Welcome to my channel. My name is justin. Here we focus on your favorite content from streaming services and in theaters. If you guys, love to watch movies and shows like i do, you guys are in the right spot, make sure hit the subscribe button down below netflix’s newest documentary is titled heist and it centers around three of the biggest crimes in modern history. A 21 year old woman steals millions in vegas casino cash, a former elite softball star, steals 200 bottles of legendary bourbon worth one thousand to four thousand dollars per bottle, and a group of friends steal pallets of money left briefly. Unguarded in an open warehouse were dropped off by planes. This series is only six episodes, but each crime gets two episodes to kind of really dig deep into it. The way that it is structured. The first episode really sets up the people that are involved years prior to the crime, how everything was established, the crime itself happening, and then the second episode really focuses on what happens afterwards years after the police. Looking for them. A couple of the episodes are told by real people that were involved, not actors or actresses. One of them is told by an actress so through the couple episodes that you get for each crime there’s a lot of information thrown at you in regards to setting up the crime going through with it the crime itself happening, and then what happens afterwards. It’S, a really stylish kind of documentary series, it uh recounts a lot of the events that had happened.

There’S a lot of interviews, footage from the police news footage as well. Even the police are interviewed as well. What i liked about every single episode is the amount of energy that really goes into it. They have a soundtrack that keeps your interest, but as we’re watching these couple episodes for each crime for a couple of the episodes, you really do get the sense of that excitement that the people were feeling when they discovered that they could go through with their plan. Uh, you could also hear how nervous they were when they were being interviewed. One of the episodes has an actress that was reading a script. Obviously – and you just didn’t, get the sense that that was her and i didn’t know it was her prior to the end of the episode. So when i was watching it, i was like something’s off it. Just doesn’t seem like this is the person it was revealed that she was trying to keep her identity, but the episodes that do involve the real people. You can feel that excitement as they discovered hey. We could steal millions of dollars at times. You do feel how raw and real the conversations and the interviews are and then at times it does seem a little bit fake. But each crime in here is big: a 20 year old woman, stealing millions of dollars in vegas people, stealing hundreds of bottles of bourbon and selling them and then stealing money off of planes.

Each one just feels intense in its own way and you’re really invested in each episode, since each crime gets two episodes about an hour and a half for each crime. You’Re invested in the people that went through the crime and the crime itself, and so you know did they get away with it at times it does seem to focus a little much on, i guess unnecessary stuff. I mean couple of the episodes establish why they went through with the crime, but especially for the first part of each episode. It seems to focus a little too much on this is when this person met them, and this person fell in love with them, and it just goes on for a little too much, because i want to see the crime i want to see how they got away With it, and how long were they on the run for that’s? What i found interesting about this series, but it digged a little too deeper, like 14 years 20 years prior to the the actual crime itself happening, that they had to set up. This person was like this everybody like this person. We never thought that this person would go through with the crime things like that happened. Quite often in the first episode. The first episode is really to establish the crime and the people involved in the last few minutes. Going through with the crime and the second episode digging deeper into the crime and everything else afterwards, so the crimes themselves are quite interesting that people actually got it’s.

So the crimes themselves are quite interesting and how people actually got away with some of them, and then they weren’t found until years later, it’s crazy. What people can almost get away with. So this documentary series is pretty flashy. The interviews themselves do provide that sense of energy that people were feeling when going through with the crime and recounting the steps and shooting the footage of the crime itself was actually kind of believable. I thought that was actually what had happened. If someone had a camera right next to them, i actually believed it so it’s really thrilling throughout, and each episode really did keep my interest and i was invested in the crime, the people, the the police, involvement, everything just within it. I found to be quite interesting. Um, i really do enjoy watching a lot of documentary series on netflix, especially crime ones. This is one of the more flashy ones that i have seen, but it really does focus on the crime itself and how people came up with the ideas for them. Establishing the people their lives, why they wanted to do it? How did the crime affect people’s lives? You know all the kind common things that you would get from a crime documentary series on netflix, so it’s really no different, but i think the the soundtrack choice interview the real people, the soundtrack it all kind of just felt a little flashy at times, and i Really did enjoy that because it made the documentary series go by pretty quick i’m gon na go ahead and give heist a b.

Thank you guys for taking a review for heist on netflix. Have you guys seen this new documentary series? What do you guys think about? Let me know in the comment section down below and stay tuned for more up and coming content.