How many days are there until halloween halloween will start in 112 days on sunday, october 31st, 2021. I can’t believe they’re only 112 days until halloween i got ta say 2021 is zipping by like that it’s insane. But here we are it’s the middle of summer halloween stuff’s popping up in stores. If you’ve been at home. If you’ve been to michaels you’re, seeing the fall, the halloween slowly starting to creep in even hobby lobby, i heard maybe joanne’s mernards. If you have them there’s, it’s it’s coming guys. Basically is what i’m saying so, if you’re into halloween, if you’re into this stuff pop it up in stores, if you want to see stuff in stores, go ahead, hit the subscribe button. You’Ll. Thank me later, or you can make me now with subscribing. Thank you. So much i really do appreciate each and every one of my subscribers for watching today, even though this isn’t spirit, halloween news, i know a lot of you love spirit and uh which, by the way, spirit’s flagship store, is opening on the 31st and in a few Days, we’re going to see probably their entire collection because let’s face it. They have 15 days until they open they’re gon na drop it all on thursday, but today i’m, not talking about spirit other than that i’m. Not talking about spirit. What i am talking about, though, are a few stores that you may not know are getting in some pretty sweet stuff.

I got ta, be honest, let’s start off with one of the curveballs. I wasn’t expecting this at all. In fact, my friend cole had to send me it on instagram it’s. Actually, a video by jta go check. Him out was that thunder, perfect weather for this kind of video, a video by jta. Please go check him out. He posted a video of an unreleased prop from last year that lo and behold is not so unreleased anymore it’s coming the lows and it’s a life sized animated plague, doctor isn’t it weird that we get plague doctor props as soon as the virus comes out. I i couldn’t have predicted it spirit, made a plague doctor now, of course lowe’s. But, oddly enough, the company that made this guy is jemmy, which is so weird, though i have to say, kudos to jemmy for actually making a pretty decent life size in the year 2021. The phrases are quite cool. I like the voice, a lot. I, like the mannerisms of the head moving and the eyes lighting up it all is really cool. Stuff i’m super excited to see this guy really think that lowe’s is going to have that prop as their standout, because there are lists of some of the other things that are going to be in their halloween lineup and it’s more or less the same stuff that You would come to expect from lowe’s, but the plague doctor super dope good job.

Jimmy with that said, though, you can’t really compete a plague doctor against all of the cool stuff that home depot is offering this year, let’s face it, no offense to lowe’s, but home depot has been excelling at their halloween stuff. I made a video a few days ago talking about a lot of the stuff that home depot is dropping, but now i have even more photos and more props to show you one such prop, of course, is the headless horseman, the iconic halloween figure with his head. He actually has his head, so he’s not super headless. I guess um if pumpkins count – and it looks like that – pumpkin very well might talk. I don’t know officially but it’s safe to assume that it may talk we’re, also getting a new uh scarecrow. This one kind of has a swampy thing going for it: swampy’s, not a word, but let’s pretend it is looks pretty cool. I, like the design of it, we’ve seen scarecrows similar to this guy, but i, like the greens, incorporated into the character we’re, also getting a mad scientist with his lab assistant. I know there are videos of people showing this off already. I really do dig it it’s. A little cartoony for my taste, but i do love the lab stuff, but i think all of those have to step aside for what may be the best prop at well. I really like that plant, but i i we haven’t seen videos of this stuff, but probably the fan favorite it’s blowing haunter’s minds right now on the internet.

It came out about a week ago this life size jester prop. This thing looks so awesome and i know i know i know you’re gon na say didn’t. You make that video on why you don’t like clown animatronics anymore haunt. Yes, i did, but what i said in that video is, i don’t, like the unoriginality of those props and this guy with the masks on his legs and his position of his legs that he’s in and the face and the hat all of this is so cool. I really love the design of this character and i’m, really hoping that the animation can can really bump it up even higher. Although he already looks super cool really excited to see the jester now the curveball besides the plague doctor for me, anyways, was to know that costco is also throwing their hat into the ring and delivering some halloween goodies. Now i don’t usually store tour costco’s, halloween that’s, a shameless plug by the way go check out my halloween store tours, but i usually don’t even go there because, besides their utz halloween pretzels that they have in the food department, there’s not a whole lot being offered There and this year is somewhat similar. You have like some witches. You have a pumpkin all right, okay, i mean it’s fine, but it’s, nothing that i would freak out about, but there are a few things that i would freak out about. One of those things is a life sized werewolf with the lcd eyes.

This thing looks really cool and a lot of people are talking about it. Online right now very excited to see it in the costco stores may have to go out and film a video for you guys at costco, but i think the sleeper hit for costco and one of the sleeper hits for the season right now is this giant mutant, Spider, this thing is really cool. Now we’ve seen spiders that look very similar to this one. But what makes this one stand out is just how freaking big this spider is it’s huge. Now that comes in at a hefty price of about two hundred dollars and you might be saying, that’s a lot for a spider, but this thing looks like it’s, solid plastic it’s got a good base on it and frankly i just love insects. So it’s really enticing me whether or not i’ll get it is up for debate, but i can say: it’s my favorite part of costco and one of my favorite things that i’ve seen so far for the season that’s going to do it. You guys that’s all i’ve got. Let me know in the comments. What are you most excited for for halloween 2021, thus far, there’s a lot more coming, speaking of which make sure to subscribe for more halloween because remember for all things halloween.