We are here to talk about the brand new hourglass curator eye shadow series, we’re going to talk about what it is we’re going to mention the prices, because i can’t help but talk about those what they do. What their purpose and reason for being is we’re. Also going to do a little bit of a demo and then at the very end i’m going to give you my thoughts, which i surprise myself with my final thoughts. So not exactly what i had assumed, i would say: i’ll, let you watch to get to that. Okay, so the hourglass curator collection is not new, but the cure. Curator eyeshadow collection, part of the curator collection, is new. The eyeshadows are new. They are offering 40 single shadow shades of your choice that you can choose and pick – and you know, trade with your friends. Uh in four different finishes: there are some in matte satin, metallic and shimmer, so every sort of formula is covered. These shadows are vegan, they’re, finely milled and talc free. They are really uh, easily blendable and of course, refillable. Now they are sold in a few different ways. So let me tell you how they’re sold what they cost and bears talking about and i’ll tell you what i opted with because i’m just kind of trying these out today. I was really curious about the formula didn’t want to overbuy, because i am still purchasing all of my own makeup. I didn’t want to over purchase.

These are terribly pricey, so i’ll tell you what i did and why i did it. Okay, so the way that this is sold, they are sold individually in little single eyeshadows and each single eyeshadow is 29, but but the pans that are sold also come with a shadow, so you can buy one pan. That comes with one single shadow of your choice. For 29 for 31 i’m sorry, the refills are 29 one pan with one shadow is 31.. You could buy the three pound option, which is what i opted for with three shadows in it of your choice for 99. or the five pan palette comes with five choices of shadow single shadows for 161. Now, okay, that does mean that we need to discuss prices and we’re going to get there. But i want to tell you what they tell us about the recycling aspect of this, and i want to show you what it looks like they’re saying that these are tin and pcr and plastic free or and what you save when you purchase it. So if you buy the one pan palette, refillable they’re saying you save yourself personally, one plastic bottle from being used. If you buy the three pan palette like i did. Apparently i have saved the lives of two and a half plastic bottles floating in the ocean or in the trash tubs, and if you buy the five pan, then you have saved five plastic bottles from a landfill somewhere.

I don’t know why it’s one two and a half and five. I would think this should be three, but i get it it’s, not an exact science that’s, fine, okay, so i don’t know um, sometimes there’s, with sustainability, there’s, a lot of kind of green washing that definitely goes on in the industry and i’m, not saying they’re doing That i don’t really know how they prove that i’ve saved these plastic bottles from the landfill – hey. It certainly isn’t, adding to it so it’s, not a bad thing. It’S not like some sort of a lie, but i mean to verify these things is a little bit tricky and sometimes the um ability to say that is also an ability to charge a little more hey, you’re doing a good thing. We can charge you more. So i do think the prices here are steep hourglass prices are always steep. This is a you know, high end luxury uh makeup brand. I think they’re particularly steep. I really wanted to get the five pound, but at 161 dollars when i wasn’t sure what the formulas would be like. I was kind of out of it, and so i went with a three pound. 99 was as high as i would go there now in the choices between an among, i should say, the 40 shades. I went with something called a curated palette. Let me explain what that is and why so there are 40 shades to choose from, but in each of the three pan and five pan selections, you can also go with kind of one that they have put together for you, which is actually what i did.

I went with the champagne bronze trio, which was a suggestion. A curated select suggestion from hourglass the reason i did that actually goes back to an interview. I once did in my day job with mark smith, uh who’s a shoe designer at nike. You know him from most of your shoe designs at nike and from all the air jordan stuff he’s, the designer there. He and i uh. We were connecting an interview for a trade magazine. I write for, and we started talking about, nike id, which is that system online i’m. Getting to a point here, just stay with me that system online, where you can choose and make your own colors and selection of sneakers. He and i just got to chatting he’s a lovely person, and i explained to him that when i had done things like this, make your own sneaker when it arrived, i was never satisfied with it, and i said i i don’t like the one where i put My own together, i want you you’re the designer you do it he kind of laughed and acknowledged that this is kind of an issue, and he said what they were doing is kind of pre, curating, uh certain patterns and limiting the choices that the consumer can make. So that they were happier with the end product, it is true, and i i kind of agree with them there. It is true if you are a designer of any sort or a makeup artist.

You can put together an amazing palette on your own, although i will tell you that the makeup artists that i have interviewed and worked with generally do their magnetic palettes um by all uh earth tones all shimmers, all bright, colors, all editorial brights, all etc. Kind of like a vizier type palette would be put together the older vizier palettes, but if you can make a really nice look or you love a certain shade or you loved a certain color or shade, you know story color story from a previous brand. You could certainly do that, but i just went ahead and did their suggestions and i got champagne bronze trio. Let me show you how this works, so we have this tin case right here and it flips open and in it you set the individual shadows. This is actually not magnetized, which is kind of interesting. Let me see if i could get you around to the back, though there is no mirror it kind of raises up and out so these are raised within literally you just lift them in and place them in. There is no magnetic snap. What holds them in place mostly is gravity when it’s sitting down and a really nice snap metal closure almost reminds me of a really high end mentos tin. That opens up, and you can just but really in terms of taking these out. They just lift in and out so i have put them in order of the three shades.

Let me tell you what comes with the pre curated champagne bronze. We have koi, which i’ll show you these in a minute on my arm. We have koi, which is a matte uh kind of a beige color arc, which is another matte uh chocolate, brown color and we have ion, which is a metallic, so they gave me two mattes and a metallic in my pre scripted, curated curator palette. Let me show you what they look like on my arm. They are certainly very very pretty, and i want you to be able to take a look at how those play out on my arm – and i am you – are getting a sneak preview of what they look like on the eye, because i have already filmed the eye. Look and we’re going to go into that in just a moment here. Why did i go again with a curator? Well, my story about nike kind of explains to you my feelings on the matter and also i really wanted to just test the shadows and for my review purposes. I wanted to take out the fact that i might have chosen shades, miss chosen shades and that would have colored my perspective on the blend. The shade choice i wanted curated that i knew would look good, but if i like them and you’ll see at the end, then i figured i would buy more and maybe go out on more of an adventurous limb with my shade choices.

If you know what i mean, but for our purposes here and for review purposes, i really wanted to take that part out of it. So i went ahead and got pre selected shades and we are going to try them on and then i’m going to give you. My slightly surprising thoughts on this new hourglass curator eye shadow collection. I did surprise myself so stay right there, okay, so this is gon na, probably be a pretty quick tutorial, knowing how quick i am generally anyway – and now we only have three quick shades to use. So i am going to start with our very first mat here, which is koi i’m, just gon na dip right in be nice. If i could show you guys and i’m just going to use it all over the lid – and we know these are going to look good because i chickened out – and i ordered the curated palette – i’m – not ashamed. I like curated palettes. Does it defeat the purpose? Maybe a little bit, but i really just wanted to test out the shadows and see kind of how they go all right. So i’m, going to use the exact same refer 15 brush that i used right here in koi and i’m going to move into arc, which is also a matte kind of a slightly darker chocolate brown, which i like and let’s see what we get. These shades are gorgeous now they they should be for the price, but they are quite gorgeous and they’re blending in a really dreamy way, so i’m, just kind of going around the circles and just kind of darkening and doing really whatever just kind of fixing it up.

A little bit i’m going to take this rougher number 16 here, that’s, nice and clean and just kind of blend, a little bit more that’s a little bit of a 90s look to really blend like that, but with those kind of grungy browns that 90s look kind Of works going back and forth there, okay and now i’m, just going to stick my finger into the metallic shade, which is uh ion right there and just put it in the center just kind of all over the center, because it’s a pretty shade and i’m just Doing a really wide, reaching swipe i’m, not being very precise or doing any sort of a halo effect and then i’m even going to take this little brush here, which is happens to be a reference number three and just kind of go into the uh inner corner. With that same shade and um, i think i’m gon na go underneath with it as well. Since this is a pencil brush, i just think that will give it a little bit of interest and then i’ll use the same pencil brush three brushes only to use our darkest matte shade there shifts to smoke out the under eye just a little bit that’s pretty Much it i’m going to add in some mascara and some eyeliner and come right back to chat with you all, okay, so i’ve added a little bit of my wayne, goss mascara didn’t use my hourglass mascara this time and just some pat mcgrath liner and i’m going To surprise myself with my kind of final opinions here, it would be extremely easy: it’s, almost really low hanging fruit, you guys to say these are too expensive.

This is a rip off that would be simple and a lot of people will say that, and they wouldn’t be wrong. Of course, it’s up to your budget it’s, not that they’re, not too expensive they are, but for the price you’re paying they are performing the way. I would need for something this price to perform. What i mean by that is this was the i’m quick anyway, but this was the easiest smoothest blending experience i’ve had in a long time. I do not review drugstore makeup on this channel, so i am used to working with high end and luxury uh eyeshadows, and this was one of the easiest most pleasant, prettiest experiences i’ve had and i’m surprised to hear myself say that i assumed i would be saying You don’t need this and, of course, you do not need this. None of us need any of this makeup, but um. This was an extremely easy, extremely pleasant application process um and i will be buying more really the reason i bought three. I really wanted a five pound, but i was like 161 dollars all of a sudden. I got really cheap right. I just want. I i don’t need enough eye shadow to spend 161 99 was where i kind of maxed out. I will definitely buy more um, maybe another three pan and get a little bit more experimental. I stayed with curated because i really didn’t know what i was stepping into. If you understand what i mean, i really just wanted to try this out for myself and for you guys watching at home, and i want to tell you this has been a lovely experience.

These are beautiful, the compact would travel well, the shadows might pop around a little bit but they’re not going to get hurt in there. This is, i use the curated shadow shades, of course, but they are absolutely beautiful. I am quite pleased with the eye. Look. I achieved and the ease of use you, and only you, and only your checking and bank and credit card accounts will know whether or not it is something that you would like to shell out for. But i will assure you that if you do, you will not be disappointed by the formula, the ease of use and the shades. This is absolutely beautiful and personally i will be getting more i’m kind of excited about these actually, and this is pretty much the opposite of what i had sort of semi planned or assumed. I would say at the end of this review so i’m turning the tables a little bit, but i would love to know your thoughts um, keeping in mind that this is a high end luxury makeup. So there is a price to pay. Is it too expensive? Even for that or as i’m finding might this just be worth it i don’t know and of course, it’s up to your spending limits. Of course, i’m, not monitoring your own checking account. So do let me know, leave your comments below give this video a thumbs up. If you enjoyed it, i sure hope you did and if you haven’t already done so i would love it.