Now home depot has updated their halloween portion of their website once again and we got a brand new image showing some brand new items for the 2021 season. As you can see, the image takes place in like a farm type area down at the bottom left. We could see those pumpkin duo trick or treater things that i talked about in another video. We could see that 12 foot – or i heard some people now saying 14 foot towering pumpkin man now a little bit to the right. We’Ve got these really cool pumpkins and, as you can tell by my logo, i love pumpkins and all harvest stuff, and these pumpkins look really detailed and look really creepy and i really hope they are in store. Then we have this skeleton which appears to have a pumpkin head on it. Then we have the 12 foot skeleton confirming that he will be returning for the 2021 season and then in the back right corner. We have this thing that looks like a witch possibly or it could be this other animatronic that i’ll talk about later on in the video. Now we also got some brand new animatronics. We got this funeral style animatronic, which looks like this girl who is attending a funeral. She’S got all the black on she’s got the black drapes and stuff like that, and i assume that she’s, probably just gon na, have like a moving mouth or something i can’t really think of a emotion that would fit well with her.

I doubt she’ll turn sides aside, but who knows we’ll have to wait and see for the video. Then we got this headless horseman, but without a horse he looks pretty cool we’ve seen home depot has done a lot of headless horsemen type stuff. The pumpkin is very looks really detailed. The clothes look like classic home depot clothes and stuff they’re, not the best, but at the same time they’re not the worst, and then he is holding this giant axe which looks really detailed. I would love if it had a little bit of like blood on the tip of it. That would look cool, and i assume this is gon na probably have some like side to side motion nothing too major for him. Then we got this remake of the flaming scarecrow, which this is the one that i was talking about before. That kind of that i said kind of look like the witch or whatever it was in the back of that one photo personally i’m, not the biggest fan of this. I do love the flaming scarecrow. I actually own him he’s one of my favorite home depot props, but this one i don’t know it’s just the coloring it just doesn’t look right. It just doesn’t fit him. I don’t, like the green, and i assume he’s, probably gon na – have the same animation as the original one. Next up, we got this, mr moldy reskin. Personally, i really like this.

I really hope he’s in store, because mr moldy wasn’t in stores last year and personally i like it more than waving wall e. I love the fat clown idea, it’s, something that we don’t see too often it’s a classic clown look, but we really don’t get that many animatronics that have that style, and i love the cotton candy. He looks really cool now. Just imagine pairing him up with cotton. Candice from morse costumes that would look pretty cool and then he’s, probably just going to have like a moving mouth and a waving arm kind of like mr moldy did last year, and then we got this really cool jester, looking guy, which i’m not gon na lie. I really like i love the stance that he’s in i love the way his feet are positioned and his knees are bent and stuff like that. I assume that mask is gon na be covering his face and then he’s just gon na move the mask away to reveal that creepy face. He might even have a moving mouth it’s kind of hard to tell, but just the detail and everything on this guy looks amazing. I just really love everything about it: the colors, the possible animation, just the whole concept of it. I love it. Well, everyone that’s it for the home depot animatronics. I hope you guys all enjoyed if you did make sure to like comment subscribe and share, and i want to hear your guys’s thoughts on these down in the comments down below.

I really can’t wait to see. All of these in person once home depot has them all set up and yeah.