Now the first one we don’t know if it’s gon na be appearing in game or not, but i’m gon na show you the location, anyways it’s gon na be gets loans, orders from a payphone and we don’t know if this is just a mistake on episode or If we’re gon na be doing this quest again so yeah, this is a payphone location, located right next to the brand new holy hatchery right over here on the road. As you can see right here, we have holi, and – and here we have the little phone you can come and talk to the phone and it’s going to give you the the next challenge, which is place, pepper supplies in haiti’s, farm and i’ll, be back once we’re At jc it’s farm, but yeah guys. Another thing to note is that the challenges are not live in the game, yet they will be live in approximately one day since i’ve uploaded. This video so just make sure to know and check if the challenge is live before doing it. Anyways right over here we have the farm that you got ta go to, which is hay seeds, farm right here you got ta place these food supplies. First, one is right in front of the door. The challenge says place. Food supplies zero out of one, but i think you need more location. So this is the first one. Then, if you go right over here, we have second location next to the hay.

Then you wan na go towards the gas station. You’Re gon na have location number three, then location number four is near this rock again and the last location is right near this bridge, so these five locations should be more than enough for you guys to complete this part of the challenge. Let’S go to the next one, which is actually deal damage to opponents in farms. Now, obviously, in farms corny complex is gon na, be your place and it says opponents, which sometimes means you can do the damage to iron guards and iron guards do spawn in this area. So you can test it out and see if it works and uh yeah. It probably would work and you can just get the damage done on io guards, even though it says deal damage to opponent 0 out of 25, so i assume maybe it’s 25 opponents or 25 damage. If it’s 25 damage probably needs to bear your opponent let’s go to the next challenge for the next challenge, you guys are going to need the inflatable, which is a brand new item, and obviously it says that it turns the player into a cow and uh. What does this look like, it’s, gon na look something like this, which is pretty insane and now you might be wondering how to find it now. This is a rare item, so it could spawn anywhere on the ground. So, basically, in any of these houses it could be the ground floor, loot or in chests now it’s a rare item which is a blue rarity.

And basically this means that it’s going to be kind of hard to find because there is a lot of blue items. But at least it’s not a legendary, so you can just go around scout some chests. There is no particular location where you can get the inflatable and uh yeah. You just gon na be looking for that item and this might be a little bit of a harder challenge, but i i suggest going to corny complex, doing the damage and all that stuff and also look for this item. Anyways let’s go to the next challenge. Next up we have place cow decoys in farms and now obviously there is cow decoys, you’ve already seen them. We are currently at the bottom left of corn, complex and i’m. Just gon na quickly show you a few locations. So, first off we have the cow down here. Obviously, next to the first little building, we have one right over here we have another one next to the little farm building. Then, if you go all the way back, there is even more you have one over here. You have another one near this building, so basically all you got to do is just look around while you’re playing in this zone, and you should be able to find this and uh. If you want more precise locations, you can go back to hay, seats, farm and you’re gon na get first one down here. Second, one up here and then a third one just eating this, the hay over here we have another one down here near the bush.

We have another one here, so everyone literally in front of the house so that’s like six more, and it should be enough to complete this challenge. Let’S check out the next challenge, all right guys. Our last challenge is damage and alien driven saucer. Now, where to find them is basically, you got ta, be looking on the map and, as you can see currently in this match, we’ve had pleasant park and bony burps having the aliens. So basically, if you go near these locations with the purple names on the map, they’re gon na be aliens just flying around in little saucers and all you got ta do is hit them with any weapon, and obviously you can’t see them right now, because we are Out of the area for the viewing, but obviously this should be an easy challenge and all you got ta do is damage an alien driven, saucer a bunch, and it should complete this challenge, which is the last challenge. That is a legendary quest for week. Six, so guys, if you enjoyed this video found, it helpful got some locations or anything like that, make sure to like and subscribe guys. Thank you so much for watching this. Video and i’ll see you next time. Also, thank you so much for all the support and the aliens are coming.