Do you want me to teach you a lesson? Oh scrape it in here. Damn it if you got ta fight, take it outside what, in the hell enough john that’s it you’re gon na, be full of holes. You, son of a bff, say hello to jesus for me, that’s it. You knew hey what’s that rocket’s all about this. This ain’t got nothing to do with me. Come on Music that’s. It regret that, my god, how about i box you clever, let’s, all just take it easy i’m doing the world of faith. Oh christ is alive for god’s sake. I already got too many lawmen on my car. I ain’t sticking around for this. Oh my god! Oh i god care how many minutes get in there, Music ready to lose. I’Ll kill you. I swear ugh what tarnation gentlemen, hello mister! I wish i had friends like you, yep i’d, be the smartest man. I knew i’ve heard worse, move, hey what’s up crazier you down to signs anytime. You know you’re, really annoying me it’s, quite a gift. Your nose is crooked. Here, let me fix it right. There relax never mind that’s it i’m gon na curl, you up, that’s, no good.