Do you think it’s hard to buy a laptop wait until you search for a tv, because you have so many options and so many names and features and whatever you go nuts, especially if you want to use it with your computer, for example, this one that i Choose first reason because it’s 4k second reason because it’s not so big, i didn’t want more than 43 inch and this 2021. I didn’t want smart tv. If you try to buy a non smart tv, you won’t have many choices and also those choices are not that good. So if you want a good tv, you have to buy it smart. I wanted the lg because it has web os. I preferred something without android. If the manufacturer will not update the android version you have on your tv, it will be exactly the same as the web os and whatever, and also it works with apple homekit. You see apple, homekit and airplane. I will get my laptop and will try apple airplay and probably honk it. I will see i’m curious if i can start the tv with combo let’s let’s. Do this, what we have here, cable and two standard. This is one from one side: it’s plastic. It doesn’t. Look so fancy simple plastic stand. Also in the box. We have remote control here and batteries netflix prime tv disney and rakuten tv is crazy. So it’s here here is written works with netflix apple tv, prime video.

Where is apple tv? Okay, another device apple tv, the service. So in the box you have you see, there are the stands here and you have a stand. You see so a goes here and b goes on the other side: okay, let’s plug it in and see what happens if you don’t know how to put the battery i’ll show you now you remove this i’m kidding, of course, minus and plus power button web os. Okay, see that’s, why i do not want smart tv. You have to wait 100 years until it starts up press, ok on button wheel, okay, but i have a magic remote here. You see sorry see if you do like this. With the okay select installation method, mobile device, tv let’s see what happens: english Music. Okay, we have here the scroll yeah. This is a bit confusing, so it’s a or g a and g perfect. It consumes a lot and consumes plus. In the same time i will choose wall mounted because using i will put these mounts on it and it will hang on the ceiling. So let’s choose wall mounted, set password, okay, confirm it antenna, cable, satellite, it’s, cable. I do not have any program tuning, i don’t know what to choose. I will not choose anything set them at other operators. I don’t want to choose this leave me alone. Okay, so you’re searching for something i’m, pretty sure you do not find anything so let’s keep.

Yes, i want to skip, because i do not use any exit. Leave me alone start already. Signing with remote control. Skip done to watch live tv programs must be tuned. Do you want to start trying to? No, i don’t want so let’s. Do something else let’s see if i choose here settings software update check for updates, so it has one update. You can update it like this. This is annoying i’ve searched over the internet. There are a lot of guys who are not able to remove this code, but if you press on home button you see here, you will go to all the software that it has let’s see. If i do airplay what’s happening airplay you see and from the system. I go to display settings and here airplay display, you see nguyeboys tv and you have to put the code which you find there: okay, okay, perfect that’s. It oh come on in comparison. This is the resolution that i get. If i do airplay with apple tv, which is connected to this tv set, so probably that limitation is from webos let’s see how it is with hdmi, cable and a dongle intel max need dongles. Also, do you want to switch yes, this is a different story. I can set it up as small as i wow very nice, so the hdmi is totally different. This is 4k. Now maximum resolution is 3008 by 2160.. I, like it very much it’s, very good to use also with computers.

On the back. We have optical digital audio output, hdmi port, usb port ethernet port. You can plug it in to your network, but it has also wireless, so you can choose if you want – and there is also here common interface. I do not know exactly what this does. There is another usb in two hdmi ports antenna, slash, cable in and set satellite in here you have the power, and these are the places where you put the mount and below. There is also a button it’s used as power, and there is a simple menu. If you press it once it will start the tv and you see short press is menu, long press. You turn it off, so i press it once there is this menu. You see, i press it again. I can switch. For example. If i go to volume and press long on the volume, the volume will be increased. Let me see if you do not have the remote with you it’s useful and because it has also home kit support. You can do something like hey stop tv.