You want to invest into a cryptocurrency at the ground floor right because, no matter how much it goes up and pulls back if you’re, basically in there at the beginning, you’re essentially in profit most of the journey right, but essentially all of the journey and the sooner You get in and the higher it goes. Obviously the more money you make w the whole reason that people invest in cryptocurrencies. If you’re, not here for the tech right or the user experience, i mean you’re looking to make money and and that’s okay, and you know we can just accept and address that right and how can you make the most money? Well, one of the things is having access to the most projects and whether you choose or not to invest in them is obviously your decision, but even having the option the capability, the choice to be like yeah. You know what i’ll throw a couple bucks at that and you don’t have to be an accredited investor with 10 million dollars in assets and approved by the government to spend your money on whatever you want. If you want to buy some more of those doggy stocks, you can go ahead and do it, but today we’re going to be looking at a project that’s looking to bridge that gap right, they’re looking to capitalize on the cross chain, focus cross blockchain. That means basically bridging the gap between multiple blockchains for you and allowing you to invest in these cryptocurrencies at the earliest possible stage, not being hindered by a blockchain you’re, not familiar with or don’t, have access to or have trouble getting the coins because of regulations.

Maybe you can’t get on an exchange that sells the token. For example, i had an issue with like phantom it’s, not easy to get phantom token ftm as a us, citizen and services like this can help alleviate things like that and us all of the concern that surrounds regulation and whatever else so. My name is vazque. On the boscoin youtube channel, this is tails. We do 10 seconds of tales every single time, because she’s super freaking awesome slap. The subscribe button join me on this crazy crypto journey, as i try to navigate the crypto sphere, so let’s jump into it. If you’ve ever wanted to mine bitcoin, then you should head to and learn how they’re making it possible for everyone to mine bitcoin. Now they sell bitcoin miners. They will connect you with facilities, co location, which enables you to host your bitcoin miners with some of the best bitcoin mining farms in the world. Click the link below to learn how you can start mining with compass today going across blockchain is a pretty big deal. We’Ve briefly talked about matic polygon here on the channel, we’ve talked a ton about ethereum and erc20 tokens or simply ethereum tokens and we’ve talked a very lot. I don’t know if that was a great grammar there about the binance smart chain, which is an ethereum clone, but it runs on a proof of stake network. You know that network that ethereum’s been working towards for over four years.

Now. All these blockchains are very segmented, and bridges between them are only popping up kind of recently, but they’re a little clunky. You may not be allowed to use some of them, because your us citizen may not support what you’re looking for so cross chain. Project solutions are popping up more than ever before, but you need to have a basic understanding of even how to interact with all this stuff. So we have some tutorial videos and guides on like what is defy. What is metamask, how to set it up. What is binance smart chain how to set it up and use that things, like the trust wallet that let you do all of this from the comfort of your iphone or android device, and everything in between you swap pancake swap guides whatever we we got it all Here for you, so you better smash that subscribe button, but i bring that up because kind of that base level of knowledge is kind of needed to be able to truly appreciate projects like the one we’re going to be focusing on today. Synapse network synapse network previously gemstarter, they focused primarily here initially on three networks: the three that we just talked about and bringing three different: stable coins cross chain, usdt, tether, usdc, usdc and buzzd, or the usd the binance dollar they just launched their snp or synapse token Sale and it was just completed over 2 500 users registered and invested in their platform, so we are still on the the cutting edge here.

The launch of this, if you’re like i want to get in on the beginning of this project, that opportunity is pretty much now but like what is this project so here’s, an article off of, revolutionary ecosystem, developed by synapse network, opens up cross chain investment opportunities And you know truly that last part, you know whether this is a sponsored article or a shill, or you know, whatever like negative connotation. Something wants to put towards it in all seriousness and honesty. Having the ability to take your investments cross chain easily okay efficiently quickly, is an incredible investment opportunity, potentially just because you can go cross chain, doesn’t mean oh boom you’re going to be like a millionaire now, but it opens more doors, more opportunities, more money making opportunities. So they claim to be creating the first cross chain, investment ecosystem based on blockchain technology. You can trade, ethematic or bnb in just one swap, and i find that all really interesting, so capital venture funds back the the synapse network, and so what is that they raised? Nearly two million dollars from a vc community funding grounds partners from black dragon, dutch crypto investors, moon whale chain, link, oig, ico, hub, crypto, weekly, minted lab and csp dao, which is a decentralized autonomous organization. If you didn’t know let’s run through the recent q a here and get some answers, so we have powell here and he is the leader, the creator here of this project, he’s starting the crypto space in 2015 as a developer, what’s, the elevator pitch so projects in A cross chain ecosystem built on top of all major chains like eath polygon, bsc avalanche solana within the ecosystem.

We have a few products like cross chain, decks, a decentralized exchange, a cross chain launch pad and a decentralized finance marketplace. So they’re looking to kind of fill that niche, they want to provide services that are already here but support multiple blockchains, which i’ve complained about this a hundred times, but let’s make it 101.. Why is there no option to switch the blockchain that uniswap supports it’s astonishing? That they would just give away their market leader position by lack of innovation and complacency. You take that against one inch and we’ve talked about one inch plenty of times before and they support ethereum, binance and polygon, which is the matic network, which is really the goal here of synapse network, but one inch all it is, is a decentralized exchange aggregator. So when you go ahead and put a trade in here, and so i want to go one each to one die, it crawls all these different, dexes decentralized exchanges and tries to find you the best deal and shows you that you know if you trade here, you Get this if you trade here, you get those for some reason. They always seem to end up on top, but they really just copy the best result um right there, but anyway, i just bring it up briefly, because this is a really good real world working example of one of the things that synapse network is aiming to build And the key difference here again is that they’re looking to build that and more creating a true ecosystem, where i would consider one inch as simply being a tool, a very effective tool, though so i’m not like talking down on one inch.

They’Re they’re a prime example of of kind of filling that that niche at the time of this ama are asking me anything. Their team consisted of 15 people but they’re, looking to double that and a dev team of about eight and, as you know, teams will quickly expand and contract depending on market conditions, as well as just the project’s success. The more success you achieve, the more people you need on the team, they’ve already completed the cross chain launch pad, and they claim that that was the easier part and creating a cross chain. Decks is certainly more difficult right, but the key thing that they’re going to have to overcome when it comes to this cross chain decentralized exchange is not only just building it and not only just working well, but it needs to work as well or ideally, better than Others and they need liquidity, so they’re, going to need liquidity, mining programs, liquidity provider, programs or just a lot of straight up interest and more like. Why would you do it right? The rewards have to be there. The incentives have to be there. The security has to be there. This is a massive undertaking. If you really want to be big dog because um, you have a potential slight first mover advantage here, but it’s not like. Oh, you just happen to be pancake swap and happen to take off on the binance marching and then just pour a bunch of marketing on top.

Even if you get a lot of things wrong along the way or you have the first mover advantage of things like uniswap, but you can see that that first mover advantage can be quickly depleted on the ethereum blockchain, as competitors like sushi swap vampire attack it and Basically just say: hey, we did the same thing, but we got better incentives, my friend and we got a token forcing uniswap to drop theirs. I mean that that’s, a that was a crazy saga. Absolutely insane let’s check out the tokenomics, so 500 million private cell, a five percent staking board six percent liquidity provider rewards five percent, which is what we just touched on: seed sale, five percent, five percent to exchanges, private sale b, two percent community, private and public sale. Two point: six percent, so you have five percent there and then you have five percent there. So we have over. We have eleven percent in private and public sales. Then you up it to sixteen percent with a seed. Sale advisors are get pushing that up to 21 and then you know very quickly. A lot of these tokens are consumed. Um. We can see the rates at which they were sold. The people who supported the the pre sale are up massively already against their community pre sale price but i’m, not crap talking it per se. I mean that’s, just kind of what’s to be expected standard and everything like that. It doesn’t mean that this still couldn’t go much higher, but it is something to understand and be aware of.

Their team again is public and they have their key team members listed here on their site along with their linkedin. So if you want to learn more about them, that opportunity is there. If this project and this cross chain potential is interesting to you, then i recommend you check out the link with the video in the video description below looking forward there’s. The audit results staking functions. Uniswap listing, which means they’re going to have an erc20 token pairing there they’re going cross chain, so they’re, obviously going to have another version of their token on the binance smart chain and the polygon matic chain they’ll also be revealing their governance model and then moving forward Past that looking at polka, dots, solana, cardano avalanche and more polygon integrations and then looking at centralized exchange listings to just kind of help that exposure liquidity and everything like that. So if you think this project’s interesting, because i don’t know how you couldn’t think cross chain is interesting to some form of degree and if you’re not using d5 you’re, really missing out on the true revolution of cryptocurrency uh. But you know anyway, i’m i’m. A little excited today, right so make sure to check out the link in the description below smash. The subscribe button hit the thumbs up, leave a comment. Let me know your thoughts on this project. These are grand goals, ambitious goals. Will they do it? Statistically? You know they’re not going to make it but statistically nobody’s going to make it and whoever defies the odd becomes an incredible investment and an incredible user experience.

So i hope they do make it and i’m excited to see where it goes and i’ve been desiring cross chain solutions heavily, even more so the longer and the more i use all of these d5 daps things like decentralized exchanges, yield farms and everything else. So, as always, i appreciate you guys i’ll see you on the next video please be advised. There are scammers impersonating us on multiple platforms. I don’t want your money. I just want you to smash that subscribe button. Everything in this video is for entertainment purposes. Only. That means it’s, not financial advice.