I have nothing to record today: ringtone pickup, what huh nickelodeon smash bros knock off all right hold on hold on just wait right here. What is this nickelodeon all star brawl official announcement trailer here we go Music, get ready, ain’t! No, stopping me! Oh that’s, pretty cool what you waiting for that’s, actually pretty cool, oh ren and snimpy, okay that’s. What yeah i didn’t grow up with brendan stimpy. When did ren and stimpy end anyway, are they in this game? If they’re not in this game, you kind of missed the point, i think well, okay, i think if they uh they’re gon na, have to follow the group the blueprint of what is that smash bros. If they want to be successful, i know people are going to be like you’re you’re you’re copying smash bros, but i mean you kind of have to. If you want to be successful, you got to copy the big boys, sony uh, playstation, that the people that make that they made their own game similar to smash bros years ago, and it didn’t really do all that. Well, yeah playstation all stars battle, royale 2012, but it didn’t do well. It got a 4.6, but i haven’t heard anything about it since, like what 2014. yeah see it misses a lot of people say it misses the point and i’m. Not you know attacking the people who made the game. There was just some stuff about it that wasn’t good.

If these people that made the nickelodeon game can really understand what the point of smash bros is, they have a great game, they might be competition, so we need some help. We need jesus, all right, um and that’s all from me today. I know this was a different kind of video, but i hope you agree. I hope you enjoyed regardless and uh yeah so be blessed, be encouraged in jesus name, peace and peace. Again, i don’t know why i went like this.