Ah, it feels good to be back in among us huh. Why does everything feel slightly different for no reason there was a new update player. As you can see, we are all dealing with the consequences. Wait? Who are you why i’m, mr egg? Of course, oh, you might not recognize me because of my new maroon color fetching isn’t it yeah more like color, go on me. Some things, never change, it’s, not my fault. All the og colors were taken. Wait all of them. Doesn’T make sense, see for yourself. How come i got? Ta be tan looky. Here everybody, my very own dollar. I finally got the recognition i so rightfully deserve that’s. My rose, hey engineer, yeah babe. Why don’t? I have a color named after me, probably because gnome’s not a color. Well, it should be. Oh, mr cheese, would you kindly calm cheddar down with 15 players in such a confined space? The noise pollution is becoming rather unbearable on these old ears. Hey. If you want a cute dog that doesn’t make any noise, you should probably just buy yourself a cheddar plastic available nowadayskipo.com. That does not help our current situation, but i admit it’s good advice. Nonetheless, wow 15 players. This game sure, has changed a lot while i’ve been off playing friday night funkin, there must be all sorts of new maps and gameplay features too. Beyond this simple cosmetic changes right, mr egg um. Well perhaps you’d like to change into a wacky new color yourself.

Might i interest you in a fashionable grey ensemble? That seems pretty boring to me, but hey there’s, no harm in trying something new that’s. The spirit enjoy well looks like all the good colors are already taken. Hey what’s, this places people the game’s about to start. Well here goes nothing Music, everyone, scatter! That includes you too imposters. If you hang back and try to coordinate with each other, i’ll be right here, waiting watching like the steadfast meerkat of the savannah captain. If the pastors were going to stand back – and you did the same thing – wouldn’t that make you sass – eat – god you’re right dumb, i don’t want to be sass. Come on let’s get out of here, like the opportunistic wallaby captain. I really think you’re, probably too much thought they never leave been a while, since i’ve been an imposter just like old times. Oh man, i’m still red. I thought i picked that cool rainbow color whoa. You saw that too those gnarly colors bro, who could resist? Wait? Stoner, look at yourself like look at yourself, dude cowabunga, hey it worked we’re rainbow imposters wait a minute. I think that means Music. I can change my color at will that’s. So op me. Did you hear something? Nah man, thanks to a lifetime of martian, i can’t, hear anything then how’d. You know what i just said. What never mind let’s split up i’ve got some ideas for how to use this to our advantage.

What all right time to find my first victim veteran, perfect, hey veteran! What are you doing? Oh, hey, buddy, just reminiscing i’ve been feeling a little nostalgic lately. I guess all these crazy changes could make a man’s head spin. Did you see they had a tan to the game, tan player, yeah crazy? I miss the simple days of mods and space adventures. Oh well, you here to look at the cams. Not quite oh crap didn’t see that one coming you’ve gotten better. You haven’t seen anything yet neat trick. Ah, what is it nothing just booby, verts, whoa. What the heck is this new screen if you’re an okay today veteran you sound, awfully nasally, oh um, well, that’s because well, i am totally nailing this impression. Huh i mean uh that’s, because i’m super awesome at stuff, including imitating my dead best friend player, who i totally saw. Poopy farts kill player, no it’s a crying shame. I thought the little guy finally had it in him to win a game. Oh well, can it soggy bottom boy now, all in favor of flushing, this murderous turret into the ice, cold, expanse of infinite beauty, despair and darkness say aye aye. This disguise worked perfectly two down a whole lot more to go. Let’S hope, stoner’s. Having as good of luck as i am empty in that chute, oh yeah, i’m emptying that shoot, doop, doo doo, you better believe, i’m empty and that’s. You i’m gon na enjoy this one Music huh.

What the whoa whoa bro chacho watch! Where you point that thing you wouldn’t want to shoot a fellow imposter stoner. I was wondering why i didn’t see you at the meeting. All thanks to this celebrity bod. Sorry still had a little captain in me. How are we so good at that beats me? We should be like voice actors or something there’s time for that later right now we have a ship full of crewmates to kill right on dude what in tarnation this is most unfortunate Music there’s five left, so it all comes down to this. Indeed, we can’t get this wrong people, which is why i must accuse mr egg. Mr cheese called his color and i quote a color. There motive established dudes, dudes, ah it’s, not him than me. That’S a texas says: 10 4.. I told you it wasn’t me: okay, yeah, you caught me later, dudes good luck, rose i’m rooting for you, oh, come on now, b day, that’s, not good. So what do we do now? Well, i i think i win. I i did it. I really did it. Congratulations.