This is happening on july 13th, 2021, and this is an aspect that astrologers have been looking forward to for a minute. You see the last time that venus and mars conjoined was in virgo, not venus’s favorite place, and that was nearly two years ago. That was on august 24th, 2019.. So this was a while ago and why? Because venus and mars both had retrogrades in 2020, and they only made one single, harmonious aspect through all of 2020, which you can learn more about with my appearance on astrology hub, i went into detail on that. I also have an article on my website. If you’re curious to learn more about the venus mars dance and why we basically and how that basically reflects our social and romantic dry spell during the quarantine era so um, we have had some harmonious aspects between venus and mars um, starting in like february of this Year, which has been great – but this is the conjunction – this is the union of the lover, planets and it’s happening in a sign that is warm and, and you know, it’s it’s. I want to say erotic, you know venus in leo mars and leo it’s passionate it’s um. You know it’s dynamic, it’s generously affectionate, so this is definitely going to be a time that you want to plan some together time with your special someone or people um. This is definitely a time where yeah you want to have some fun.

You want to have some sex during this time. Um, so yeah definitely be open to that. This is a time for playfulness flirtatiousness. This is a very magnetic and very passionate aspect, so wherever this is happening in your chart, look and find your leo house. This is where there is just like raw magnetism coming in, so whatever it is that you desire you want to set that intention and call it in um, so here’s. The thing, though, is that this can be a ferocious aspect too, because these the this alignment is all about matters of the heart. So whatever is in the heart, we want to act upon, whatever we find beautiful and enticing, we want to act upon that. We want to call it in we want this. Is the time to express your desires, really make it known. Um really make your appreciation known um, you know verbally and physically. This is the time to really just like push. It really be loud in your expression, um. This is a time, though, that we want to watch because drama and competition can be at an all time high and also like pride. You know if someone like, i feel like these planets, together in leo really kind of it’s a fixed sign. It really represents kind of that hill you’re willing to die on. So you know people are going to have difficulty admitting fault because there can be a lot of pride in this kind of aspect.

So there’s like a willingness to die on the hill of what, what you feel and what you’re passionate about and what you even you know what you believe. I guess so yeah um watch for that tendency for for um. The urge to dramatize in in maybe a negative way we can dramatize in a positive way. You know hype yourself up gas, it up um, so yeah. We definitely will be happy to see some of that but yeah. I think i think this could be a passionate, roaring kind of aspect as well in terms of arguments, so definitely watch that um definitely have have some cancer season water nearby on standby to put out any flames. Luckily, mercury has just ingressed into cancer, so there may be a little extra sensitivity, we’re willing to impart at this time, but yeah. This aspect is creative, it’s, animated, it’s vivacious, and you actually so. This is. This is kind of neat, because um, both planets are peregrine, which means that they don’t have essential dignity. So in some sense one isn’t outpowering, the other, but mars is a malefic so and venus is a benefit. So this is interesting because we can think about the um houses in our charts that are ruled by mars and venus, which are naturally polarized. So you want to look to your aries libra polarity that axis in your chart, which houses are ruled by aries and libra. You also want to look next door to taurus and scorpio, because those are also ruled by venus and mars.

So there’s, some sort of union there’s some sort of merging there’s some sort of meeting of the minds between these two polarities. But the thing to keep in mind, though, is um. Mars is kind of maltreating venus, but venus is also bonifying mars, so think about and just be the observer see how this is going to kind of play out um. But the most important part that you want to look for is the leo house, because that’s, where most action is taking place, you also want to look out for on july 12th. The moon will be in leo. So, even though the aspect isn’t quite exact, yet it’s going to be building it’s going to be building up that heat and the moon is really going to activate this transit on the 12th, so pay attention, and also to get the most out of this aspect. You’Ll want to kind of engage in these passionate rituals at night and um the manifestation ritual at night, because venus and mars prefer the knight sect so they’re of the night sack they prefer the night so um. Definitely if you’re, if you’re, setting any intentions um around these axes in your chart or the leo house, um, definitely kind of try to partake at night and yeah. You know, overall, this aspect really invites us to get turned on and excited by life again and i think we’re all really ready for that. So may this transit be a freaking party for you, may you feel alive and vibrant and fully expressed and have so much freaking fun.

I know the weekend leading up to this is going to be a good time, hoping to hear people get loud all down my street, and i will catch you next time that was your astrology shot of the day. Thank you so much for joining me today. If you’re looking for more astrology in your world, you can join me on instagram, twitter or patreon at astrocatherine.