item. I will show you in last, but starting with this artist pencil by folklore, which is a sketch pencil for bro, as you can see, and it’s also having expiry date, which is 2022 right, like you can finish it till then right so we’re just gon na open. It the packaging is so sleek and beautiful guys. This is a product, as you can see by four color. This is a bro pan and this is a filler with it. If you can finish like aka kata mojata, you can just fill it and reuse it again. So we’re just gon na open it. This is a thin pencil, as you can see very thin. If you can see in one side, you do have a spoolie thing right and on the other side, you do have this sleek thing right over here. If it’s focusing right here, let’s see and the strokes are like just like your natural hairs, as you can see guys, okay guys, as you can see, i have just drawn some strokes right here. If you can see it again, like focus yes over here ticket and through this take, these looks so beautiful, and this texas in shade zero four fa 118 right. So this is a sketch eyebrow pencil, that’s really worth buying. You just need to spoil your brows and just set it with this guys. This is so sleek and the main favorite part of that i liked about this pencil is like there’s a small product in there, and if it finishes, you can get this filler with it.

You can just fill it again and just use it for a long time right. Okay, guys, these two were the products, and this thing was a gift with it like. I was first time shopping from this page and i just got this thing and the page will be mentioned in description box, so you can check it right there, so i just opened it first to check the shade right. So here you can see the sleek packaging of focal r and the box is t max. The shape will be written as zero five to get the shaded zero five, and let me open it up guys. This is the thing: okay guys! This is the thing i will be showing you the shade right here. This is a beautiful shade and those so like creamy and your lips feel so good and i’ve tried it stay max matte one and i have the focal archipelago lipsticks. I will be showing you in another video which will be specific for the lipsticks and lip colors everything. So this color is very pretty a beautiful pinky brightly. Like orangey thing you can see in the video okay, you will be taking it on you. I guess that you will be happy by the results of this, so here is a beautiful thing that was like putting in the last thing. This is by the beauty. Class color bar board. Color board like iris, was mad at this. This is the meet your match.

Eyeshadow hay tray, and this is a palette. It is for 24 months and everything ingredients are written here. Glitter ingredients are written here, you can check them out and this is made in china right time to open this beauty thing. So here is the packaging, as you can see like. This is a tray of green colors, and this is a tray of some orange yellow tone. Colors. This tray comes off the bluish shades and at last, but we have the purple things: pinky toned purple tone and every of such is containing of two glitters, two shimmers and all the maths right. Okay, guys, as you can see, you can get four type of trays in this one single palette and there are various type of colors like i’m loving this all and each of which i have like two glitters, but in green one we have three glitters: some shimmery Shades and some matte shades okay, i’m, just gon na show you the swatches of the colors, like every palette have shimmer matte and the glitter ones. I will be showing from each tray a shimmer one, a matte one and a glittery one right. So, starting with this green one here, you go i’m just liking, this color i’m just going to take some on my finger, and here you can see it like that’s, a little color and for the shimmer. I just like this teal green shade and something like this and for the matte one i would be just liking to choose.

This shade awesome, like pigmentation, is awesome, so guys, it’s time to turn on the red palette, taking some glitter here’s a glitter one, as you can see the beautiful red on my hand for the matte i’m just going to choose this orange shade, and this is a Pigmentation still on my hand, okay and for the shimmery i’m just liking to take this shade, this shimmer let’s focus them all. These are the shades okay it’s time for this blue aqua thing for the glitter. Taking some this shade right on my finger here, you can see it and for the shimmer taking this bronzy bluish thing here, you can see if it’s too light. Yes, you can see it and for the mat. I will be, of course, taking this blue, like that’s. The color, as you can see the patches because i took a lot of it, but still the pigmentation is awesome, as you can see, and finally, my favorite cheese purple, one so i’m, just gon na do for them. This purple glitter, like guys just watch this out. That’S so amazing, right and for the shimmer. I will be choosing this color because i like it, you can see it. If you focus on it. Yes, you can and for the mat i’m, just thinking to go for the shocking beautiful pinky toned color. Oh, my god that’s, so beautiful guys, like too beautiful and from this package you can create a lot of eye, looks as you can see.

There are a ton of shades you can use in your beautiful and different sort of eye. Looks okay, guys back on this uh lip color. As you can see, the packaging is too like matte, glass, that’s, so beautiful. I just love for color due to its packaging and their product point quality right and the palette is overall really great. You just need to tell me in the comment box that which product you like the most and which tray of this palette you like the most so guys that was it for my video hope you like these all products, and if you do, i just told you Before you just need to tell me in the comment box – and i will be just mentioning the pages in the comment box – you can in the description box – you can check in there right there. There are a lot of shade palettes around there. You can just pick any one you like guys, you can check my insta story. I will be mentioning their page as well right there. You can check it right there as well, so this was all for my video hope. You me hope we meet next time.