This is some fantastic news here and to gear up for the launch of red than online blood money. Rockstar is saying that we can take advantage of special bonuses and rent it online. All this week, including the two times money bonus and the double xp bonus on all showdown modes and land of opportunities, online story missions. We talked about that in our update video this morning. If you go to the quick join menu, you can get double money on showdown modes. I actually didn’t notice the story mode, wanted the double money and double xp icons, weren’t popping up so it’s good to know that we have that clarification here. This info is coming from rockstar’s latest newswire detailing the rest of this week’s update in red that online for the week of july 6th through july 12th. As you know, i cover the changes early in the morning and a little bit later on, rockstar basically comes out with their newswire, basically talking about the same stuff, but if there’s any extra additional rewards. For example, you know a free treasure map, a free hat just for logging in and doing something that’s where we get those details, and we talk about that in our buyer’s guide later on for the week, but it’s good to know that we now have the official Title the official name for red that online summer update that is blood money and that is the blood money dlc. With more of those details tomorrow, like i said and that’s when we’re getting the trailer and rockstar basically said, look out for a host of new details about next week’s red than online blood money here at the newswire on july, 7th, including the debut of a new Trailer, so not only does that mean we are getting a new trailer, of course, which would be the first time ever in red that online history, where we get a trailer for one of the dlc updates for the game before it actually releases frontier pursuits.

It came day one with the update moonshiners day, one with the update naturalist day, one with the update same with the bounty hunter expansion and even same with the previous updates, like the may 14 spring update in 2019, which brought red that online out of beta and Evenly february 28th or the february 26th update, which was way back in 2019 as well, that late winter early spring update. Basically every time for this game, gta online has gotten trailers for their dlc updates before they’ve released and maybe recently that’s changed with the heist update. Like kaioparico, for example, but with red that online we’ve never followed that trend – and this is the first time we’re getting the trailer before the update releases. Alongside with new details, which is amazing, because i wonder what we’re gon na see just taking a look at one of the photos right now, you can see an online character inside of a train car. This is one of just the standard brains that you also have the storage and the cargo cars accompanying that full train set, and you can see a character in the distance with his silhouette, this, the sun shining behind him. You can see a captive prisoner here and it seems, like our online characters are busting this guy out of the train car, essentially that, where wherever he’s being held i’m, not sure if this train is on the move or if it’s stationary at some sort of location, We can’t gather too much from it, but it is really exciting to see that rockstar is emphasizing these train type of robberies and these heists here.

Besides our first announcement of the red that online summer update, you could also see characters with bandanas and masks pulled up over their head and they were on top of a passenger train. Car players have also reported online on reddit on my discord on twitch that passenger train cars are appearing in free roam. This appears to only be on the new race modes, but just like how the bank doors opened up today, randomly and online same with the wardrobe areas and the moonshiner doors, how you could just walk into your moonshine shack, but then it needed to load after that. You could walk through the door itself that does appear that this could be related as well, whereas, like those trains are showing up in those showdown modes, rockstar said we have a diverse array of new missions to look forward to. Besides those homestead, robberies and free roam, i think we’re looking at some pretty good stuff and i would love to get your guys thoughts and opinions down in the comment section below. I think again, we have a lot of exciting stuff to look forward to the wait. Has been a long time and who knows we it’s still too early to tell as of the current moment of this video, this is going to be a massive update. Some people think it’s going to be pretty small. Some people think it’s going to be huge. We will have to await those details tomorrow, but i will have a video talking about all of that we’re going to have a breakdown of the trailer just a lot of really awesome stuff to look forward to in general.

You know if you’ve been upset that we haven’t had a lot of content here in game to look forward to well. Now is the time we’re finally getting it, so it definitely is time to jump back in that saddle and see if you will enjoy any of it, but with that said, we’re gon na be wrapping things up right here. Thank you so much for watching everyone. Hopefully you all enjoyed the video today and if you did, hopefully i earned your like on it and of course, if you are new to my channel and you want to stay up to date with all the best to read that online and rockstar games content. Consider hitting that subscribe button, so you don’t miss out on a single thing. We consistently talk about updates information, news tips, tricks and even leaks and we’ll. Keep you guys updated here on the channel daily, so make sure you hit that subscribe button. If you want to follow me over on twitch, twitter and instagram, those are the best places to get connected with me outside of youtube and you’re. More than welcome to ask me any questions on there, you can follow me at hazardnesshdtv and all of my social media links can be found in the description down below. That being said, thank you all so much for watching. Everyone hope you all have a fantastic day, and i will see you guys in the next red dead online video tomorrow.