Does all this mean that some comet has approached us and we are passing through its tail Or did Nibiru bring these stones with her Or the Earth is bombed with asteroids by aliens, thus pumping the Ocean with new quotsprouts of lifequot, Hello, everyone finimor On June 1, 2021 at 2244 UTC a recently discovered asteroid designated 2021 KT2 passed by the Earth. The distance to us was 291715 km 181263 miles. The diameter of the asteroid was estimated as 5.6 13 m 18.3 42.6 feet, so it did not pose a particular threat. The problem is that this is the 61st asteroid since the beginning of the year flying at such a close distance.. Thus, the tendency for exceeding the concentration of stones around the Earth by 50 is higher compared to 2020.. Space stones have already begun to fly closer closer than the distance to the Moon, and this trend continues and continues to grow. In addition to asteroids, which NASA writes about, there are also all sorts of fireballs that people see around the world. Over the past couple of weeks wherever they fell. Only five fell on England, but in terms of entertainment and the number of observations Brazil is at the forefront.. Thus, a suspiciously tense situation with flying stones is definitely developing around the Earth. Does this mean that some huge comet has approached us and we are passing through its tail Or were these stones brought by the mysterious, Nibiru Or the Earth is being bombed with asteroids by aliens, thus pumping the planet with new sprouts of life? We do not know the answer to these questions yet, but all of them are actually not so important.

. The main thing is that there is a cloud of stones around the Earth, although this is obvious. Nevertheless, I would like to prove it clearly.. We all know the miracle service NASA every hour, flashing, a table listing dangerous, near Earth objects where, with a great irresistible desire, you can go to the page of the orbit of the selected asteroid and watch the uninformative animation of its trajectory.. But where did the stone? Come from, Where are the rest of the stones at this moment, Although the desire of the user of the service to get answers to the questions is obvious, the service somehow ignores this desire.. Probably NASA lacks computing power and manpower.. Nevertheless, the question was easily solved by Google by creating its own paid application Asteroid Hazard.. It takes information from NASA and builds a general picture of the situation with stones around the Earth.. Thus, the dynamics of the situation for the period of 2018 2021 is now quite clear in normal mode, asteroids are scattered around at random, but from time to time, stones are formed into a real, dense cloud through which our planet passes from time to time.. On June 1, the cloud turned out to be somehow rather dense, more dense than last and the year before last.. Does this mean that tomorrow, a rock will fly from the sky and erase the surface of the planet to basalt? I do not know., But the fact that something strange is happening is for sure In one of the most spectacular and surreal scenes in recent memory, a blazing meteorite suddenly fell from the sky and crashed into Indonesia’s Merapi volcano.

. This historic event took place on May 27 when it was captured by a security camera at the Megadata facility in Kalitenga, Kidul Yogyakarta, where the mountain is located.. Fortunately, at the same time, a local Indonesian named Gunarto Song also photographed Mount Merapi and caught the meteor in all its glory.. Later speaking to Indonesian media, Mr. Gunarto Song said that he took photographs last Thursday from the Batu Alien site in Kaliadem Cangkringan. Explaining his undertaking. He said that he was about to capture the mountain in front of a full moon when he saw a falling meteor and clicked on it. quotSuddenly. A bright beam of light appeared as if falling from above on the summit of Mount Merapi.quot, Calling the whole event quotsuper bright and fastquot. He complained that he took the picture with a 4 second exposure.. The event in Indonesia, of course, turned out to be not an ordinary one, but at present it is not unique.. So meteorites fly into the Japanese volcano Sakurajima in swarms., And the Mexican Popocatepetl is famous for the fact that meteorites fly out of it.. Nevertheless, the story of Merapi deserves close attention, since it is not the largest but the most active volcano in Indonesia.. The name of the volcano is translated from the local dialect as a mountain of fire, which is rather strange. If Vesuvius was called that which is alone in the vicinity. It would be understandable, but there are only a couple of dozen active volcanoes in Java, and each of them is a mountain of fire.

Therefore, obviously the lights on Merapi are often and not only volcanic., Most likely. This is the local Bear Mountain where UFOs are constantly observed, flying into the mountain and at night you can sometimes hear a rumble coming from the ground, similar to the work of some giant equipment.. Unfortunately, the webcam does not take pictures very often, but as far as can be understood, there were at least two meteorites, and only one of them flew into the ventilation hole, not the largest. And when the bigger one crashed into the volcano hefty pieces of rock flew In all directions, Such astronomical miracles are hard to believe., Most likely someone launched the car into the volcano on purpose, but how successful or unsuccessful the launch was. We do not know until it bangs.. In addition, we do not know the criteria for evaluating a successful or unsuccessful launch. That is, someone wanted to blow up a volcano or vice versa. This miracle car had some kind of eruption, retarder package.. The only thing that is clear is that meteorites will hit the volcanoes again and again and in some places in the area where meteorites fall, volcanoes will form literally out of the blue., Wondering what the Internet would look like if it were placed on a world map. Well, thanks to a Slovak designer, the World Wide Web can now be seen in cartographic form with the world’s most popular websites represented as countries in this high resolution.

Image. Inspired by historical map, designs, HALCYON MAPS has grouped websites into categories such as search engines, news sites, social media, e commerce and software companies.. They are displayed as regions and continents and their colors depend on the website, interface or logo., And the granularity doesn’t end there. The features or services provided by the websites, plus their sections or content categories, are listed as cities.. For example, the Daily Mail can be found in the middle of the map next to the bandwidth ocean and next to other news websites outside of the tabloid strait.. Its cities include DailyMailTV Femail and You Mag.. However, it goes without saying. The main place on the map is occupied by the continents of Google YouTube, Facebook and Netflix, as well as Wikipedia Amazon and Apple.. The territorial sizes of quotcountriesquot are based on the average Alexa web traffic rank of a website between January 2020 and January 2021.. Celebrities and most popular social media users are also identified as cities in YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, countries and mountains and seas are associated with relevant aspects of a specific category of websites.. For example, there are Brexit Shoals, Encrypted Sea and Webmaster’s Bay. Next to YouTube and Netflix are the Channel of Channels and Cinematic Sea.. Finally, the underwater ridges are named after the most famous pioneers of the Internet and computing. In the far south. There is even a forbidden section called the dark web.. The map was created by Martin Vargich and inspired by Randall Munroe’s Online Communities Map.

It took almost a year. In the coming years. The relative popularity of the sites should gradually change with some of the older sites. Being shut down as new sites take their place, so this map could provide an unprecedented visualization for future generations of how the Internet used to be says. Mr. Vargich., At first glance, the card of this Mr. Vargich looks like fun. However, in this regard, one cannot but recall other strange cards, for example, the card of Mr. Mercator of an unknown sample of what year. Everyone is racking, their brains over the subject and what is there in the center for the continents. But the answer is actually simple: the map displayed 16th century internet and the most popular search engine of that time is drawn in the center. Therefore, Mr. Vargich should also slightly redesign the map so that it looks more like the real one., Let’s fantasize and imagine the situation. A global catastrophe of a world scale happened on Earth and our descendants will have only a map from Vargich.. This card will be placed on a par with Piri, Reis and Mercator.. When our descendants look at this map, they will be able to go crazy, with worries, saying Look, how all continents were washed away by the Flood. So there should be some kind of analogy. So as not to plunge the people of the future into deep stress. And not to generate new and unexplained hypotheses. Write what you think about it.

Thank you for being with me.