Just not true. Certain skins do give advantages, and today we find out which fortnite skin is the most pay to win here’s the plan we go into matches find sweaty players, and then we see if these skins can actually help us well, not suck, and i mean look at groot Yeah, he is completely brown, but imagine having to sit by a tree all game just to get your money’s worth, but take a lot of things into consideration. So, with our handed to your list, we’re ready to kick it off with snow heart, frozen love, ranger and snow art are such awesome skins. When they came out, i don’t think anyone really expected them to be overpowered, but supposedly they are so blue that you can actually disguise yourself in the weirdest spot ever a reboot van ooh, okay, i don’t know if this is as pay to win as it used To be, is this always how it was, it kind of looks like a little more transparent than it used to be doesn’t it you kinda blend in a little bit. The blueprint is quite noticeable, though i will say that the pickaxe oh i’m, getting shot already. I will not move. Are you good? Are you still alive i’m good, yeah he’s above he’s? Above me, he has a team. He hasn’t seen him. Okay, okay. We will not move. Oh my god. What? If i pick up your card and start rebooting to draw him over, oh you could do that.

This is so sneaky. Okay, it’s right run, run, run i’m standing still somebody else on top of the building. Oh okay yeah, they saw me they saw me. They saw me okay, it’s, okay, they know what shenanigans are up to. Oh look he’s going for you, oh my god, oh my god, he’s! So blind he’s! So blind! Okay, you ready yeah we’re gon na. Do it again we’re gon na. Do it again come on? Okay, no, he still doesn’t see me there’s, no way Laughter. That was pretty good. That was pretty good, yeah silver surfer. I think the reason silver surfers pay to win sounds kind of self explanatory. I mean the man is entirely silver, but are there enough places to hide with them to make it worth it? I guess there’s only one way to find out, i see i see ones. 75 crouch don’t make any noise see if there’s anything metallic in this guy’s building. Oh he’s right here right here, don’t jump in the car don’t jump in the car; okay, good good good, see where he goes next. Oh, i see he’s right here. What if we like try to blend in with the kitchen, you know what, if i go like this? Oh my gosh, you almost look like just the object on the wall. It looks so weird yeah, i’m gon na try and bait him in here and see if he sees you all right. I don’t forget all right all right.

One eternity later this this skin is way too situational, it’s, just really not as pay to win as it used to be. Groot brood seems like one of the easiest skins in fortnite right now to abuse what better way to jump on the enemies than literally just being a walking tree. I mean it seems, like epic should have thought about this when they brought him in the game. So let’s see if they made a horrible decision or not – oh my god, that’s actually so dude, oh, my god, he doesn’t see me get up there’s, no way that works there’s no way they work. They were so focused on you. They didn’t see the tree right here. Oh my god. Okay, this one works toy trooper and it turns out a big silver. Man is a lot harder to hide with than someone like toy trooper think about it, you’re going to be completely green, so you can kind of expect to hide like everywhere, with this guy, not just bushes, you could even do plate site all right. Oh, this one got right in front of you. Yup kind of looks like he saw me. Oh, i don’t think he did uh. No, he definitely saw me. He just walked right past you, you see him in the building right there on the roof. Yeah yeah shoot at him. Nice get him all right, stand right. Next to me, try to get as close as you can to me.

Even if you die okay, that’s, perfect, perfect. All right. His partner is like looking like he’s gon na help. He should have seen me there are the both banana. Oh my god! Oh you saw your last second. Oh man, boy soldier, like it, was good. It was kind of meh ripley. I guess people think because he’s made a slurp and then land at slurpee swamp. Well, i mean, i guess you could put two and two together: let’s put it to the test: okay, that one’s tough yeah. This might not be as useful as i wan na thought. You got all right, jump down, jump down, jump down, get down here, i’m dominant. Hopefully, my god, this one actually might work. Oh my god, he’s literally right there. He doesn’t see me, look at him, hey, hey! Why are you touching my slurp? How is this actually working tonight? I don’t i don’t know if this is paid to win or if these kids are just bad, but elite agent elite agent is literally the og dark skin i mean forget anyone else back in the day. Elite agent was the definition of a sweat and it’s, because she’s practically pay to win, and all it took, was a little bit of testing from us to prove that theory for good all right i’m, like in the middle of everything right now, i’m. In the middle of everything, there’s no way they don’t see me okay. This guy definitely sees me let’s see if he can kill me, though yeah nope he’s, just gon na run right past me, i got ta, say i’m definitely way more able to be seen like this i’d be really surprised.

If they couldn’t see, i mean look. I got a big freaking head. Oh here, they come. Okay come on. Take the car they’re right next to me, they’re right next. To me, i’d say that was a success. Man, any skin that’s an npc really okay! So, for this part, we’re switching things up a bit instead of one specific skin i’m talking about an entire category of pay to win skins that are currently op in season seven and for one reason, because they are npcs on the map, i mean right now. You could just wear this skin and pretend to be an npc walking around the island there’s like rick bunker, jonesy marigold, dr sloane moore, i mean i literally just walked around as rick and had the time of my life. I’M. Sorry rick it’s for a video buddy. What are you doing? Tommy i’m. Just walking like this, i kind of feel like it’s, an npc thing to do all right. He could be shooting me but he’s, not, i think they know, i think they know Music, okay yeah. They figured it out. They figured it out dang it. I think they were question they. They definitely were questioning it. Bushranger and the award for the most obvious pay to win skin in the world goes to you know. Bushranger, i mean, of course, everyone claims he’s one of the most opie skins out there, but is he as insane as everyone claims? He is my job to find out.

I got an idea. This is how he bait his teammate. We wait for his friend to come back with the reboot card. He will think i’m a bush and you’ll get the kill. All right come for your friend. Will i see him? Oh no! Oh my god, he’s like right over me he’s right over. He has no idea right, yeah, all right, all right crawl towards me. Be the bush, be the bush, be the bush. Oh, my god. He has no idea. He has oh, he has no idea. Okay, i would say it worked up until i actually had to kill the guy. Well, that was a bad poison ivy and if we’re talking about green people, though we can’t look any further than poison ivy, i mean we tested toy trooper and poison. Ivy is 10 times more green than her, so let’s see how she holds up all right. This is probably not gon na be that well well. We tried that that wasn’t too bad. If my suspicion is right, they will probably oh my god they just they don’t see me. They literally do not see me they literally oh yeah. He did now. She saw me i’m dead. No, ah, she won they totally. Didn’T. See me. They totally did not see me the default skins, so a lot of skins are pay to win because of places you could hide with them, but when it comes to the defaults, things are very different.

Instead of hiding, people claim that defaults are pay to win for one reason only and that’s, because you could pretend to be a noob sounds like a fun idea. I mean even if it’s not pay to win. This sounds hilarious to try out so let’s. Do it let’s grab up some materials, pretend like you’re, a butt wow get killed by a bat Music. We got some chads over here nice yeah go: oh okay, yep we’re, still we’re still the noob we’re still the noob. Maybe if you were good at the game, this one would probably work we’re, just not good at the game: fish, dick okay. So people claim this because you could just sit in a fishing hole and people somehow think you’re one of the fish and at first i thought it was stupid until this happened. I’M, a fish i’m, a fish i’m, a fish, doing fish things: okay in position, ow his teammate noticed me: hey, hey, yeah sentence, 49 board, abort mission, more mission plan b, the other fishing hole; there’s, no way, he’s looking for me, he can’t find me anywhere there’s. No way this is working. Oh no he’s, gon na notice me shake you down. No, i got ta shoot him now die. Oh no. He cheated that’s. The only reason he found me not because it looks stupid but it’s because he cheated mystique. I mean come on an emote that literally lets you become anything. The idea of it sounds overpowered and epic actually brought this to the game.

So we’ll see how overpowered it really is ready and go all right destroy all humans. We got ta hurry, we got ta. Do this quick mistakes, emo doesn’t last that long? Where is this guy? You make your way up here. No, my emo ran out. I feel like when there wasn’t, like conversation bars above its head. It probably would have been a little bit better but honestly it’s, just not so useful anymore, especially with the really low timer. Our first honorable mention goes to lieutenant evergreen, who is probably one of the best pay to win skins out there except there’s one major downside, it’s only really op during the holidays, because well can you see any christmas trees on the map right now, oh, and also, I don’t have this skin, so i couldn’t really try it out myself and the second honorable mention goes to the hey man. Skin i mean people will instantly shoot you if they see you sitting on a van. But if you wear heyman and tipos near cornfield, you’re gon na look like a prop it’s, actually crazy. I mean nobody questions it and while yeah it’s pay to win it’s, also kind of hilarious and finally, the most pay to win skin. Anyone has ever seen in fortnite the superhero skins, so when the superhero skins came out, the entire community freaked out, i mean everyone was talking about how overpowered to pay to win. They were now that epic has made some changes and talk has kind of died down.

I want to know: are they still as paid to win? As everyone says, they are all right, there’s, one guy on the roof. Above me all right, nice just crawling like get right on top of my car. Okay. Not yet! Oh my god. Look at the fish! Dick he doesn’t know he might know there is a chance. He does it there’s no way there’s. No, oh, he knows he knows no. I feel like he was debating for a second yeah.