My review of netflix new documentary series – heist hey before you watch my review. Please subscribe to my channel press that like button and ring that bell, so you can get notified whenever i post new videos and if you’d like to help support this channel. Please do so at patreon.comscreen, that’s drama screen, let’s rock this hot damn as busy as you may be. Do not miss out on this incredible new documentary series from netflix. Not only are the true stories remarkable and jaw dropping, but the way that the depiction is illustrated and presented, it’s, engaging and stylized and in such a way that makes these crimes very enticing and cool compared to our daily mundane lives. And, oh, my god. The amount of money that these perpetrators on these episodes got to actually rob was insane and they would have gotten away with it too, had it not been for their own worst enemy themselves, from dirty robber and directed by derek donning and martin desmond, rowe and nick. Through comes a new netflix documentary series, chronicling three of the biggest heists in modern american history, as explained by the people who pulled them off a 21 year old woman steals millions in vegas casino cash, an aspiring father, swipes a fortune from the miami airport and uses Tv to learn how to get away with it, a kentucky dad is accused of one of the biggest bourbon burglaries in history. So again, as i said in the synopsis, the format basically comes in three parts and each of them comes in two episodes.

The first part is the vegas armored car robbery by heather talchiff and her still fugitive boyfriend. The second part is the miami airport heist by a cuban immigrant and his crew, and the third part is the bourbon papi gate in kentucky the reenactments on. All of them are so well done. It’S, like they’re begging for narrative movie adaptations to be made about them. The first episode of each part is about the years and the days leading up to the heist, the reason behind it and how they execute it. The second episode of each part is about the investigation, the cops tracking, the leads hunting them down and, of course, the conclusion. A screenwriter could not have come up with wilder storylines the miami airport, one has been compared to good fellas, but even the heist in goodfellas wasn’t really shown here. You get to see it all unfold and i’ll, be damn it’s like a mix of carefully staged plans and pure luck. You can’t help but be impressed a little. The heather talchief one is the most tragic out of the entire three. In my opinion, i mean they all don’t have a happy ending, but the other two are born out of desperate need to provide for their families, so they did what they had to, but then they got carried away, whereas heather was under a spell. She was brainwashed by an older man that she thought loved her back broken families due to crime is sad but it’s more sad for heather, because it took her years to finally realize that she is her own person, it’s, just heart wrenching.

If you think about it either case heist is designed for the fans of such films as ocean’s 11. it’s, fast paced, it’s, cinematic, it’s, vibrant. Even the interview footage is full of surprises. Sometimes you can’t tell where the actors end and the actual people begin, which just blows your mind and there’s. Always this emphasis throughout that, while yes, easy stolen money can be exhilarating, it can buy you, you can party with it. You can spend it and so on and so forth, but eventually and ultimately that american classic folk song prevails. You can run on for a long time run on for a long time run on for a long time. Sooner or later, god’ll cut you down.