This will be very beautiful for this year 2021. The proceed fireballs clearly visible until basically the end of august, so you can make sure that you’re in a in a very dark sky, instead of very bright city lights and you’ll, be able to see about a hundred an hour. They’Re called proceed because they radiate from an area of the sky which is located near the prominent constellation of perseus the hero when at maximum activity, and they will peak august 11 to 12 at night, and on this night the moon will be only 13 full. According to the american meteor society, this is not the only time we see meteors shooting stars, but we see them because of the fact that most of this most of us go on vacation during this time and we can have a chance to see them. We also have the lyric meteor showers, which is around the end of april april 16. To 13, then we have the accurates, which is from april 19th to may 28th, and we also have the lyrics for which is from april 16 to april 30th, and then we have the alpha capricornids from july 3rd to august 15th. So we can see these now and then, of course we have the proceeds which will be july 17 to august 26th. Orionids are october, 2nd to november 7th. Then we have the southern torrid september: 10th november 20th, the northern torrids october 20th to december 10th, the leonids november 6th to november 30th and the geminids from december 10th to december 17, the earth since december 17th to december 26, granted december 27 to january 10th.

So they’re, all through the year, kindly support my patreon account since youtube has again demonetized my youtube channel. The daily posts are five videos daily and they are totally different from what i have on my youtube channel. Thank you so much for your support and that you find all my content so interesting. You’Ll find the patreon account details in the description box below soon we’re going to have the perceived meteor shower that we usually get every august, and when we have clear skies without too many city lights, we can see a lot of the sky and especially we’ll, be Able to see if we have time to do some sky watching at night, the expected meteor showers would be as many as 100 meters meteors per hour during the showers peak. Now this is what ian webster created an interactive visualization of the swift, tuttle’s debris stream cutting across our earth orbit – and this is our earth here, so you can see not only our earth but all the other planets of our solar system. So you can see the debris field scattering around this way here: okay, the shower peak in late july, when it’s, going from late july to into august when earth intersects a dust cloud left by comet, p: 2008 y12, the giant comet, swift, tuttle, of course, before 2000 Uh not 2012. What i was saying: uh 2008. What am i saying to that i’m? Sorry about that so they’re always good, but into this year 2021 will be extra good, because the shower peaks on nights, just after a new moon velvety, dark skies, will provide the perfect backdrop to be able to see these, especially if they’re very faint we’ll be able To see them not that proceeds are known for being faint, you can very see them.

You have, i hope, you’ll gather a lot of wishes, because you know you you give a wish when you see a shooting star, as we know, no other comet produces fireballs and meteors brighter than venus, like the swift tunnel, probably a result of its oversized nucleus, the Comet’S core is 26 kilometers in diameter and naturally crumbles into larger chunks. In a recent five year, survey nasa counted more fireballs from the prestige than any other shower. The uh we should look at the night of august 11th to 12th will probably be best with adjacent knights. Only a smidgen, less active. The proceeds may be seen at any time after 10 pm and the rates increase after midnight when the constellation perseus is in high. In the sky and that’s why they’re called perceived showers from the constellation perseus and for best results? You could lie down in a dark place with a wide view of the heavens. Meteors will streak out of the perseus that can appear anywhere in the sky. Now, according to space weather, we will have an x ray solar flare six hour, maximum b1 july 10th, 24 hour b5 from b5 spot 241 on july, 9th that already took place and um according to well let’s. Take a look at the uh here we go. Okay, sorry about that i’ll leave you a link. Okay, this is uh space, weather prediction center and uh the going space weather. Sorry that’s, not it here we are.

I wanted you to see this, the sun. You know i never knew that the sun rotates, but it does. This is this is how it goes in the in the day. Look at that a little bit, but it does okay, and we here we have our solar flare coming out on this side. Keep a watch on this: there you go and this, however, i used to live in montreal. So if i were there now, i would see a fantastic display of aurora borealis, which i have seen when i lived in montreal was a friday night during the winter. Look at this now it’s going to be coming all the way down. Music let’s see. Will it come down because it did when i checked this a couple of hours ago now it seems very weak. Okay, there it goes. There is montreal around there, okay and there’s. A great lakes, okay, you can see that so all of you around there, if you’re living up there up the uh, the states of you, know michigan montana. Around here washington, you may be able to see, of course, the provinces of canada, even if i were still there in montreal. Okay, then, i moved to near we moved to new york city, but um, so yeah you’ll be able to see northern lights and, if you, of course definitely in scandinavia and if you’re around parts of scotland um there, it goes again there. It goes again flaring up very nicely towards the border.

Okay, so you have you can uh. I hope you get to see. Northern lights are really fantastic. Okay, so that’s the space weather for today. So i hope you get a chance to see various shooting stars and get your wishes together and god bless you all. Thank you. Please leave your comments.