Is there a lot to see? I bring these videos to youtube so that i can proclaim the name of jesus christ and tell people that he’s returning soon and that time is running out to make a decision to serve yourself or serve god serve jesus. Please don’t let another day go by without making sure that you’re right with our father through jesus christ and his redemptive work at the cross. I genuinely care about people and about their eternal salvation and i’m gon na pray more diligently as time is so short that people would understand that, just because it hasn’t happened in our lifetime or the lifetimes before us that it’s still off in the future way off. In the future, that’s very dangerous thinking when it comes to your eternal soul, we all sin and fall short of the glory of god. But when you call upon the name of the lord jesus christ and trust in what he did for you and receive it into your heart, you receive him by the holy spirit into your heart. You’Re saved you’re on your way to being in glory with the lord forever, but in being saved. You should follow the lord in baptism and there should be fruit in your life. So if you’ve professed with your mouth that you’re a christian and believed in your heart, yet there are no outward manifestations in the fruit of the spirit, then go to the lord and ask him to search your heart and reveal to you what you need to do.

I love you all. God bless stay strong. He that endures to the end. The same shall be saved.