I was lucky to win two or three. I mean two to five. I started off i’ve done a video yesterday pointing up developer thinking, it’s going to be awesome because i was up against it and it was awesome. But when i use it it was terrible. So i changed my team back and i was lucky to win. So i really, i might just experiment with different teams – see what’s going to win, but i um, oh, my hair’s getting done, and anyway here is my free incense for the day, which is a panzer. So i have loads of berries here. I don’t like having that money. I usually um keep all my berries down below 100 so but i’ve just been busy. When i was on the walks, i was doing different stuff um. What was it on the walk that i couldn’t be doing berries? I was just listening: music that’s. What i was doing, um appraise now um we’ll go and see what the shop is getting this a pokeball and three potions there we are, and what i need to do now is there is a update. Did i do the fifth anniversary pokemon go update, um! I did. I think it did. Yes, it did okay, so here’s something to come down about. Go fest haven’t bought the ticket yet, but um yeah make the most of pokemon go. Fest 2021, with exclusive offers from google play okay i’m an iphone so uh, but you can still get an android house.

It just means they need to sign in on android to do whatever you need to do with it. Um we are excited to welcome google play as official event sponsor of pokemon go fest 2021. Okay, to make this year’s event, even more epic google play is offering eligible trainers, special perks and surprises okay. So since we’re going out in the car, i can’t really use this camera because it’s it’s running canon cameras and i’ve only got one battery for it, but i usually use a plug and just plug it in. But you can’t do that. If you’re in the car i’m a go fest, which i need to go in the car to do different stuff um, so i might be using the iphone to record, which means i’ll need another phone to play on. So i’ve got a samsung phone um so make the most of pokemon go. Fest 2021, with cruise, with exclusives from google play trainers. We’Re excited to welcome google play as official sponsor pokemon go fest 2021 read on to learn more about exclusive perks and surprises. You can look forward to it so see with the goldfest. Is it a normal thing now that we can just do it anywhere in the world? Do you remember you used to have to like it was in a specific like park, and you had to go to that park to do it. So was it because it covered that we were able to do it or was that no? No? No, they just just done it, so everyone could take part or was it a covert thing i can’t remember, leading up to pokemon go fest 2021, three months of youtube premium.

Oh every other advert you get is or every other dude like we um. We update message. Uh says you should premium youtube premium easy premium, so three months of youtube premium so to celebrate the fifth anniversary, pokemon go out eligible trainers will get three months of youtube premium for free youtube premium. Is everything viewers love about youtube? Uninterrupted? The service enables users to enjoy both youtube and youtube music ad free offline and, in the background, look out for news on this next week. So whenever i am out robin um, you know i’m listening to music, so it’s sort of playing in the background, but it sometimes is a wee bit tricky and you don’t know your goplus is disconnected and um so yeah that plan in the background. Oh no i’m. Just looking at something else, i’m like downloading videos here and no that one hasn’t gone good, so i will delete that delete that um go back into this okay, um, so yeah. I think that oh i was gon na get the the youtube premium. I think it would be good for for what i use it for because um out longer than sega and stuff so yeah. Oh my. I have no clue what’s going on here. Do you know what i always do this here? I try and do two things at once and yeah. This is not gone. Oh. Why is this like this pinch to zoom? So why is he not in that video, okay, okay, so an atiku, i know i’m gon na.

Do it i’m gon na leave movie one and i’m gon na download movie two and we’re going to go on with update video okay? Here we go um so youtube premium for three months, so i’m, not sure what about i’m, not sure where the revenue works right. If you are, you know getting, if you have a thousand subscribers and you’re getting advertising your channel, do you know what way is that working with that bird free all right, so google play points multiplier from monday 12th of july, which is this monthly common? This is seventh or something um to sunday july, the 18th. So for a week google play subscribers will earn four times. Google play points and all purchases made in pokemon go. I didn’t know there’s a google play points i don’t use google play but um. I still need to purchase coins and tickets and including tickets to pokemon go fest 221. Google play points can be redeemed from pokemon, go coupons and more. If you use android device and don’t use an android device and don’t have a google play subscription, you can sign up for one on here: okay, so i’ll just click that link and see what happens because i’m on an iphone, and i don’t know what’s going to Happen, oh no! No, we are not sending them yeah so need to check out that android and see what the crack is about. So exclusive content with the try, guys that’s a try guys to help you get ready for pokemon go fest 2021.

We teamed up with the try guys to bring you the ultimate pokemon go: fest 2021 training experience full of pokemon, go tips and celebrity cameos like jordan, fisher and chloe kim i’m. Sorry, jordan, professor and chloe kim. I have never heard he is you’ll. Choose your own adventure and the topic you want to focus on whether that’s fitness, music exploration or all the above jump into a challenge and get ready for an epic pokemon go fest experience: okay, okay during pokemon go festival during the actual event, that’s leading up the Event so, during the event, trainers using android devices will be eligible for a special sponsored gift on day, one of the go fest 2021 july 17th. The bundle will include an incense one. Super incubator and 30. Other balls learn more about how sponsored gifts work here. Okay, i will learn more. I will click the here button and i will learn more and we’ll see together, while exploring the world of pokemon go, you may receive sponsored guests along with sponsored messages relevant to your location. Sponsor gifts are different from gifts. You can send your friends sponsor gifts, can’t be sent to your friends and instead give items directly to the trainer who receives him. Okay, sponsor gets to appear randomly on the map, view attached to balloons right i’ve, never heard of this tap on the sponsor gift balloon and select open to see a sponsored message. While reviewing this message, the items from the sponsored gift will add to your inventory.

Tap. Learn more or more information about sponsored gift or the download button to see if the information for later after a few seconds tap x to exit the offer. So there we are there’s an example of nature, following which um really nice. I really like his valley bars, but there was innocent with tara, where i thought it poisoned her, because i bought what i thought was a five pack of oat and honey ones and ends up. There were a multi pack of different ones, so i’d give her half them a bar as chocolate and chocolate’s poisonous to dogs. So she basically emptied everything was in cedar and i thought it poisoned her, but it must have been something else, because the amount of chocolate and that wasn’t enough to poison her anyway nature valley bars, are lovely, so 50 off special crunchy bars. Do you find it more discounted here? Okay, note about child accounts, yeah can’t, sponsor kids; okay, there we go back to the blog we’ll see if that was everything, so you get three months of youtube premium. You get more. Google play points whatever they are, so i think you must get points for every purchase and you use them points to build up to buy stuff. What are points make sure? Is it no okay, exclusive content with a try guys? I have never heard i’m. Sorry, google play sponsored gifts sounds good because it means if you can buy some stores, which do you sponsor pokemon.

Go then they’ll, send you free stuff uh. We hope you’re excited for pokemon go fest 2021. We currently are um yeah, so google play points. Disclaimer google play points are available only in selected countries. There will have it so more likely here nor iron. Well, not get it. Um youtube premium, disclaimer new users only terms apply yeah, okay yeah, so i don’t know whether i’m disappointed with that or not because i don’t know if that’s good. I know nothing about google play points. Um youtube premium. I suppose that’s that’s okay, three months, but is it one of them ones where i don’t know the terms and conditions um? Can you just go and say yeah i’ll try for three months so that’s it i’ll, give you for three months or do you have to put in like your credit card details and say you know, contact us a week before and we’ll cancel it and then your Subscription and you’ll forget about it and you’ll suddenly be locked into a year’s contract. I don’t know but that’s worst case scenario, but if you were like you end up, you know it’s all right, because you can use youtube in the background. Um, which is good. Google play uh points yeah, so let us know what you think that um i don’t know whether it’s hot or not. I really don’t, i didn’t, know. Okay that’s. That update, i will see, is for butler. God knows: oh what time i’m gon na use.

I really don’t know. I just want someone to tell me what time to use so i’ll see how i’m getting on on this um. Oh there we are, i need. Oh, i thought i had checkered chicory day, turd and tone it down that’s it. So, oh, i can get my stamp for the day and i can’t there all right. I won’t buy that fire berries, two candies part of a pokemon three times. I will go into cp upside down snavey power up two three power up. Yes, come on. Here we go now. What did he get? Oh we’re going to get any pokemon here. What do we want to get a squirtle? I got a shady squirtle from the the research thing earlier. Look at this that’s a lagginess, so i was well pleased with getting a shiny squirtle from one of them, so it did record it, but it didn’t get the clicking on that event. Sort of, but i started recording you know before i caught it so um. Let me see if this is the decent ivs, yeah that’s, all right so here’s, my shiny. Let me see um recents and shinny there. We are there’s a shiny, squirtle and we say caught you in field research, see yeah class, okay, there’s the update, don’t know if it’s, good or bad.