Evolution is probably the most challenging issue facing. You know observing the sky that we have because most sitters walking up and down on an outside staircase in griffith observatory. People don’t really know what it is. It’S, just time lapse of visitors coming and going to watch the city of los angeles skyline and the dark sky it’s an experience that you’re denied. So you can’t tell what you’re missing large groups of visitors are taking pictures and viewing the sunset in an outside terrace against the hollywood sign and mountains. The mission of the observatory is to take a large black and white observation tower in griffith observatory, people out of their everyday life and put them in a completely different mind: visitors in an outside terrace next to a wall with a sign that reads: griffith: observatory in Space so that they telescope in the ledge of the terrorist wall against visitors, walking through the outside terraces think about bigger thought. Griffith observatory against the city of los angeles as light polluted as our sky is mark. Pine deputy director of griffith observatory with the city of los angeles. In the background, you can get a lot out of the idea that you can look through time lapse of people viewing through telescopes, surrounded by mountains and desert vegetation as the sun sets and the dark night sky appears telescope at jupiter or saturn or the moon. And you can see it in a way that you could a woman viewing from a telescope at night, never have imagined before, and that transcends seeing it as a picture fades into black tall building lit up at night against the dark sky cars driving through a highway.

Passing in front of a skyline with lit up buildings against a dark sky, what the city is in the process of doing and mark pine appears on screen again and it’s. A long term activity is converting all of the city’s street lights, for which the city has responsibility so that they are an empty highway lit up by streetlights at night in front of the skyline of the city of los angeles text on screen. Reads: courtesy of the city of los angeles borough, street lighting lights that are shielded toward the sky and that point down to the extent humanly possible, and that are leds, which reduces the power significantly mark pine appears on screen again the future with respect to light pollution. I think is actually kind of positive um, because cities that have no incentive to necessarily care about light pollution, care and and los angeles is one of them, and so a lot. You have the city of los angeles, illuminating the dark sky framed by a parking garage openings of cities are getting on. The bandwagon mark pine appears on screen again. As you know, there are consequences associated with having daylight during the night fades into black dead mural of a desert, lizard lit up by white lights against a dark sky. There are things we can do. Tony cook appears on screen again one could put in the right kind of series of lights outside of buildings, illuminating the area against a dark sky lights or sensors, and things to turn them off when they’re not needed.

Shielding lights is important street light illuminates the area against a dark sky, but for somebody to do that, it has tony cook appears on screen again fades into black time lapse of stars moving across the night sky behind the entrance sign of joshua tree national park. Luckily, of course, folks have our next milky way: moving across the night sky, behind a joshua tree, silhouette parks and a lot of those are places you can see the night sky and there’s amenities there. People can get out of the nation lapse of stars moving across the night sky, behind a glowing camping, tent next to a joshua tree in a boulder pile sure and i’m hoping they get out of their tents at night and look up to the skies because they’re Far from our cities – and you can still see the milky way, you can still see dr david rachel, astronomical lecturer of griffith observatory. Standing in front of a planet exhibited inside, see meteor showers, and you can experience the perseid meteors that inspired me to become an astronomer yourself. You just bring out a sleeping bag and maybe time lapse of lit up campfire with several campers. Moving around a campsite at night, surrounded by large, boulder piles and desert vegetation, a cot or a lounge chair, lay down and take in the night sky, fade into black time lapse of the sun setting in the joshua tree forest and the night dark sky. Taking over.

With stars, moving across the sky Music ancient time, mark pine appears on screen. Again, people would look at the sky because their lives depended on it, and now we don’t need that time lapse of stars moving across the night sky with a yellow hue behind a joshua tree, but the sky still is the place that you look to answer. Some of those fundamental questions who are we? Why are we here time lapse of clouds rolling in and out covering the starry night sky behind a joshua tree forest and a large boulder pile? How did any of this come to be even in the vastness of the universe that we now know exists? There is a place for us and, and we live in one of the most exciting times where we can actually understand that place. Tony cook appears on screen again those of us who are concerned about it getting masses of people time lapse of lit up campsites, surrounded by large, boulder piles against a starry night sky to a dark sky is time lapse of stars moving across the dark sky. Behind the silhouettes of joshua trees, the only way you can make people aware of it tony cook appears on screen again and then hopefully they’ll fight, then to preserve it aids into black time lapse of stars. Moving across the dark sky behind the joshua tree, taxon screen reads: thank you mark pine tony cook, david reitzel, griffith observatory, ranger beth, hardik time lapse of a blurred, starry sky and city lights.

Behind a silver dollar toya cactus text on screen reads producer kathy bell: jasmira bonolin hannah schwabe camera hannah schwabe glaucopux antenna, brad, sutton, jasmira, bonowin leonda, eric jasmira bonowin anna schwabe lapse of the blurred dark sky behind the desert. Cactus text on screen reads additional footage: los angeles skyline, zachary childers https colon, slash, slash, vimeo.com zachary childers griffith observatory, los angeles, ca, randy, perry, https, colon, slash, slash, vimeo, dot com, slash udi, gel additional images, los angeles bureau of time lapse of stars moving across the Dark sky behind the joshua tree text on screen reads: music underway akeem barents www.freesound.org, slash people, slash saturn autumn leaf with violins http colon, slash, slash, freesound.org people, slash elysium, slash feelings of twilight under the stars; http colon, slash, slash, freesound.org people, slash shady dave, slash floating Synth melody http colon, slash, slash, freesound.org, slash people, slash lemoncreme, slash, followed by text on screen reading for more information visit, https colon, slash, slash, www.nps.gov, slash, j, o t r learn nature, slash, lightscapes, dash and dash night dash sky dot, htm fades into black national park Service arrowhead appears fade into black text on screen: reads: get social www.nps.