That is insane. Imagine your mid battle and you just escape by flying. Oh my. That is something that is something else. This one was just released. I have a feeling it’ll work, let’s test, this mythbuster. Alright, all i need is my boat. There is a trespasser and he is making me really uncomfortable, please don’t! No! No! Now now, oh, my gosh, i got ta get out of here. Where are the sharks? Where are the sharks uh? No problem at all, i’ll just swim to another, not even gon na lie about it. I forgot sharks are even still in the game since season three. Oh there he is mr shark. Okay, we got our boat and all we got ta. Do is just run into it. Let’S see oh yo, so that one definitely works as you can see. If you get a better angle like glitch king did here, you go across the map, but on my first try it worked pretty well. Let’S do another one, not work how to emote while flying for this glitch get into the vehicle and holly hedges. Okay, he’s, going into the anti gravity zone, now switch to the back seat and do any traversal emote all right, let’s, just uh let’s see what he does. A little saucer now leave the vehicle no way now you will be able to emote while flying. Can he go out of the zone as well or is it just the i think, it’s just the anti gravity? What is going on let’s, try this out for ourselves all right, we’re dropping down these glitches only get crazier and crazier, as the studio goes on.

I can’t wait to show you invisibility all right. We have arrived to the anti gravity zone. Let’S go over to emotes and now let’s go to traversal there we go let’s, try trello first thing: we’re going to do is just try, jumping and then do an emo let’s. Do this one not ready yet now let’s do the emo now let’s jump and it doesn’t work, but now let’s do what he said. Let’S enter a car and see if this glitch is actually real. Ah come on. Are you kidding me man dude come on? I need a car. You need to make sure it’s some sort of truck where you could change the seat just like this and be able to do an emo just like so, if it’s, a normal car, you can’t do an emo when you’re in the passenger seat. Is this real or is this a myth? All we got ta do is change our seat, let’s equip our little saucer and now, if this still works, obviously this was definitely real at one point i don’t know if this is patched let’s get out of our car and we are still doing the emo. We are technically flying if i hit spacebar. If i stay emoting, then it still works three two one. Oh no fortnite batch. This glitch let’s try the next one. These are getting crazier and crazier. For this, you need to equip alien parasites now tell your friend to boost onto you with a ufo, oh right, uh, so he’s boosting, oh, my god.

What how does this even happen? Fortnite you need to patch these glitches buddy. That is so insane and there is no chance. This guy is oh wait now he’s going down, but he literally just went halfway. I mean not even halfway. He literally went all the way across the map. All right, this entire glitch is set up. As you can see, i have a parasite on my head and i also have a chicken with a parasite on my head: hey lox, how you doing over there in that ufo i’m ready to knock you to space. Sir. Yes, sir we’re going to the moon, all right do your thing. There you go, ladies and gentlemen, i am going flying, imagine being in a live game and going that high up in the sky and also no fall damage that is so sick. The next one is a way to get no damage. Tell your friend to pick up an infected chicken now shoot the chicken with a shotgun. Now the alien parasite will become invisible, wait what he’s shooting the parasite on this person’s head and there is absolutely no damage. The only way to remove it is by swimming in water, let’s see if this one works, let’s see if we get unlimited health in the head, this is going to be absolutely insane. This is basically god mode in the head. Deluxe all i’m, going to do i’m. Going to shoot this chicken with my shotgun goodbye, three two one go down: hey goodbye! Oh! Oh! Oh now shoot me in the head all right! Ladies and gentlemen, if this works, you are invincible in the head.

Three two one! Oh bro box! You are interested, oh, that is insane. Where are you going all right? Well, let’s, move on to the next glitch. I got tagged a lot on this tick. Tock video, the title says newest way: to go invisible in fortnite all right, so he’s going inside of a ufo guys. Imagine if there’s, a new invisibility glitch that would literally get you infinite winds and guys. I cannot wait to show you the pickle rick glitch later in the video i don’t know if it works. Alright, so he’s going inside of the ufo and what what? As you can see, he placed a ufo on top of a dumpster. Then he entered the dumpster and became invisible. This glitch is similar to the one we did in season five, but that glitch got patched let’s see if this was real or fake i’m right to start off this glitch. All i need to do. I need to scope. It out and i need to find a dumpster over here at pleasant park. Obviously there are a bunch of aliens i need to make sure i don’t get abducted, because that is the most annoying. Hey look at dumpster, the most annoying thing in the world. So all i’m gon na do top on over here. Yes, sir sniper is all we need. Let’S shoot the sniper once oh, no, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh he’s not happy and bam he’s down and now watch this.

Oh, no, no he’s not never mind, dress faster down. Let’S arrive to the ufo. I really don’t know this. One is an older glitch, so i’m, not entirely sure what’s gon na happen, let’s hop our way inside of the ufo. Where was that dumpster? I got ta fight it once again: dude it was just ufo right on top of dumpster three two one let’s go: oh, oh! Well that didn’t sound, very good let’s stop hiding nope that one’s batch a ton of these are patched, but i guarantee you. We are going to find more good ones that still work how to get inside of the grotto and get unlimited wins for this glitch all right head on over to the grotto. Obviously, that has been shut for, like almost a year, go up 50 meters with a ufo. Have your friend help you then go down uh, okay, he’s, going down into the grotto and he’s he’s, just gon na get trapped in there guys. If you get strapped in there, you can literally get unlimited wins as long as the circle ends within the grotto. Obviously, that’s pretty rare, but literally if you’re trapped there there is nothing. Anyone can do. No one can shoot you and you’re. Literally inside of the grotto i don’t, oh my it’s impossible to get out that is insane and it’s kind of funny he’s using beach, brutus let’s invite mr lox and let’s. Try this out and right after that, let’s try out the pickle ricklich.

I don’t know if that’s real, i saw it in a video let’s. Try it out all right, sir, go ahead, and just abduct me do it where where’s the wrong button. All right here we go. Oh my gosh all right, sir. Now lead me over to the grotto. Take me under the water and well after you go 50 meters above in the sky i’m, going to be here, the entire game and there’s. Nothing else i can do about it. Go go: go, go, go all right and now as soon as i’m under the water. Let me go and let’s see. If this one works all right here, we go i’m, a little nervous all right and, ladies and gentlemen, as you can see, we have arrived to the inside of the grotto guys look at this there’s literally nowhere i could go. I can’t do anything if i try making my way up, there’s nothing. I can do imagine being in a live game being stuck here. I think this is probably bannable fortnite, please don’t ban me and the worst part. Even if i have mats there’s nothing, i can do there’s nothing. I could build this last. One is apparently a way to get pickle rick. I am not joking right as of right now, we’re looking at a default skin going into the rick and morty area guys. I don’t know if this is real i’m, not claiming this is real, but we’re gon na test this out: okay, so he’s at the rick and morty area dude.

What is he doing? What wait wait? It’S breaking it? He was just able to break it now, he’s, leaving no there’s, no way right items acquired pickle rick. I don’t think this is real i’m gon na go. Try it out, though, all right. All i got ta do is nicely break this and then, if we keep on attacking it, we are slowly able to break it’s, not working come on come on come on, oh here we go here, we go here, we go and now it is broken all we Got to do is leave match and am i going to receive a pickle, rick skin or was that fake yeah? I knew it.