Yep Skyward Sword on the Wii has always been a bit divisive among the Zelda community, with some people loving its intricate motion based Combat unique temple designs story implications as the first game in the timeline and, most importantly, Groose., While others bemoan it for mandatory swingy swing, linear to a fault, gameplay and Groose. Just kidding, everybody loves Groose., But there’s an 85 chance that isnt the case for Fi Links. Computer, like companion, who accompanies him on his journey like Cortana to Master Chief … if she had a lobotomy and Fi, is infamous for just not shutting up., Which in hindsight might explain why Link chose to forever be a silent protagonist, … And now Skyward Sword is Back in HD on Nintendo Switch, but now with some big improvements like a 1080p resolution and 60 frames per groose err, second. Sorry, I just have Groose and his amazing pompadour on the mind.. In addition, motion controls can now be turned off entirely, so you can use buttons. Instead, the camera can be freely controlled at nearly any time, which is awesome. The game now automatically saves your progress as a failsafe among other quality of life. Tweaks have been made that streamline the experience like having less mandatory interruptions from Fi, though dont worry because shes still annoying.. These are all fantastic changes and additions., But is the Switch version truly the definitive one to play, And even if so, does the decade old gameplay hold up in a post Breath of the Wild world Were going to answer all these questions and more in GameXplains in Depth review based on a full replay of the entire 40 hour campaign.

Andre speech bubble above head … or sleep Link.. Now you probably dont need us to point out the most obvious upgrade … though, if you do might I suggest an eye. Exam Skyward Sword is crystal clear on Switch running at 1080p and a rock solid 60 frames, which is a first for a 3D Zelda game., And it is glorious. Its not just rock solid, but it even addresses slowdown from the original game, like the stuttering when activating Time crystals, which is fittingly a thing of the past., The sharper smoother visuals, help bring new life to the fantastic animation and facial detail. Environments are now razor sharp, which makes navigating areas like the sky even better. Since you can more easily recognize distant, locations. Text and icons have also been updated and resized looking much sharper while being less intrusive., Although the lock on arrow seems to have been sadly neglected, aww poor, lock on arrow. I appreciate you even if no one else, does. Skyward Sword truly has never looked better, but the increased sharpness does come at a price. It really shows its age. Characters and environments are distractingly low, poly at times like Zeldas, 2×4, arms and or the cardboard trees that litter the forests backdrop. And, unlike some of the other Zelda HD ports, the texture quality. Sadly, hasnt been touched up at all lending. The entire game, a softer, blurry look., The sky hasnt aged, especially well, in particular, with clouds that lack dimension and obviously repeated textures on the sky, islands.

Or skylands.. Oddly, an effect in the Wii version that gave the backgrounds a painterly water color, like appearance, has been removed entirely, which I kinda miss. For those new to the game. Its something you would never know was missing unless you some jerk pointing it out to you Im. Sorry, everyone, Despite showing its age Skyward Sword, is still a pleasant game to look at and even includes a handful of gorgeous show stopping moments, but the overall appearance is undeniably dated and it most certainly wont be ever mistaken for a modern game. Unlike the other Zelda HD, ports almost could be at times.. At the end of the day, this is still hands down. The best Skyward Sword has ever looked, and the buttery smooth framerate is praise worthy., But how well does it handle Well? The motion controls have overall, been faithfully translated to the Joy Cons behaving almost exactly as they did on Wii. With the right joy con taking over for the Wii Remote with a swing or thrust of the arm controlling your sword. Whereas tilting it controls pointer based items. As well as steering Link when flying skydiving or swimming underwater. 85 of the time give or take they work great, but the times they fall short can be infuriating, such as how it constantly misread whether I was aiming a bomb or trying to throw it, which is A pretty annoying problem. There were a lot of Links harmed in the making of this video.

Occasional issues. Like that aside, the motion controls generally do what you need them to, but ultimately fall a little short of the Wii version. For a few reasons, including one change that completely baffles me., So one often misunderstood and underappreciated element of the original Skyward Sword was how it ingeniously used the sensor bar to automatically and invisibly recalibrate the controls.. Now, since the Switch obviously doesnt have a sensor bar recalibrating is now left entirely to the player whenever the controls feel off with a tap of the Y button, which is annoyingly often.. While the sword itself is relatively resilient to gyroscopic drift, the tilt based controls, along with the pointer thats used for the Slingshot bow and arrow among several other things, are almost always immediately off center, requiring me to recalibrate it almost every. single. time. – And this is a New problem introduced in the Switch version where the cursor appears, where the game thinks youre, pointing rather than the default to dead center of the screen, as it did on Wii. And its terrible as the cursor never appeared where I expected it to often spawning at the Edge of the screen, which then causes the camera to rotate in that direction instantly throwing off your aim.. It baffles me why this was changed because it worked just fine before and would have helped remedy the calibration issue, giving you a chance to easily recenter the controller.. I eventually learned to just recalibrate the controls.

Every time I used a pointer based item such as between hookshot targets. I shouldnt have to, but hey at least it works.. Finally, the tiny Joy Cons, just dont feel as good as the Wii Remote did, which had a studier heftier feel closer to the hilt, of a blade than the Joy Con could ever be. Its a small, almost inconsequential thing. But I was surprised by how much more comfortable I felt going back to the original hardware.. Oh, what can I say, I kind of love its dumb little speaker too.. Despite my gripes, the motion based swordplay itself still impresses 10 years later, even if there are now plenty of VR experiences that translate your movements far more accurately than Skyward Swords 8 way, directional combat, can. And thats, partly because nearly every encounter in Skyward Sword was designed To take advantage of the intricate swordplay and it makes for a supremely satisfying, combat experience when you land a precise blow… It feels great, especially when combined with the musical notes that sound off. – Oh and I just really love slicing up these trees. Bwahah thatll teach you for being a forest By and large the motion controls, work well enough., But the amount of times I had to recalibrate, Especially when using the pointer chips away at the immersion that the controls strive to provide., Of course, one of the big new selling points is that you can now disable motion controls entirely if you want to and opt for button controls instead, Which is not just a Great option but its an excellent accessibility feature too.

. The right stick takes on sword, detail just snap it in any direction to make Link swing that same way or click it in for a stab., Its simple and it works. Well, as long as you learn that you dont have to do a full sweep side to side snapping it from the center to the edge works just fine, While it can feel a little cramped on the tiny Joy Cons, it felt great on the Pro Controller., Though One drawback is that it does make using the new free camera slightly inconvenient now requiring you to first hold L, since they share the right stick., Its also, not quite as satisfying as actually performing the swings yourself so its for those reasons I generally stuck with the Motion controls. Plus Im a bit of a purist and wanted the full motion, control, experience.., Ehh mostly. Because even Ill admit, the button controls for Flying and Swimming are about a million times using the control stick instead of the imprecise and uncomfortable tilts of the Joy Con. My wrist can only down so far Skyward Sword. Regrettably, the game doesnt, let you mix and match control styles, so I usually found myself enduring the motion. Controls for even those segments, because toggling them on and off constantly is annoying though I would switch over. If I knew Id be using them for a while helloooo Tadtones. Now beyond all of this Skyward Sword, HD has seen a few subtle tweaks throughout the game to streamline and improve the overall experience.

Several of Fis. Once mandatory interruptions have been reduced to optional engagements. All text can be sped up or skipped entirely. Cutscenes can now be skipped too, though annoyingly not all of them. The game automatically auto saves at every Bird Statue, which is rad and effectively functions as a 4th save slot, and there are now checkpoints during some aggravating missions like escorting this damn robot up the mountain.. These are all fantastic changes and definitely makes for a smoother play. Experience on the whole., Although I do think they could have gone a bit farther at points. The games opening is still a slog even with the improvements and segments like the tedious, Tadtones quest werent adjusted at all …, which is a tad tonedeaf …, see what I did there As a remaster Skyward Sword. Hd is pretty great.. The changes are almost universally for the better aside from the baffling pointer adjustment and it truly has never looked better.. While I would have loved had the developers gone a bit further, such as by upgrading textures. The game is still pleasant to look at. … .but. Well. Does it hold up as a game, especially after Breath, of the Wild? Well …? There are elements of Skyward Sword that I love., The characterization of Link and Zelda might be the best yet in the series humanizing them to a far greater degree than most of the games, which is ironic, given some of the lore implications. Skyward Sword reveals.

. The temples are consistently solid, if not great, with a focus on fewer larger rooms., Theyre, less labyrinthian in nature and more focused on interconnectedness, which I quite enjoyed as a directionally challenged. Being., The boss fights make good use of the unique sword based mechanics. And though the puzzles are your classic. Zelda fare. There are some brilliant ones in there like how the time shift stones. Let you experience two different time periods at once. WHOA.. The final dungeon might just be one of the most brilliant in the entire series.. I also surprisingly, really enjoyed the Silent Realm challenge, which adds a thrilling pressure as you evade enemies to grab the things you need., Oh and the final hour or two might just the best of the entire Zelda series.. But yeah you knew there was a but coming. The truly great parts are connected by an endless slog of fetch quests., Whether its looking for song, fragments forest penguins holy water or any number of knick knacks. Someone is always begging you to find something for them. Im. Pretty sure there are even fetch quests within fetch quests and it quickly becomes tiresome., Especially because many of them revolve around using the Master Swords, Dowsing ability, which has you pointing your sword around randomly until it starts beeping indicating the direction you need to go in. Its? Not fun its annoying and feels like complete filler.. It doesnt help that the sky world is a complete waste of time and space.

. It offers the illusion of a open world, but doesnt have anything interesting to find.. Look a rock …! Oh wait! Whats that Oh another rock., You begin the game in arguably the only interesting sky, location and its all downhill from there.. One of the few locations of note is fun, fun, island and Im. Pretty sure that names sarcastic. And Its run by a literal clown., The sky is little more than a glorified world map with the annoying step, or should I say, flap of having to fly between locations. And then theres. The elephant in the room Skyward Sword is linear to a fault.. Every puzzle has a single pre designated solution: every locked route, just the one key through.. If you get hung up on a particular puzzle boss or what have you thats, it. Figure it out or go home. Now, there’s, nothing inherently wrong with linearity, but Skyward Sword pushed a tired formula to an extreme which now feels even more restrictive and claustrophobic after Breath Of the Wild. I was hoping that revisiting. It would be like coming home after a long vacation feeling comfortable and familiar., But it felt more like returning to your childhood town after living, much of your adult life elsewhere. Its recognizable sure, but strange at the same time.. There are still things to appreciate about it, but youve also moved on and it can be hard. Looking back. Ultimately playing through SSHD gave me a newfound appreciation .

.. for Breath of the Wild., But to Skyward Swords credit. It was a necessary stepping stone in getting there even birthing, a surprising amount of ideas that would later find its way into that game, like stamina, flying material collecting and even floating islands. If we include the sequel. Skyward, Sword is filled with a lot of great ideas, but its archaic, linear structure, buckles under the weight of the series, grander ambitions. Im, still glad. I replayed it especially in what is otherwise a pretty great HD remaster and is almost certainly worth picking up for huge fans of the original or the rest of the classic Zelda formula., But as a gameplay experience, it can be tough to revisit after experiencing everything that Skyward Sword isnt, and yet I still liked it overall, even if I was tempted to drop it completely at points., Its motion based gameplay, unique overworld puzzles and intricate temple design are all elements that cant quite be found anywhere. Else. Plus that final hour or so really is super great., Its just important to know what youre getting yourself into if youve only played Breath of the Wild as Skyward Sword, HD offers a very different experience, one that Im sure some people will prefer. And there you Have it our review of Skyward Sword HD for Nintendo Switch.