Brothers called nickelodeon all star brawl, as you would guess. The roster has many characters from nickelodeon’s many franchises and aang is all but confirmed. He is not actually shown in the trailer, but the trailer does show some characters. Fighting on the western air temple, the box, art also has silhouettes of characters and korra’s silhouette is clearly visible and below. Her is the silhouette of a hand that i’m pretty sure belongs to aang, so yeah aang is definitely in this game. They probably just want to save his reveal for later, or maybe he’ll be a hidden unlockable character, i’m, also, betting, that korra and aang will pretty much be echo fighters, or at least semi clones of each other. I actually made a video a few years ago about how i wanted aang to be in super smash brothers. I wasn’t that serious about it because i know super smash. Brothers is supposed to be a celebration of video games and i do think it should stay that way, but i did always hope that nickelodeon would make a smash, bros style game with all the characters it owns and now they have. I do hope. Aang plays how i described him in my old video, so go ahead and watch it. If you want to see how i thought he should play disclaimer, though i’ve completely changed my opinion that i had in that video about echo fighters and clone characters i’m totally fine with them now, but anyway, you know what i’ll just reiterate or replay some of my Main points here so i think his neutral special should sort of be like shulks, except he switches between what elements he’s using and there shouldn’t be like a timer on the elements he uses either, and i think it might be better if you just press b to Quickly cycle, through the elements, instead of having a whole menu like shulk, has, i think, it’ll just be quicker and more viable and more representative of the avatar, so yeah.

The symbol by his damage meter should change accordingly and he’ll. Just have different move sets, depending on which element he’s using like with water. His b side move could be like the water whip or something, and then like with fire. His b side move could just be like, like a blast of fire like, but his third jump should always be to use his glider, and it would also be cool if he could like glide, like how meta knight and charizard and all them can glide. It would also be really cool if he could redirect lightning attacks. Maybe that could be his be down move for firebending and his grabs could all certainly be different for all the different elements too. It also might be cool if, like his b side for airbending, was like a huge gust of wind that didn’t necessarily do damage, but it just pushes you like. You could use it to push people off the stage. He should also be a fast runner like sonic and his r shield thing could be like when he went into that earth ball when he was fighting ozai, so yeah go ahead and watch my old video. If you want to hear more of my ideas for avatar in a platform fighting game, but what about you guys? How do you want aang and korra to play in this game? Let me know in the comments, this game better, be gamecube controller compatible and have the same controls as smash or else i’m gon na be really mad that i have to learn something new i’m, an old man.

What can i say? I also wonder if any other avatar characters besides aang and korra will be in this. There would definitely be some good candidates what other avatar characters do you want to see in this game? Let me know that in the comments as well, i also uploaded another avatar video today covering a lot of other avatar news. That’S been announced recently, so go check that out. If you haven’t already, i literally uploaded that video and saw the news about this. Like an hour later – and i was like well, i guess – i’m making another video now remember to subscribe to my channel to stay updated on any avatar news in the future hit the like button to please the algorithm. Follow me on social media support me on patreon. For just one dollar a month you can see videos early. There actually is another video up early on my patreon right now. You can also vote on future video topics and get your name here with all these nice people, jay campbell, my hero mo charles oberon, dj, triple colleen, west tania, foster, joshua, lobsens, super l and eduardo kovacs. Alright, thanks for watching, i can’t wait to play this game when it comes out, even if it’s, bad and i’ll see you next time. I think this is the first time i’ve ever uploaded two videos.