The five skill tier upgrades, we’re gon na dive into everything you need to know on top of that keeps have been incredibly kind in sponsoring today’s video, so we’ll hear from them in a little bit. Let me know what you think in the comment section of mule kick as we jump into things but getting started. If you don’t know what mule kick is mule kick gives you the ability to carry three weapons in your loadout, as opposed to the standard too i’ve. Seen a lot of conversation about how mule kick doesn’t really fit into the meta of black ops, cold war. Zombies i’d love to know your opinion on that, but activision themselves have given five reasons as to why this is a useful perk, the first being that variety is the spice of life being able to carry a third weapon. The second is that you no longer will have to replace your primary loadout weapon with a wonder weapon. For example, if you come across one, you can keep that and still have your primary weapon very interestingly. Their third reason is called a tool for the hunt pointing out that certain objectives or quests require a specific weapon or weapon type. To unlock next steps. A mule kick will be able to make sure that you can have the weapon you need for a step. It’S. Also, the ability to have three different types of elemental damage to dish out across your three weapons and in solo you can cover even more combat scenarios with an additional weapon in your loadout and let’s jump into what you’re all wanting to know, and that is the Five skill tier upgrades now i know that there was a rumor a leak on these skill tears a few days ago.

I wanted to wait until we heard directly from activision and treyarch on these skill tiers, just in case there was any miscommunication. So here we are the first skill to upgrade: is crafted equipment grants an additional equipment if able so every time you go to the bench with hard earned salvage you’ll get two equipment pieces for the price of one, which means you can get double grenades, double decoys And double monkey bombs, making this first skill upgrade an incredible start to mule, kicks advancement path, and i think that’s actually pretty good, considering how much monkey bombs cost with salvage being able to essentially get two for the price of one or be any type of equipment. For that matter makes this really good, and if you get to a point in the game where you have a lot of points and you haven’t got all your perks yet this is a good ability to have, in my opinion, skill tier two is all enemies. Have a small chance to drop ammo and, while enemies already have a chance to drop ammo in outbreak, this wasn’t the case for round based zombies maps. Until now, once you upgrade mule kick to skill tier 3, the odds of finding ammo on zombies corpses will be in your favor on d, machine firebasey and malware to toten, and this is very similar to one of the effects of vulture raid back from black ops. 2 zombies buried now this isn’t a uncommon thing, we’ve seen a lot of other perks being blended into some of the classic perks that have returned in cold war, so it’s great to see some part of vulture raid returning here and i think getting used to this Mechanic in outbreak and then not having it in round based maps, does seem a little bit odd and i’m very happy that this is going to be in here, because it just means that the chances of you getting you know, ammo back for your wander weapons and Stuff is going to be greatly increased with this skill tier i don’t know what it will mean for outbreak, because, if enemies already have a chance to drop ammo, this will probably just increase the chances that isn’t too bad at all skill.

Tier number. Three is stowed weapons slowly, refill ammo from stock, so the example they give. Is this picture you’re in the middle of a boss, fight you frantically fire your ray gun down to a single charge with more in the reserve, but you don’t have speed cola to quicken its reload at skill. Tier three mule kick will provide the additional benefit of refilling the magazine from its available stock, allowing you to swap to one of the other two weapons temporarily then bring that weapon back once it’s topped off now. I think this is really good, because there are a lot of moments where you’re playing a game of zombies, you’re in a boss, fight, for example, and you need to reload, but you just don’t have that chance to reload. Perhaps you might have gone down and lost your speed. Cola and reloading makes you super super slow. So, instead of having to do that, just swap to another weapon that you probably would do, that has more ammo and doesn’t need a reload and the gun will reload. In the background now, just before we move on to skill, tier four here is a quick message from today’s sponsor keeps i don’t know about you guys, but i am scared to one day not have hair on my head. I don’t want that to happen, and two out of three of you guys watching this video will experience some form of male pattern boldness by the time.

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So they mentioned here. Remember those double monkey bombs. You just crafted as part of mule kick’s tier one upgrade. You now have a chance to keep one of them or any equipment outside of the tomahawk and c4 after its use. This may be incredibly helpful. If you have the new lt, 53 kasamir grenade, which works wonders on mauer da toten, so there’s a chance that using an equipment has a one in four chance of you keeping it. So if you use it, you actually get it back, which is pretty unusual. Something we’ve not heard before there’s a fairly nice way to guarantee yourself having more than two monkey bombs in a boss, fight, for example, there’s a chance that you might get given one of them back and last but not least, the tier 5 skill upgrade. Is your third primary weapon is recovered when repurchasing mule kick now normally, when you lose mule, kick your third weapon is lost with it and that’s very frustrating. Now in earlier games it wasn’t labeled. What was your third mule kick weapon, and you just had to make sure you kept attention on what it was, but losing it, especially if it’s a wonder weapon that’s hard to get back is very frustrating, but with this upgrade that weapon is called back whenever you Chug another mule kick an incredibly valuable end to an outstanding skill to upgrade path. Now i think some of you may feel that that is a slightly underwhelming fifth tier skill upgrade that you keep your weapon.

If you lose it because then it throws a conversation out there. What? If you wanted to get rid of your third primary weapon, you wanted to get rid of that weapon and it’s like well. If you get it back, i guess you can just swap it for the third weapon you want, but it essentially means unless you swap it out, you’re, never going to lose that third weapon and if it’s, something really important like a ray gun, for example, that’s pretty Valuable to have, in my opinion, and in activision’s blog, they say that mule kick will fundamentally change the way you play. Zombies come july 15th, even on its own, without any other perkacola combinations in mind. This old fashioned cocktail has enough bite to help you deal with those that bite back and that’s, just one change to the overall zombies meta coming with season 4 reloaded and that we should stay tuned for treyarch’s, full patch notes. In addition to more zombie articles leading up to and through the release of malware to toten so assume, come tomorrow, we’re going to be getting those massive zombies, meta changes coming with the patch notes and there’s apparently going to be more zombies articles dropping. So you definitely want to stay tuned to the channel for everything, as we lead up to the release very early on thursday there’s, a good chance that we’re actually going to get some early gameplay tomorrow from treyarch studio broadcast, so definitely stay tuned.

For that, let me know what you think of all of these changes in the comment section below. If you haven’t already please subscribe with the bell, ticks you don’t, miss out on any future videos from myself, it’s been an absolute pleasure. I can’t wait for now to turn the drop in two days time. The content that you’re gon na have in your sub box is going to be forever flowing, and it does feel good that zombies is finally back only got a few more days to wait and it’s gon na be an amazing time to be a fan of zombies. I can’t wait for it.