First, we have the vice minister of finance. As you’re all aware, he had some sort of episode during a diet session q, a and abruptly confessed to document tampering soon. After that, three sapporo central councilmen confessed to bribery and publicly resigned next, the well known author, mr s, he held a press conference and announced he was retiring from writing returning his books awards and deeming his body of work garbage. Then a newscaster suddenly got down on one knee confessed. His love for his co anchor on live tv proposed to her and got shot down. Lastly, the director general of criminal affairs, unexpectedly stripped off his clothing and ran around hq until successfully detained something amusing to you. Inspector hasegawa, no excuse me, the vast majority of these cases have been interpreted as nothing more than bizarre outbursts, but time and again every instance involves a sudden change in personality. Furthermore, none of the individuals involved had any known psychological issues before their incidents. Therefore, we can surmise that these cases are the result of an external influence. Aren’T, these just coincidences, are you really implying someone up? There is using mind control. The cases i listed are only a small sample of this behavior, which appears to be happening across the entire nation sounds like the phantom thieves to me. I want silence, proceed with the report. Thank you, commissioner. Kavaragi as you’ve realized, or at least as one of you realized, these cases are very reminiscent of last year’s change of heart epidemic.

The top brass have concluded that this is indeed the work of the phantom thieves. What what evidence is there? No one’s even established a pattern, and we don’t have any sort of motive so far doing it for kicks is the only thing that would explain it. You will investigate each of these incidents yourselves as quickly as possible. What i expect from each of you are two things: one to assemble enough evidence for a successful case, two to do so as quickly as humanly possible. The higher ups are hell bent on closing this case. I do not know why it does not matter all that matters is producing results.