That’S changing and some of these changes are very important, including a significant reduce to the health cap of enemies in zombies. We finally know the specifics and there’s much more so it’s really important. You watch this video all the way to the end. If you didn’t see a few hours ago, i uploaded a video going over the five skill tip upgrades for mule. Kick i’ll leave a link in the description to that so go and watch that after this video kicking things off track significantly reducing the health cap of enemies in zombies, reducing the armor durability for medium and heavy zombies, buffing sniper rifles and pack a punch, melee weapons And adjusting damage scaling for certain equipment, support and field upgrades, so the specifics on this are the following for zombies. Their health has been reduced to plus 100 at high rounds, which is down from the plus 300 percent that they recently changed it to can’t. Remember the specific value that the zombies health was adjusted to, but i know that the zombie’s health would still be increasing above round 80. This is going to be significantly lower now, which is fantastic. The zombies have one third of the max health that they did have previously. The special zombies that’s been reduced to plus 50 at high rounds, which is down from plus a hundred percent, so they have half their health. Now elites have reduced to plus 25 at higher rounds down from plus 100, so they will be a quarter of the health they were at and high value targets have had their health reduced to plus 10 at high rounds.

Now, which is down from plus 100, which is one of the most significant health changes we’ve seen across all of this it’s, now only a temp as strong as it was the enemy, armor durability, reductions, they’ve reduced the health of armor for medium and heavy zombies by 30, but they should feel a little easier to take down now and my overall opinions on this health changes. I think it’s definitely needed. There was no need for truck to dial the health of these zombies up so high that it made the game a little off. Putting to play in my opinion, you get so used to how the zombies behave and how the zombie health works and they change it so drastically i’m glad that they’re able to address this. We should also give massive props to the devs for being able to change the meta so drastically. This late on into the game’s life cycle they’ve also addressed an issue where players were spawning in with 1 000 essence in round based maps instead of 500 sounds like something from outbreak leaking into the round base. There now they’ve also made some changes to damage scaling when it comes to equipment, so equipment damage will now scale evenly to be more consistent in their ability to kill enemies. So in the later rounds, your c4s and grenades should still be able to damage zombies. And if you are on a lower round, which is very very good and they’ve, addressed an issue where certain equipment was doing more damage than intended on direct impacts in a similar way.

The support streaks have now been changed with the damage from them now scaling evenly to be more consistent in their ability to kill enemies, so that’s a really really good thing, meaning in those later rounds. Some of the support, streaks won’t, feel useless. To use they’ll be able to do the same amount of consistent damage, which is really really good, now jumping onto field upgrades, some of them have had a little bit of a change, so frost blast and energy. Mine will now have their damage scale evenly to be more consistent in its ability to kill enemies, i’m sure, a lot of you guys, don’t use, frost blast or energy mine i’m sure treyarch have seen the data they’ve noticed that and they’ve now made it a little Bit better and ether shroud has had an issue addressed where tier v ether shroud, when activating a second charge, while its first charge was already active, would result in failing to accumulate subsequent charges. I’Ve spoken about this next change in a few videos, but this is a new feature called dynamic wall buys so wall buys in all round. Based on these maps will now have a chance to increase, in rarity at the end of every fifth round, giving players more weapon options to choose from as the rounds go up, and these rarities can increase all the way to legendary. So if you wanted to buy a shotgun off the wall, for example, the higher the rounds you go up, the more that gun will be a higher rarity, so you can buy that and maybe like round 30 onwards, it would be a legendary tier.

So you wouldn’t have to worry about spending all your salvage on tearing that thing up. It would just be there from the get go and i think, that’s a really good change in my opinion, i’m. Looking forward to seeing how this works, when we actually get to get our hands on it with the season 4 reloaded patch now with trials, they’ve added additional weapons that can be obtained as rewards. I imagine this will include the new wonder weapon the crbrs, as well as the new lt 53 casimir tactical equipment which, in the patch notes dimension, can be found as a drop or can be crafted in round based maps and outbreak. Treyarch have also made some changes to weapon tuning in zombies only – and this goes for melee weapons where they’ve increased the pack. A punch base damage from 2000 to 2500, so they should be a bit stronger now and increase the level three pack a punch damage multiplier from four to five, which is obviously a really great sign. Melee weapons are going to be even more viable now now, when it comes to some sniper rifles, they’ve made a lot of changes, and this is the basically every sniper rifle across the board, starting with the swiss they’ve increased the critical damage multiplier from 3.5 to 4.5. Increased the stock ammo from 42 to 60 and increased its critical damage multiplier when it’s packer punched by the same number, the zrg 20 millimeters had the exact same buffs with that increase in critical damage, multiplier the increase in stock ammo and the same when it’s packer Punched, the m82 has had a buff and it is without question the worst sniper rifle thing: i’ve ever used in zombies, the worst gun in cold war zombies, its max damage has been increased from 150 to 175, an increase in stock ammo from 30 to 50 and Its packer punched version has increased damage from 300 to 350.

. I doubt it’s gon na make the gun any more useful, but hey ho it’s. There pelington has also had an increase in its max damage and its critical damage, multiplier and that’s the same for its pack. A punch version two and the l3 tundra that are increasing critical damage, multiplier and stock ammo, for both its normal and pack. A punched version outbreak has had a few changes and while they seem minor on paper, these are big. The first is that they’ve increased the chance for ronald reagan to spawn in outbreak now, i’ll be honest, i’ve not come across him yet, and i really want to so. If you’ve not come across him, like me, there’s a good chance that you’ll see him a little bit more often, which is awesome now. This is the massive change here. Region and objective order will no longer loop once all combinations have been played when progressing regions. There’S pattern of you know getting certain objectives on certain maps that you can learn as you play through outbreak, but if you’re going for a world record, run of sorts, you’re gon na eventually have the exact same objective happen on the same map. Every time you go back to that map in the loop, so they’ve now changed it, so it will no longer loop because all combinations have been played so say. For instance, you had a escort on ruka. Once you go back to ruka at the moment, it would be the exact same objective, but now it’s going to be random and different, which is great there’s, also been some stability issues related to fishing and using the repel lines and outbreak that have been fixed and Dead ops, arcade 3 has had a fair amount of content added, which is really good to see.

This is so awesome, they’ve added a new first person, solo advanced start playlist, and when it comes to gameplay, there are a lot of changes. We should now see a wider variety in bonus room distribution, there’s been adjustments to points awarded for gladiator and warden kills. Minor adjustments to item spawns they’ve doubled the egg pickup base health they’ve increased the golden egg health by 40, reduced egg hatch cycles so that eggs, hatch, faster their eggs are now less jumpy and should not jump as higher as far in general. Mama’S armory basket has been located and there’s various exploits that have been closed, as well as stability fixes to prevent the charlie 285 military guerrilla error message now. I know a fraction of you guys watching that aren’t on playstation won’t care about this next bit, but they’ve changed some stuff with onslaught. Now i’ve made some videos in the past about how this mode has gotten a lot better and they’ve added in a brand new mode called onslaught, accelerated mode, which sounds like a base of the new onslaught containment mode. They added, which i thought was absolutely fantastic. This is a new mode on all onslaught maps where the dark e4 orb never stops moving and enemies, never clear or stop spawning. The old move. Speed is reduced to a consistent slower value compared to its normal average speed and the orb fill bar is removed in this mode. So because the orb cannot be filled, it does not explode and wipe out enemies.

There are no pauses in movement, the enemies killed increase. The speed of the orb for a small period, each kill, increases all movement speed by fifty percent for three seconds, and this affects stacks of multiple kills and elite surge waves still spawn on every third wave cool and that about wraps up all of the changes. Now, on top of everything, of course, we’re getting malware to toten in two days time, we’re getting the brand new perk later in the season, we’re, also getting a younger version of gregory weaver as a playable operator in zombies, multiplayer and warzone in the upcoming tracer pack. Weaver operator bundle in the store definitely going to be picking this up, because this looks absolutely awesome, especially the fact that he has a pet zombie. That is an execution move. That sounds amazing and as a reminder, if you guys are planning on picking up anything in the cod store, you can put a support or creator code in there and my code dalek is available to be used and if you’re going to be spending cod points in The store you might as well put a creator code in there if you want to support me directly i’d, really appreciate that, and if you do so, please let me know on twitter, so i can thank you personally. Let me know what you think of everything in these patch notes in the comment section below remember, to check that mule kick video i uploaded earlier today, so you can see all of the new skill tears it’s on your screen right now.