This video that you are about to see is super crazy, it’s, actually so crazy that when i first posted it, it got deleted off of youtube. It’S uh well it’s not hard to see why this video is so crazy, especially because it involves this thing, but because it got deleted off of my main channel so quickly. I had to hold the video. I worked on a re edit i’m now re uploading that video right now only a few of you guys have seen it, but a lot of you haven’t so sit back, relax and enjoy this deleted video. This is the video you guys have been waiting for because i am on the giant 11 stack trampoline guys. This thing is so tall kicking over the edge is terrifying check it out. That is a long way to the ground. Yo bailey yo what’s up you ready let’s. Do this thing last to leave this trampoline tower wins: 10 000 let’s go all right, guys back on solid ground let’s introduce the contestants for today’s crazy, all challenge up. First, we got ryan prunty that tower yeah i’ll ask to leave that tower. Yeah i’m out. What do you mean? No, i can’t run you can’t. I can’t! Do it ryan? You can’t be out i’m going this way. I can’t do that ryan there’s no way! I’M doing that you’re that scared of heights. You think that i’m crazy you’re crazy. If you think i’m crazy now right right here, come come dude seriously.

What’S going on carter, go film, your video ryan! Are you scared of heights just a minute ryan, ryan it’s? For ten thousand dollars, whatever disgusting guys, we just broke the record for the fastest elimination on one of these challenges. I guess if you’re too scared of the world’s tallest trampoline tower, then this challenge is not for you, even when there’s ten thousand dollars on the line. Let’S, move on and introduce our second contestant. I guess our first is got ta, say ryan’s kind of dumb. I mean you just have to stay on the first level you don’t have to go to the top it’s true it’s, a good point, it’s a good point up. Next, we got bailey easy up. Next we got lizzy anthony and, of course, i’m gon na be completing today’s challenge because guys we built this thing. I love climbing all over it and we’re getting some crazy stuff today. So this challenge does not have any minutes to grab your stuff, so everyone’s, just gon na get their feet up in five seconds. We’Re gon na start like floors lava three as long as you don’t touch the ground and you are good, but as soon as you touch the ground in any way, you’re eliminated and uh let’s get started liz. You think you’re gon na win this thing, that’s not a word all right now that everyone is on we’re gon na get started with the first challenge early on this video.

So challenge one i’m excited, so you ready for this one. The first challenge is: everyone has to climb all the way up to the 11th stack on this one. You have to go to the top stove all the way up there yeah all the way up. Wait. What stove did you just? Why you on the ground? You just you just lost eliminated. Okay. First off, i am not gon na go all the way to the top of that thing. I’Ve only been on there once and never again am i going up there again, not even for ten thousand dollars dude this force. That scares me, you think i’m gon na climb on eleven stack honestly i’m, not too mad about being eliminated on this challenge, because i’m, not good with heights, and do you guys see how high that thing is that’s like 33 feet, i believe um i’m good carter, I’Ll be on the next challenge: i’ll take your money on the next challenge, but on this one i uh value my life a little bit uh more than ten thousand dollars, so unbelievable guys. This challenge, i think, is just too scary for most people. I know me and bailey are not going to stop, because we can jump off that thing and go crazy. Let’S go all right. Let’S go all right. Bailey you’re up first go: go, go, wait, bailey’s about to go all the way up and he’s up all right! Guys everyone has to make it up to the 11 sec at some point in the video to pass this challenge so i’m, getting it out of the way right now and i’m, climbing up, ah so scary and another one, and just like that guys.

That is the 11 snack challenge all right guys. We made it all the way up here to we’re so high up here, we’re on, like one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine tell them. 12. 30 morning 15 trampolines high it’s, like the air, is different up here. It feels a little thin what the heck you’re, not up on the 11 stack no we’re on the 15 stack liz you’re, definitely not on the 11 stack. That is a little tiny, pip squeak of a four stack. So the way these challenges work in today’s challenge is that you have to complete the challenge, but it doesn’t matter when you complete the challenge so bailey and i just complete challenge number one, which was climbed to the 11th stack liz and denise are still uh. Well, they’re kind of stuck down there, but at some point in the next 24 hours, if they’re gon na win, they need to make sure they check off all of the challenges off their list. Bailey and i are set. So we can move on to the next challenge. What is it let’s go down, it’s down there we’re gon na win this challenge. You didn’t even finish the first one. If you want to continue on, you got ta climb to the top, and if you’re too scared, then i don’t know what you’re gon na do i’m scared. We just don’t have time for it. Well, what’s. The second challenge, it’s time right.

The second challenge we got ta complete them in order is walking across the trampoline sky bridge. Where did that come from that’s? What i’m saying look at this thing, it’s, even skinnier it’s, my shoe is wider than it. You got ta walk all the way across to that forest. That is, challenge number two, but uh i’ll love to do the honors first, oh, look! How narrow it is guys you can barely get a foot. Oh my gosh, yo you’re, so high off the ground. Oh, my god, yo careful, careful all right here goes nothing! Oh, oh, this is hard yo. This is a lot harder than your thing. Am i filming you on the ledge? Oh my gosh guys, i actually don’t know. If i can do this see. Carter asked us to do these challenges for his videos. Then he doesn’t even do them himself dude. This is sketch it’s, not bad. Let’S go come on carter carter can’t. Do it nobody’s going to watch this? Unless you go across carter there, we go yeah into the think of it. There you go that was scarier than jumping off the 11. All right, i can just say that we just won the challenge. There’S no way the girls are crossing that that is actually terrifying. Good luck, girlies all right, go! Okay, all right, denise, we’re up the girls are up, got ta, show him what we got one and up grab on to anything you can there.

She go! Oh perfect! She got oh careful, you got it. Denise is like halfway right now and i don’t think she’s gon na make it uh. Oh, she might be stuck guys denise. Are you stuck my i can’t reach? Oh my gosh. She can’t reach, keep on going you’re. Almost there all right there. She goes woo hoo, good denise, yes, brushing it all right. Denise i’m gon na come up and meet you Music, okay, don’t, look down. My heart is raping all right. Denise, you ready yeah. This is real life, scary guys. This is crazy. Music guys i’m standing on one trampoline, so i’m, not even on the ground and they went liz. Are you guys actually up there, hello, we’re up here carter? Look at us denise is crying good job. You made her cry, i don’t see her, prove it. Oh there. She is wow all right. Well, good luck because going down is twice as scary. Oh no! I left my dunkaroos down there. No no steal, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, bailey, go bailey off the sky bridge don’t! Think about it! Bailey stop! Take him. Yes, we got the dunk to lose. Okay, bye, liz yeah. These are literally worth ten thousand dollars because it’s the only food on all of the trampolines we have to survive off of this, i think we got a ration yeah. Just like a few all right. We only got a couple to start: oh it’s, so good for the icing.

If you want to go real ration, you start by scraping off the lid first. Take it off with the boil: get one sprinkle in there that’s all you need. I got ta save the rest. We should hide these let’s. Put them right here, wait! How’S! She doing denise is down. How are you doing? That was like the scariest challenge of my life. You guys are coming down liz yeah, okay, ready! Okay! I got you okay, we did your dumb boy now time for the girls time, wait what we had. Two challenges: that’s, the other challenge. Okay, but can we come up with the next one? Okay, fine, all right liz here she goes come on liz. You got. It start scooting, i can’t scoot yourself. No, not what do you not like that? Yeah like that? Yes, there you go, you got it come on. Yes, you’re, almost halfway done no you’re good. How could you get stuck there out of all places? Oh, my gosh, and she did it. Applause, wait. Wait. You ordered food. I did order food. Where is it what chick fil a and the jug there we go. Oh my gosh, andrew okay. So this is the challenge Music. You guys aren’t supposed to eat them. I can’t believe it and then what’s that over there three yeah wait. Let me get it give it to me. Let me give it too many. I didn’t what the heck that was for you.

I was impressed. I saw you so this is what lasts to leave the trampolines or whatever okay. So whoever can jump off the tallest stack of trampolines wins the challenge. Please, if you give me nuggets i’ll, do it? Okay, fine here’s one. You said – and i did so i’ll – give you two yeah two more: oh that’s a chicken strip, so that counts as three. Why are you giving him all the food i’m starving? How am i gon na sleep out here all night i’ll wait and what was that’s where the video goes. So what do you mean? You’Re gon na jump from the 11. i’m walking in my victory car. What i don’t get what’s happening, what’s going on he’s gon na jump from the very top i don’t get. What you’re trying to do your poor, billy doesn’t realize if he jumps off that trampoline he’s eliminated you’re, trying to trick him right now. That’S so mean all right: you got it. I seriously win the whole challenge: yeah, oh my god, he’s doing it it’s so high up. Be careful! Oh no! Am i i’m gon na win right, yeah? Oh he did it. Oh my gosh! He did it. I won. I can’t believe he just jumped off liz what the heck Music. What do you mean that was easy, it’s last to lead trampolines? He just jumped up and said yeah. So i went that’s what she said: yeah you won the chicken nugget i’m, not out of the whole competition you just it was last to leave the trampoline tower you climbed at the trampoline tower.

I can’t believe you fell for that bailey here you won there. You go hey the pool’s warm though huh you want something: yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s, warm, oh french fry in the pool eat it. Where is that going from carter? We better call it tantrum. I don’t know what to say: dude, i feel so bad. I tried to warn you, but you couldn’t hear me up there. It’S too windy dude. I can’t believe this. Why would liz ever? Why would i ever listen? I’Ve, never listened to her again in a single competition. She just said i would win if i jumped and now i’m out this next part of the video is going to be one of my favorites it’s gon na be deciding which of the trampolines of the trampoline tower. We have to sleep on throughout the entire night, because uh there’s a lot of trampolines to pick and we’re gon na. Let the mystery wheel, take it for us step right up. Everyone there’s three of us left in today’s challenge, and these are all the numbers so spin it and see which one you had to sleep on and you get one. So that means, if liz makes it all the way through the night she has to spend the night on that trampoline underneath all of those so she’s going to be at the bottom. All right, denise, you’re up next go ahead and spin it and see what you get all right here.

We go. You want two. If you get one, you could be roommates with liz Applause and six all right and last but not least, here we go let’s, see which one that i get honestly the higher up. You get the colder it’s going to be uh, oh 11., all right, one! Six and 11. so uh all right. Everyone climb onto the trampoline like bunk beds, denise that’s, only three that’s, four that’s, five that’s six and i think that’s what you are you’re six all right, so she’s at six liz is at one and i had to go all the way to the top. I made it all the way to eleven where’s everyone else at oh, my gosh, i see denise and liz is all in at one that’s unbelievable and wait hang on there’s matt matt. What are you doing trying to get you guys all on the camera you’re? Taking a nap on the job, matt’s literally sleeping on the job, well matt it’s too early to go to bed. Why are we up on these towers all right, so liz, denise and carter? You guys got to do another challenge. Yay another challenge: let’s go the trick, shot trampoline tower challenge. So for this challenge the way it works. Everyone gets two basketball shots from whatever level that they just spent on the wheel. If you can shoot the basketballs all the way into this basketball hoop, you will automatically win the challenge and win 10 000, but i have the highest trampoline, but it’s really sketchy up here.

Denise has like the middle one halfway down and then liz hi she’s. All the way at the bottom, which is literally the least scary trampoline you can be on but it’s gon na – be hard to make it all the way over there. So everyone’s got their advantages, let’s see if anyone can make it and automatically win the 10 000 and win today’s video let’s go and just to be clear. The winner of this challenge wins just this challenge and gets to pick which stack they want to sleep on right carter, the where wins. This challenge, uh it’s, too windy, but okay, whatever sounds good yep winner. Just wins this specific challenge, but not the whole challenge. Oh okay, that’s a mess, so liz missed both of her shots and i’m, not surprised, but that doesn’t mean anything bad happens. That just means that she doesn’t automatically win we’re moving on to denise, who is on level six? If denise can angle this right, she might make it in the hoop all right denise. Here we go count it down. That was a good shot, all right, one more shot. Oh, that was even better, but it was still a miss all right guys well last, but not least, i’m up here on 11 and i would literally roll at 11. it’s scary up here, guys it’s so tall. I can see the buildings and, if i zoom in, i can literally see for miles and you don’t get that normally what the heck all right here we go.

Three two one made it. I actually almost made it here. We go just a little bit more three. Two one: what Applause? Oh no way! I made it wait that was literally insane from 11 triplings up with the win. Are you serious guys? I can’t believe this is like the best i’ve never had such a satisfying trick shot ever in my life, i’m, just gon na go for it guys i’m going for the 11 stack jump straight into the water it’s, so scary, my arm is actually still bruised from The last time i did it but that’s okay, because i just won ten thousand dollars, and i showed that the girls that i am the best i did. I won Applause. What are you doing? What are you? Oh, my gosh, that was so scary, wait. Why did you jump off carter you’re, not even on the trampolines anymore? I know it doesn’t matter, because you don’t have to sleep the night up there, because i won. I made the trick shot. No one thought i could, and now i won Music uh. Are you gon na tell him, or should i i don’t want to break his little teeny, tiny heart i am out, but not if i won, i was up there. I made the trick. I don’t watch that’s what you said: the trick shot yeah. I won. What are you trying to say what the heck matt are she being serious uh? You literally agreed to it.

She asked you if that was okay. Show me a replay. I did not agree. Okay watch this and just to be clear. The winner of this challenge wins just this challenge: right carter, okay, whatever it sounds good, are you serious matt? You should have warned me. You know i didn’t understand why it was too it’s windy, so high up, i can’t yeah. This is ridiculous. I can’t believe one of those girls are going to win this thing. Oh my god carter’s. Oh my gosh, the girls are going to finally win a challenge and not only that we’re going to win a trampoline challenge with the most epic challenges of all time. Denise. I have an idea what – and this idea is the most brilliant, most dutious idea i’ve ever had in my entire life. If you look over there, there is what you would call a mini trampoline in the flesh. Okay, so to celebrate, we are going to make our way over to that little teeny, tiny, baby hut, jr trampoline over there. All you have to do is take this mighty fine, zip line that the boys actually built and you go. We make it there. We could spend the night on the little tiny baby trampoline and the best part is it’s super loud on the ground, so it’s super safe and the second best part is that no boys will be there, because no boys are allowed and they’re all looking at it.

That didn’t really work the way we thought it would uh what happened i’m, like the last one on here um. What are you? Ah, because all because the boys, zipline didn’t, even work, i should have known better Music. Okay, i don’t think denise actually won because i swear she cheated.