Well now we’re in 2021. This is the up series, so in today’s video i’m going to show you guys a 43 inch up7000. Now a lot of people ask me: why do i go with the 43 inch tvs? You should be reviewing 50 inch and 65s, because that’s what the average person has well reality of it is, is the videos that create are really designed to show you guys. The features and if you really want to see the picture quality, then i advise you go to your local store. Now the content can vary from model to model, but this one is basically going to have all the features of the bigger set. Now i will start off with a few things. First of all, this is a 60 hertz panel, but it has a 120 hertz motion that smooths out those action scenes, but when it comes to gaming, it’s still a 60 hertz panel. The second thing i want to tell you guys is that this is a ips panel and the reason i like ips is because it has better colors and better viewing angles. But if you go to the 50 inch, you can get a va panel. However, if you go with a 55 inch or 65 inch, you’re going to get ips panels as well, but if you’re a gamer you might want to get the 50 inch that’s up to you. So on this video we’re, going to get out of the box i’m going to show you guys some demos and we’ll see what this tv set does for the low price, so sit back and relax and let’s get started Music in the box.

You get the left and right feet the instruction manual, it comes with a power cable and you get the full remote control that has the number pad you have some hot keys and you have controls for dvd players or any type of media streaming service to mount. The feed on the bottom of tv sets very easy there’s a left on the television set and there’s a left on the foot. All you need to do is go ahead and put in place and screw it in with the provided screws. So when it comes to the lg up7000, even though it’s ips panel, it actually has really good contrast ratios now i will tell you it does have 4k upscaling and it is direct lit with the lights now as far as picture profiles, it does support your hdr10 And hlg, but uh let’s take a closer look when you get this tv set. It has some plastic on the top here that you just want to go ahead and peel off, and you can find some tape around the edges right here and just in case you wonder, here’s the energy savings guide on the back of it you’re going to find Two hdmis and one usb – and i will tell you one of these – is hdmi 2.1 with e arc. So it is good for audio pass through and that’s for 7.1 audio pass through not for 120 hertz gaming there’s, a coaxial input, as well as a fiber optic and network input, and you can easily mount along the wall with the 300 by 300 millimeter holes.

Right here for a wall mount bracket, so i need to be honest with you guys, so i did a video on the samsung tu 7000 and you guys were like. Why did they go to two hdmi inputs, two hdmis and one was for arc for sound bars as well as any type of art control device. Well, the same thing happened here to hdmi input, so i think that’s a bad moves, considering that people are now using different kinds of stream boxes like the roku’s, the apple tvs, the cable box and satellite boxes. Now, with two inputs it’s going to really limit what you hook up to this tv set, so i really think it’s a push to get you to go to a more advanced model that has more inputs. Now i made a video on this little adapter from o, rave and uh. This allows you to have four inputs using one, so in other words, you can take one of these inputs plug this in and now you have four and it does support the full capabilities of the tsat, which is 4k 60 hertz, but uh let’s keep going with The video so there’s a couple different ways you can set up this television set one when you first turn it on. You can use the lg remote control, but i prefer to use the lg. Then q application you can use the iphone to get the lg. Thank you, application or you can use the android device like this one right here and all you need to do is just download the then queue application and scan the barcode.

Once everything is set up with the thinq application, you can connect it to your alexa system or google system, but keep in mind this television set does not have voice command built in now. Take a look at the design. It’S got a thin black bezel. That goes all the way around the screen. Now, when you look at the feet, they look like brush aluminum and then, if you go over here to the center, you have the lg logo. Now, underneath here there’s a little press button and if you press it, you get some controls on the screen. Take a look at the side view you can see that it’s a little bit bigger in the back. Due to that this is a direct lick. Television set and that the back of it has a little bit of bump as well, and in my opinion, this tv set is a lot more stable than last year model. As far as the way the legs and the design is, the tv is powered by web os 6.0, which has a new black interface which make it very easy to use. Also, if you go over here, you have a function called home dashboard under home dashboard. You can see everything is connected to the television set and you can see right there. It does support airplay sound share and i do have a usb thumb drive plugged in, and it also shows the status of the audio. Now, if you have other tvs or other devices connected to your lg cloud, you can click right here and find the different devices like televisions as well as refrigerators or anything that’s connected to the lg, then cue system.

Now, if you need to rename any of your inputs, you can hit the ellipses at the top. You can press edit input and with this full keyboard, you can label this to be anything you want on the home screen. You have lg channels that’s available in some regions, but it allows you to have like some type of tv content that streams off the internet over here we have an app store and it’s grouped under feature entertainment, game, news and education. Another thing i want to point out is that lg does not require a login to be able to download apps. Now, if you’re, a big sports fan here in the us, i know it works for sure there’s, a sports update alert. So if you go here, you can add your favorite teams and you can see there’s different genres like nfl nhl, and this allows you to add all your favorite teams to a list and then, whenever the games are on it can show you all the updates of That team this tv set does have a web browser built in, so you can use the internet keep in mind that this remote control is not going to really get you through those screens really good. You can see i’m inching around just by pressing and holding it, and if i want to click on something, i press, ok in the center of the remote control, but if you’re trying to watch any type of movies or anything like that, i don’t expect it to Work good just want to show you guys that it does have a built in web browser and, lastly, i’ll show you guys on this list.

Besides doing edits, you can go in here and you have a media player and if i was to hit play on one of these videos on here, some videos will not play so there’s a list of different ones. That does work like, for example. This is an mp4, it works fine, and if you go down to the bottom here, you can see there’s subtitles that you can have rotation. You can rewind repeat all as well as going over here to options and you can change the playback speed. So those are some of the different things you can do with the web. Os 6.0 now we’re going to do some video tests and some people said that hey. I need you guys to use a real person in your videos. I can get an idea of the skin tones and i have a few clips here to show you guys so here we have a girl in the forest. You can see the black over here. You can see her skin tones of her face and you can also see the orange shirt that she has on and i’m going to tell you that this tv set is performing so much better than i thought it would here’s another example for you guys. This is a boxer, basically shadow boxing at the camera, and you can see that his gloves are red and there’s a little bokeh in the background. But overall, the skin tones look really good here’s another example of some skin tones.

Again, she has a beautiful face and some curly hair. Another example of a girl smiling on the streets with the sun. Behind her and again, these are flesh tones that you guys were asking about, and this is a good task because it shows the black level of their jacket and the whiteness of the snow and again beautiful animal skin tones. Before i end this particular segment, i want to show you guys something real, quick on the right hand, side i have the samsung q6a, which is a 600 television set and on the left we have the lg up7000. Now, first of all, this is in standard mode. So you cannotice that the samsung is a much brighter screen and this is not what we’re trying to debate we’re trying to debate the black levels in ips panel. So what i’m going to do is go over to the samsung and just show you guys the different picture modes now. I will also point out that you can go into the advanced picture settings and adjust this, but i have it at factory settings so right now: we’re in standard mode, that’s, natural mode movie, mode, filmmaker mode, dynamic and back to standard. Now, we’re going to take a look at the up7000 from lg, so what you see right now is in the standard mode. Here we have the auto power, save mode the cinema, mode, sports mode, gaming mode, filmmaker mode, expert, brightness, expert, darkness and vivid.

The one thing that’s really stand out to me is that the samsung does have more details, but the black levels on this one are more convincing to me. But but you guys leave a comment below and tell me what you think: the lg ips or the samsung v8 Music, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Applause, Applause, i’m. Here to tell you guys that this is not a sponsored video. But what do you guys think pretty impressive for 329 us dollars now? It also looked good if you hook it up to a computer here’s an example of photoshop. You can see, you can go here, go through all different settings at the top here’s another example. Using microsoft, publisher and you can go in here again use the tv set as a monitor to create different publications that you can share with your family and, in my opinion, it’s also a great monitor to use for powerpoint, and you can create different type of presentations. For your business school or any word, you need to make a presentation, and you can see it makes a great computer monitor and it will support up to 4k 60 frames per second, assuming that you have a video card that supports it now, let’s do a input Lag test and we can play some games so first test we’re going to do is i have the tv set in standard picture mode let’s see what we get. So it looks like about 51.

4 milliseconds and that’s, pretty average for a tv set because it’s not in gaming mode, but let’s, now put into gaming mode and see what we get and the lag is pretty good. It dropped down to about 10.7 milliseconds and that’s gon na make your response time so much faster whenever you plan any kind of action: game, Music, so Music. So i will tell you the gaming experience on this tv set is really good, considering that it is a 4k 60hz screen. Now a lot of people always said on the box. I seen that it said 120 hertz, but keep in mind. That is motion. This is a 60 hertz 8 bit panel, so you’re not going to get too much more than that. Also, whenever going to the settings, i looked and see, if you can do 1440 gaming at 120, hertz didn’t see any options. Nor do i have a console that will allow you to switch over to that automatically. Another thing i will tell you guys is that this tv set does support apple airplay in the united states. In addition to that, if you have the home kit ecosystem, it will connect to that as well and allow you to use siri to turn the tv set off and on now. If you have an android device, it doesn’t have an ecosystem. However, you can do screen mirroring and share your screen with this particular tv set other than that. Only gripes i had about this tv set is the construction of.

It is a little bit. You know on the cheaper side and you only get that two hdmi inputs but i’m going to tell you when it comes to picture quality. It performed so much better than i thought. However, if you guys want to check it out, you feel free to go. Look at reviews and see what other people think, but i’ll leave all those links in the comments below i’m tech. Steve thanks a lot for watching and i’ll catch.